[Vehicle] Banshee is now the worst AI nosegun by far

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GaBeRock, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. GaBeRock

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  2. TheBlindFreak

    Low KPH can easily be explained by players not even giving it a try after hearing about it's nerf.

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  3. Blippy

    Sorry, you have to get in the back of the line behind ZoE and the Proton II PPA.
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  4. _itg

    I'm almost certain that's not how that works. To my understanding, the KPH stat is the average user's KPH, so if fewer people are using it, it won't directly affect this stat. The number of uniques for the Banshee is dropping but still above the AH, by the way.

    I just don't get why SOE can't do more incremental balance changes. Why is so hard to scale a weapon back gradually, so they get it to the right place with just a couple quick hotfixes, rather than sledehammer it once, then never touch it again? Same thing with their buffs, by the way. The Vulcan-H got a sledgehammer buff, and now in one patch it's gone from weak to the next big OP thing.
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  5. Atis

    Why would they do incremental changes? Overbuffing makes higher sells, overnerfing makes haters shut up, incrementals just make game generally better. In terms of revenue and easy PR this move cant compete.
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  6. TheBlindFreak

    Looking at the numbers again, probably so. Not sure what statistic I was thinking of. Still, a single stat by itself like this is generally meaningless. It's like looking at a picture in one dimension.
  7. Hoki

    Who cares? Its a crutch weapon. We do not feel sorry for people who rely on crutch weapons.
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  8. nightbird

    Don't worry, the other weapons will be nerfed to the point you're glad the Banshee received what it did. I can't wait! In the end, the infantry will inherit the Auraxis.
  9. player16

    it was always bad against infantry but it had the lowest time to kill of any weapon against tanks... nerf nerf nerf, adjust it.
  10. BlueSkies


    Are you playing a different game?
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  11. player16

    in vr max magazine time to destroy with the chronometer in the tab compared with all the nose guns of the mosquito adjust..... very good av would had need escort to use it thou...
  12. player16

    would need escort without a joystick with it you are a toast, cone of fire is not a problem, nooo we play with mouse, ohhh we play with mouse, oohhhh joystick support!?!?!?!?! maybe is a different game that the one, oh my fingers, teach me how to use tab in vr and count ttk.... no we use mouse, no joystick...
  13. Atis

    banshee got splash, which doesnt work properly in VR.
  14. BlueSkies

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  15. EGuardian1

    You should try running people over - they can't really nerf that :D

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  16. Foxirus

    You won't have to wait 6 months, Thats only for VS. Give them a month and it will be buffed.

    In my personal thoughts, I feel that the Banshee was not overnerfed. It was brought in line with the other ES versions. Similarly how with the recent buff, The Vulcan is not OP, It was simply brought to the damage level of the other ES versions.

    I feel you are also not giving people enough time to relearn the weapon. You can't camp 200m out and rain instant death like you once could. Its going to take your faction a while to learn this. Don't bother trying to compare this with the LPPA, It takes around 3 seconds to kill a target from that distance and thats with ALL direct hits, No splash.
  17. player16

    tatattatatata best tr nosegun if it was not for bullet velocity and me playing with a mouse.... best av gun even without splash
  18. FrozenCustard

    As it is right now, your better off with going rocket pods than with the banshee. In order to kill anything with it, you need to slow way down, get into AH distance, and just barely kill a single target with one mag.
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  19. player16

    yep with the mouse i barley killed a target before nothing has changed to me... is the nerfing philosophy. what a cute photo, like a mouse do not has 6 axis so is easy to see who is using to see the ohh we use mouse to dogfight...
  20. player16

    faster or close to rotatory ttk without splash adjust not nerf... i do not know if the joystick i planned to buy has all the movements thrusts up pull up and down, move around the axis for the thing you do with the mouse when you move right and left, and then the left right of a and up and down of a normal controller... it was a 90 euro logitech i do not if 14 eruo they give you the mouse movement or not and the thust? easy to see, we all use a mouse, 6 axis has a joystick when a mouse has 2...