Balancing - What i'm scared of.

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  1. DaPuschel2

    Hello folks.
    There is a lot of complaining going on about P2W and Balancing. Most complain about the fact that there is nothing they can do about vehicles/air/max/stuff. And my worst nightmare is that the devs actually listening to this.

    In my opinion, even a dual burster max shouldnt be able to dominate air instantly as she appears on the battlefield. I can understand that people want a fair chance against everything, but Planetside 2 is not fair and i love it because of that. So i have to team up against vehicles.

    And even in a single burster max, you're at last able to shoo air units away. And that's enough in my opinion. As long as they can't take on my allies, i did my job. Also the standard heavy launcher is actually the strongest. If you don't belive me, test the other one (there's a free 30 Minute trial) it has it advantages on long ranges or against lightings, but is not superior.

    I like the current state pretty much, even if the standard liberator is absolutly useless. Wait a week more, or two, until all the light assaults gain their C4 and the whole thing will shine in another light.

    What i'm most scared of, would be a Planetside 2 where the whole gameplay experience would be round, without any edges just to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Like most of the generic multiplayer fps do.
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  2. Thardus

    Personally, I'm scared of the NC weapons getting buffed. Against the TR or VS, you at least have time to react when they catch you by surprise. When an NC catches you with your pants down you die, right then and there.

    It's never a good idea to buff something just because it's harder to use. In the long run, that just leads to skilled players getting greater advantages out of certain weapons.
  3. allattar

    Your right. With aa vs air. You always will find that the air will have the ability to run. Because of its speed.

    Personal opinion of balance between the two is that a dedicated dual aa buster max should be able to kill an esf that is flying head on to it in the same time that a rocket pod esf could kill the max.

    Similar with the skyguard.

    That and a slight buff to the walker.
  4. Vargs

    NC weapons in general do not have a lower TTK than VS or TR weapons so I don't know what you're talking about other than maybe some personal anecdotes where a few NC players happened to headshot you a few times and kill you instantly, which anybody from any faction could have done.
  5. Thardus

    I'm sure that's the case, but as is, I still would rather fight the TR than the NC. First impressions tend to stick after all.
  6. Kageru

    SOE has a long tradition in this. The buffs and nerfs will be random and excessive.

    And in this game they even have a cash incentive. We nerfed the "awesome_gun" everyone bought and significantly buffed the "trash_gun" no one did. Two words... no refunds.
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  7. DaPuschel2

    I'm playing NC myself and i don't have the feeling the NC weapons are that bad. Seem to me like they're allrounder. And yes, i got bursted from vanu sanis or insta-bursted from terran heavys on mid-to-high distance. Still don't think they're underpowered.
  8. Spookydodger

    I do agree that the walker is pretty trashy. It's primary perk right now, in my opinion, is that it fires faster and hits more often, and so scares some pilots away more than the higher-damage but less output basilisk. Maybe if it fired faster like it did in beta it might be more worth it. Or perhaps if it had a flak attack.
  9. Bags

    Why don't single manned vehicles have to team up against teams?
  10. Deavonere

    Thing is, that at the time NC will get buff most NC players will adapt to those lousy weapons and will get substantial skills in this game, because let's be honest - right now every bullet you missed means you are dead in like 90% of fights for NC. There will be feeling that NC are overpowered after NC wep buff, even if the buff will be small.
  11. Bags

    Anyways OP, what you sound scared of is balanced gameplay. :rolleyes:
  12. Pax Empyrean

    From zero to hyperbole in four sentences. Great. :rolleyes:
  13. DaPuschel2

    Because they have bad sight radius (hello C4 or multiple heavys), have a spawn timer (which you need to reduce using certs) and cost ressources.

    Word x3
  14. Bags

    If resources or timers affect you you're not a very good pilot. I think the longest I've ever had to wait on a tank is ~3 minutes and I only have the first acquisition buff (90 seconds). Never run out of vehicle resources any more.

    I still don't see why one player in a 200 resource ESF should be able to dominate 10 - 20 people without recourse, and take a coordinated effort of 2 - 3 ground vehicles to kill. Oh yeah, I said ground vehicles. Those cost resources. :rolleyes: Good luck killing a competent pilot with the Heavy Assault's rocket launcher; you'll probably not even get a lock - on before they've killed you, your friends and your family.
  15. DaPuschel2

    Well, i don't know how the situation is where you play, but if you have an average aa lightning, your esf shouldnt be able to act freely. If he really is the best flyer ever and neither you, nor your companiens are able to kil him, you still have own pilots in the air who should be able to bring him down. And if he really is 15 Minutes in air, and after that return with another esf instantly, you guys are doing something wrong.
  16. Bags

    I rarely if ever see air shot down by ground targets. Generally they fly off into the distance (read: escape) with over half health, or they get shot down by another ESF. Which is fine by me, but they shouldn't be able to destroy everything with a clip of rockets.
  17. Regpuppy

    My only beef is that the rockets do decent damage to tanks still. I like Higby's thought on it about seperating AT rockets (slower firing, but with some form of lock-on) and AI rockets. That alone would probably cut down on the one-size fits all ESF's. The skyguard could do with a buff though. The thing is pitiful compared to the AA max, considering it loses out on all ability to fight other ground units. ESF's do not need to make this big of a sacrifice.
  18. 12987

    soe isnt a stupid company,they arnt going buff or nerf when its not needed,they know how to ignore complainers that only want something in game because of thier personal agenda,my answer is no
  19. DaPuschel2

    I don't have many issues with rocket pods. Got 'sniped' by them but only a few times. I think the damage is fine, survived most of them. But more spread would sure be appriciable. Air to Ground weapons are too precise in my opinion, as example the rocket pods or 150mm Liberator gun (Zephyr?) It's easy to shoot a point even from 600+ height.
  20. AlesTwo

    I don't think aircraft is the issue right now, all you need is a dual AA MAX and some skill at aiming. They need a slight buff as currently you need to hit about 90% of the bullets to get a kill, which is tough considering the maneuverability of aircrafts. Imo 80% of hits is a good number.

    What does need a buff are the options to kill tanks. Currently all you can do is to get your own tanks (sometimes not possible if fighting at the enemy base) or play HA, which is kind of dull. Imo engineers should be able to damage tanks with their turrets. As it is pretty easy for a tank to hit an immovable turret, this should be balanced.

    The other thing that imo needs a change are the snipers as they are currently. No question: snipers play a valid role during the fight, but the range combined with their defense makes it impossible to fight back unless you happen to have a solid line of counter-snipers on your own. Imo the max zoom for a sniper-rifle should be 6x as with 12x hitting targets even at a massive range is extremely easy. In addition LA should get the same detection gun infiltrators get currently. It does fit their role as scouts and allows at least a second unit to detect enemy snipers and mark them.

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