Base Building is Absolutely Disgusting

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  1. fluffypuffy

    I built a base with every base part there is, and just 2 noob players were able to completely annihilate it. Defensive turrets were goddamn useless, the pain spires didnt even tickle them, the spawner was destroyed very quickly. There is absolutely no point to this disgusting scam of a mechanic. Ive played over 1000 hours since 2014, planetside 2 has always been on the flicker of potential.
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  2. Botji

    I have found that more often than not its actually better to not use so many buildings.

    Spend your time putting up the outside walls to make getting in harder and protect your modules from long range shots then keep the base as open as possible to deny enemies cover/hiding places... and dont put all modules next to each other for easy bombing.

    And the final advice is that the most important part of a base is not how its built but where it is built. Being able to deny large areas or attack angles with the Skyshield placed in a deep ditch is worth like 10 well planned out and built bases on normal flat terrain next to each other.

    But yeah, bases dont have much use aside from attempting to be a roadblock/delay on enemy attacks on the 'real' bases, provide vehicle spawns or a Arty/Orbital firebase.
  3. TR5L4Y3R

    there IS a point in using them .. you just don´t go full RTS main base on it but build small outposts or firebases ..
    also NEVER expect that you can defend a PMB just on your own, you NEED allies for it ... who care ..
  4. RiP0k

    Yes, the construction is useless. And the longer you build, the more you hate this system.
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  5. SilentSueRia

    YEP! And Not only that, but you begin too see how the devs don't care either and with every patch, seem to be sabotaging it on purpose while texting a PR campaign of doing things for it, by doing the most minimal of things to maintain an appearance of having done something, when it was only done to just be able too say, "I did something nice for it!"
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  6. RabidIBM

    I enjoyed it more before people were as familiar with killing it and before cheese bombs existed. It was fun to block up something like Berjess and have enemies spending an hour slowly breaking through. What I will say is that if you can get a platoon invested in specific ground and set up on it then fun PMB fights can happen. They are unfortunately rare.

    I've explained out to fix it too many times, I'm tired of it, and they think that scrambling the console constitutes a "construction overhaul".
  7. Demigan

    Its a design problem.
    Builders can only try to design a base that is as impeneterable as possible.
    Attackers can only try to destroy it.

    This causes a "cheese it or leave it" playstyle for attackers. Builders will try to make the fight as unfun as possible by trying to make it a pure uphill battle so attackers will either avoid it or use the cheapest and easiest methods to bring it down.

    The builders need incentives to build a base that is fun to attack and not impenetrable. They also need to be able to build (intentionally or not) secondary objectives to complete in the base that go beyond "destroy this". Because otherwise the fastest way to destroy a base is pretty much "straight as the shell flies". That means repurposing bases from fortresses to things like logistical bases*, production bases (say the ability to produce a small Citadel emitter which players can pick up and place) and support bases which provide local support powers and indirect buffs/debuffs.

    You can make the production facilities of these items a semi-randomly picked building element like the one's we have in the regular bases. These building elements would be virtually impervious to weapons fire while walls remain the temporary barrier they are. That encourages the builders to use these as part of their defense even though the buildings literally have doors in them for enemies to enter. This gives each component extra purposes and makes bases more useful than a static fortress or a cheap vehicle dispenser.

    * more purposeful than placing a silo+vehiclepad/airpad/Router
  8. karlooo

    Your logic about construction makes no sense.

    How do you plan on making a production facility when you have outfit discounts, ASP discounts, on the map allies don't know what purpose your base has and if they knew what will happen then, is the meta will be building in corner, edges of the map just for spamming vehicles, like as if that is healthier for the game than a stationary defensive position. (Another thing is that Silo cannot be locked so your own base can be sabotaged by friendlies, which from my experience of building these bases, happens all the time and there is no way to prevent it, so the terminal will always be locked, ignored and I myself cannot pull more than 1 vehicle and park it for my team to use because it despawns after a couple of seconds)
    Logistical/support purpose, again, corner base. Like I don't understand your logic. You complain that ppl build in cheesy positions but then full out support it. Why should players build in the line of sight when they don't have the guns to fight vehicles, which are separated from the objective and have nothing to do. Also especially when you have these structures that support lattice bases by just being in range.

    I have been building frontline bases, defensive positions, production facilities for a very long time. And what I do know for sure, is without the game being fully redesigned to implement construction and vehicles into the objective with Infantry, there is no other way of giving construction the support purpose.
    Right now its only use, can be defending against zergs, vehicle masses. And if you want the base to be in the line of sight, it needs guns, manually controlled ATGMs, Auto cannons that you can place inside your structures for allies to use. It's as simple as that, this is all construction needed.
    No dogshít construction reconstructed, no spires, toxic dart weapons, the Flail, no OS remakes to make it both annoying and trash, nothing else, just tripod weapons were needed lol. I've been saying this ever since 2016 or whenever there was a plan to change the role on their requested site. But what can you do.
  9. Demigan

    Yes it is hard to make sense of my logic if you dont take the time to properly read my post. I quite literally explain what I mean with a production and logistics base seperately and you both mix them up and make some kind of strawman argument about "how to deal with X and Y" when that "problem" is quite literally already handled in the game right now.

    And if you read my post a bit more you might realize that you dont have to change the game to fit construction in because you can change construction to fit the game instead.
  10. karlooo I can't see that happening. The objective is infantry vs Infantry, vehicles are separated from the objective. They're are part of their own minigame. Construction is just a punching bag now, if you build in the frontlines... No guns, they fall down too easily, deal no damage, infantry doesn't have long range AT guns, allies don't care and you can not force them to cause it's not fun, a game is supposed to be fun lol.

    Or yeah sure I'll properly reply, so you said it needs to be fun to attack PMBs and not be impenetrable. But how do you plan on doing that if PMBs need to built on open land, due to the no construction zone? Like you need to protect all angles if you build on some open land. And another thing, how do you plan on doing that when any player, can build structure on your claimed land (Silo), over the single player limit, just add numbers on top of numbers, HP on top of HP?

    "They need to be able to build (intentionally or not) secondary objectives to complete in the base that go beyond "destroy this...."
    I know what you mean but how? ...If the devs removed as much strategy as possible?
    Like for example, construction could have some sort of communication center (if this is what you mean by indirect buff), which would allow the user to deploy a drone. Lets say it can fly around at a certain radius from this structure (2km), cool way to give the squad leader a view from above of the battle and command their platoon that way with a nice overview, without being on the ground (cannot be locked on by launchers and proximity flak). This is super cool but how can you do that, when a hundred players get funneled into a small lattice base, like what's there to see from above lol? (maybe the drone should be armed with 1 or 2 rockets to have a bit more valuable use, with EMP impact effect as an enabler)
    But the ultimate problem is that these assets such as vehicles, structures and some tools, they're not special. How do you plan on giving construction this type of special purpose when everything is about spam, everything's disposed of like trash, players following an arrow, and so on.

    Again for your request, whole game needs to be redesigned, to implement everything into the objective. Realistically speaking it's the only solution and this would have been possible but the devs decided to waste so much time on arena, Esamir, Oshur and other nonsense that brought nothing, literally, even the new lattice bases and maps are nearly unplayable and the majority of people think the same from what I see in game.
  11. Demigan

    And there's the problem! Just because you cant see it doesnt mean it cant happen.

    Also you are asking questions about how things might be solved that I quite literally already answered in this thread (and others). I suggest you actually read them completely and understand them completely for once.
  12. karlooo

    I'm still clueless. Can you just give an example with some details?
  13. Shadowdev

    Anytime something becomes useful and fun, weapons, player base assets, some **** in daybreak decides to trash it. Buy something new and three weeks to a month later it sucks.
  14. Botji

    Become a sky knight, its pretty much guaranteed to be the top dog with OP abilities and weapons with the big bonus of the only thing able to reliably kill you is other sky knights so all you have to do is become one of the best pilots and thats it, you are basically unkillable aside from overwhelming force and your own lack of danger/care from being untouchable for so long.

    Everything else in the game though, yeah its likely to get nerfed if its a bit too good at what it does.
  15. Samblak

    That's standard business practice , out with old in with the new . If automakers made a car that lasted 2 million miles than nobody would ever buy another car .
  16. CumonStepItUp

    The thing about construction is that it used to be about building and protecting a structure called a "HIVE" that would generate "Victory Points". A system that was overhauled and is now the basically just the Strategic Objectives that start alerts (connect to enemy warp gates, capture tech plants, etc...). Everyone, including enemies, could see HIVEs on the map and allies would actually defend them as they had strategic significance. This resulted in some interesting fights. More often though, dumb allies (or troll accounts) would build HIVEs in dumb places. This is a problem because destroying HIVEs gave the enemies Victory Points.

    Nowadays, bases are basically just air pad bases or orbital/flail bases. The Router nerf, while necessary, was done with such a heavy hand that they are now entirely useless. To be honest, I forgot they even existed because I haven't seen a single one since the nerf. Rather than building defenses, you should just build in a strategic place. Either so far away that no one will attack it, or so close to the fight, that your allies will defend it simply because they mindlessly shoot any enemies in sight.

    IMO the main reason why construction sucks now, aside from the part where they completely removed the entire purpose of adding construction to the game in the first place, is Cortium Bombs. More specifically, cortium bombs on infiltrators. Seriously, what the **** were they thinking? There's nothing you can build that can stop them. You just have to sit there and wait for them. I don't know what **** is wrong with those people either. Is 1 cert per hour really so amazing to them that they need to harass your dumb air pad base for 3 hours?
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  17. Silverthorn

    Yo Dev's , Read the above....
    Now you are going to nerf base's even more?......
    Did you talk to anyone? Anyone who builds bases or kills them or both?....
  18. 23rd enigma

    damn bro i've built some routers and bases for us coalition on emerald. if this goes through im probably taking a long break as some of my purchases have gone to dumpster with these potential nerfs and really leaves me :( that bases are useless.
  19. 4EMODAN

    SEPT. 23, 2022 - PTS UPDATE

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  20. Zelfy

    Ya'll literally just killed construction bases. Devs you're ******* stupid.