Banshee and Ravens nerf were confirmed by Higby Pls, which weapons should be rebalanced next?

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  1. Badname707

    When forumside rallies behind something important, and starts ignoring the nerf threads. I vote for squad/platoon/outfit/social improvements. There is no department more lacking in PS2, nor critical to its success, than these.
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  2. Leftconsin

    It won't stop. The nerfs will continue until the final game update.
  3. KnightCole

    Im being almost entirely sarcastic....cuz this game has an incessant need to nerf everything....all the time...
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  4. Auzor

    Sigh.. I typed a lengthy post, forum lost it.

    Short version attempt:

    -Buff (muzzle velocity) semi-auto
    -Buff some of the ES sidearms (not commisioner, not repeater,..)
    Give side-arms some different iron sights options.
    Burst weapons: Sabr-13: awesome. Rest: Yuk!. -> Lower FSRM on several of the burst weapons.

    143 & 652rpm weapons vs 167 weapons at range.
    LMG wise: look at the
    EM1, Pulsar LSW, Polaris, Carv-S, and the Bull/Rhino

    Make the Phoenix no longer drop like a snowball upon firing, and give it slightly better manoevring/speed

    MBT: why are the damage multipliers so much worse than sundy? (likewise for lightning)
    Light anti-armor ordnance: sundy: 60%. MBT: 20%.
    Dumbfire RL: -12.5; -50%
    Tank shells: 17.5 vs -10%
    AP: 28% vs -15% (and -20% for the lightning)
    Dalton & Zephyr: 28% vs -50%.
    Now, the argument "mbt has better armor" makes sense, until you add in blockade armor; or the shield-thingy.
    -> Nerf the sundy a bit, nerf dalton & zephyr vs mbt: down to -15%, like AP rounds. A dalton still out-dps-es a vanguard AP by 58%.

    give pilot a gun (I suggest an A2A lockon, just for the rage :D; tomcats, but with a magazine)
    dropping from low altitude as passenger gives no damage.

    Also: dear SoE,
    aiming is overpowered.
    Please nerf
    :D I'd finaly be a good player
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  5. libbmaster

    Nuuuuu muh screamin' freedum missiles....

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  6. Unclematos7

    Gotta keep the infantry players happy or they might quit.
  7. Shuguard

    Change the ranger. No one has auraxiumed it and for good reason. It's stuck with a dumb concept of a "deterrence weapon" while the walker exists as an easy anti-air weapon. Also the damage is garbage. Either buff the damage 5-10% or completely redesign it.
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  8. DatVanuMan

    This is how a game dies.
    Do the devs have any buffs for the future? NO.
    The only thing they know is to nerf pretty much every single weapon in the game. When will each faction be UNIQUE? When will all people know that what they use is safe from nerfing? I would be okay with the Banshee if they increased magazine size and RoF but reduced damage considerably. That's all anything too strong needs, a change, not a nerf. But hey! Who cares? If my pistol is better than yours, then it must be nerfed, because nothing in this game can be asymmetrical, right?
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  9. TriumphantJelly

    Assymetrical balance cannot please the COD crowd, so with half PS1, half COD, no-one is happy.
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  10. Zotamedu

    The Ravens have had a nerf coming for awhile. They do too much damage for the amount of control you have. Then there's the render issue where they can be used from beyond render distance. As for the Fractures, just bump the damage up slightly and they'll probably be fine. It's not that hard to hit stuff at range with them. The problem is that they do so little damage that's it feels rather pointless.

    I think that's the next thing they should look at. Having infantry AV weapons that are effective beyond infantry render range is really cheesy and it should be fixed.
  11. Atis

    Cyclone could use small nerf, now it has no cons, only pros. Less DPM and less reach would be nice.

    Basilisks need buff, like better CoF and DPS but SOE doesnt like to buff freebies.

    Tons of underused weapons could be good merchandise in Depot with proper buffs: most of VS ARs and pistols, Ranger, battle rifles.
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  12. Frostiken

    In the last couple of weeks I've seen more NC AV MAXs attacking infantry positions than actual AI MAXs.

    This game is so full of illogical **** like that, like watching a heavy gunship designed for air-to-ground work perform aerial backflips and every fighter in the area runs for its life because the gunship can practically one-hit-kill them.

    AV weapons should be designed to be terrible against infantry. Ravens don't need splash damage, that's why they have guidance. Also, the guidance needs to be made a little inaccurate. Accurate enough to hit a tank, but not accurate enough to hit a guy in the face.
  13. Chaingunner

    Unlimited distance of AV weapons. All AV weapons should have a max range of 350 meters. I am sick and tired of getting killed by people I can't even see.
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  14. Vixxing

    Imo they should reduce Vanguard and prowlers main gun damage against air with 50% to bring them in line with magrider... 2 direct hits with titan on ESF and 3 for prowler... considering Mag has got a lot worse elevation, worse projectile speed, worse projectile drop and needs to be aligned against air targets to shoot them... (or give MAG a deploy mode like Prowler where 2 legs hit the ground for 45 degree elevation)
  15. NoctD

    OP might not like this, but bolt action sniper rifles need to be retuned. Nanoweave armor should lower the range of headshot OHKs. The risk/reward is too high for long ranged snipers currently.

    Basilisks totally need loving - they're really just sad. I'd take even just a CoF reduction because that's a huge part of the problem on them right now.
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  16. LodeTria

    ESF nose-gun damage Vs harassers is way too much atm.
    ESF AI guns still have heavy armour damage.
  17. OldMaster80

    Personally I think we have a big problem with battle rifles. The same issue for all the factions: recoil is insane and makes those weapons incredibly underperforming compared to automatic weapons. The only they are good at is killing from distance because damage decrease over distance is very low so they still do decent damage to far targets. But even without HVA and even if you slap a compensator on that they require too much trigger discipline to make them worth. And you must have 50-60 fps to use them properly.

    Then all the Valkyrie weapons. Not saying what has to be nerfed and buffed but it's quite stupid that the stock weapon (the Wyvern) outperforms the other options.

    Regarding the Valkyrie, that could also need some love. Biggest issue is that its low resitance forces pilots to go for specific loadout options dramatically reducing the variety: Stealth or Composite Armor + Fire Suppression or Squad Logistic System seem to be the only way to go. Even with this loadouts fighting from the rumble seat is not possible as the Valkyrie doesn't manage to get close to fighting grounds because it gets damaged by common AI weapons.
    But still the biggest issue with the Valkyrie is that there so many option for reployment and fast travel that no one needs a transport vehicle. So instead of being a fast alternative to the Galaxy the Valkyrie is like a sky Harasser without turbo and without decent weapons. That's not where this vehicle should be, imho.
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  18. \m/SLAYER\m/

  19. omni2

    This madness will end when everyone is running around with NS weapons and driving NS vehicles in true black/white zebra camo.
  20. OldMaster80

    The problem is players only remember when things got nerfed, never when they get buffed.
    Moderators should start closing all thread about nerfs and open a specific subforum where THEY create discussions about specific topics and gather constructive feedback. As long as they let the community fight over weapons and stats we will slowly move towards standardization of faction equipment and all differences will slowly be levelled.
    Yesterday it was PPA and Striker, tomorrow il will be Banshee and Ravens... next it might be your favourite weapon.
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