Balancing TR pop on Connery

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  1. SpeedFreakPS1

    It took sometime to post this as I was hoping the TR over population would be a temporary or perhaps time of day based event. However, it seems it doesn't matter what time of day in whatever week/month I login the TR population is usually vastly greater than that of the VS at least. The past 2 days most of the time their. pop was 2x+ that of of the VS.

    I don't know what the draw is for so many playing TR and I don't know what steps (if any) can be taken to help balance it out but figured it was worth a post to mention.
  2. Taemien

    Some of the Outfits got coordinated. Like are actually speaking to one another. I've seen joint runs with QoQ and Neon as well as FXHD. And then Burt and IVI seems to be relatively working together as well. TRG and TFLT seem to wish to work with anyone who is willing to listen in command as well.

    VS Outfits seem to be shrinking and not working together. The bigger outfits like Future Crew, DPSO, and so forth aren't seen much and from what I've been able to see from the other side is nothing stepped up to replace them.

    NC seems to just be 666 as the replacement zergfit of ADK. And that's about it. The other 'bigger' outfits like Colg, Binc, and even v0c seem to have shrank to something as to ignore nowadays.

    This is all during primetime hours. The offtime hours when the Oceanic players get on tend to spread out a bit. Alot more than they used to. Looking at the outfit browser, their outfits are only able to bring a squad or 2 at most.

    The issue is a player caused one. Too many chiefs and not enough indians. Everyone, even the TR to some degree wants to lead an outfit. This makes a ton of single squad capable outfits and when everyone is 'in charge' they want to do things their way. They don't cooperate and well you get trounced. People log off, newer players quit or reroll to the faction that seems to be winning.

    Outfits need to swallow their pride and merge with others. When you have a unified group under one command. It wins, pure and simple. If the TR outfits actually did this. They'd wipe the server into being a 2 than 1 faction server. They could literally sit at the NC and VS's warpgates and fight them there 24/7 if they did this.

    If the NC or VS did this, it would even the population.

    I know its possible because the NC used to do this. Back when ADK was worth a sh-t on Genudine and Helios, they worked with Recursion and other good outfits and for nearly a year we had all three Continents capped, and sat at Crater Firing Range farming TR outside their warpgate, and East of Vanu Archives farming VS outside theirs.

    If you're coordinated enough you only need 35-40% pop to do it. Not 40+. And if you have even pop, you can slam one faction, and make them break off and fight the other. Then just spread out across the map and win. Its really that simple. The hard part is social part.
  3. Reclaimer77

    Same thing happening on Emerald ATM.

    Funny how the TR there also "got coordinated" right about when the Gatekeeper came out....
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  4. The Shady Engineer

    TR were still getting slapped around on Emerald when GK came out, pre harasser nerf mind you. The overpop started a bit after the latest patch where the maximum BR was bumped to 120. My guess is people are ditching their alts and going back to their old TR accounts.
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  5. zaspacer

    Yeah, I think it's Gatekeeper fueled. Apparently, a lot of people hate playing against the Gatekeeper. When it hit Live, first we saw people post it was too good, then people complained about how much they hated facing it, then we heard about people switching Factions, now we see lots of TR overpop. SOE/DBG have once again "done their thing".
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  6. Towie

    At the time of the GK introduction, I did suggest it was game changing - only to be lambasted by certain folks on here, no names mentioned.

    For the months that followed the TR pop exploded - the GK ruled - and most people were unhappy (even me and I play all three factions !)

    Since the nerf, the GK Harasser problem has calmed down a lot - it can no longer sit at render distance and just plink away until the enemy is gone. The Prowler variant is almost as good as it ever was but most Prowlers are 1/2 so the problem isn't as noticeable. Vulcans are as good as they ever were - but at least they have to expose themselves to danger to be deadly.

    On Cobalt, the NC and VS populations have recovered (NC more so) - and now I can fight all sides without feeling the underdog. There does seem to be a VS issue with Connery and I just hope it recovers in time.

    I do feel the GK shifted the balance; the issue was spotted quickly so why oh why did it take so many months to 'fix' ? I dunno but I stand my original statement - the GK was game changing and although not the only reason for imbalance, I feel it contributed considerably.
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  7. Taemien

    Was happening on Connery as well. I was still actively playing NC at the time. I responded to it the same way I did with Halberds and Sarons, with Phoenixes. I did NOT want to play TR, but a buddy of mine said he found a great outfit. He was right. But I still hate the weapons comparatively to my NC counterparts. Except for maybe the Vulcan. Gatekeeper is.. alright and works for what it does. But it lacks the punch I prefer.

    I checked the weapon comparisons on the Long Range AV weapons and the Gatekeeper only has a couple hundred more kills per day than the Saron and Enforcer. Actually yesterday the Saron had 92 more kills than the Gatekeeper on MBTs.

    By Comparison, the Orion has 3,000 more kills than the Carv, and 2,000 more kills than the SAW, Per DAY. It gets 20 times more kills than any AV secondary. Point here.. I doubt the population shift is Gatekeeper Fueled. LMG's have way more of an impact than AV secondaries.

    Unless you all (forumside members) want to make this statement: "I don't know that 38,000 is more than 2,000"

    I'd believe you all if you say it. You all (not the quoted person) do make some dumbsh-t posts, frequently.
  8. zaspacer

    We are all left speculating because we don't have the access to data that SOE/DBG has. I struggle to believe that Outfit rushing accounts for the TR population surge, but I'm not gonna rule it out or call you a dumbsh-t for believing that.

    I switched FROM TR to NC during this latest stretch (just because I wanted more Experience with Reaver and NC Infantry, not for any Population related reasons) and I don't play Outfits of realistic Gatekeeper targets, so I don't have much personal experience insight to offer there.

    To be clear, DBG may be speculating too, if they don't know what data to look at or how to read it. When I was at Sigil/Vanguard it did not appear that they were mining data with much sophistication, and I would have trusted VERY few people there to actually select and read data with any strong merit, and to my knowledge none of those few were involved with reviewing the data. I'm pretty sure I was one of the best Xls guys at Sigil and I'm pretty sure I had the most Econ experience/background, but (while I was asked for help with Excel a some times and offered to help on Econ) I was largely given the brushoff on those topics: I wasn't in the "cool kids club" for whoever was in charge of staffing those things (I'm not gonna name names cause while the guy was a toxic jerk, he also was part of the group that hired me, and I don't like to talk ill of people who hire me directly).
  9. Taemien

    We have access to the API that dishes out statistical data that we just have to record and graph. Many websites do just this, and correlate it by hour, day, weeks, and months. We can see trends down to the hour.

    Heck by just researching a trend of weapons, I found someone stat padding on Emerald with a burst weapon. Burst weapons never get in the top 3 weapons used, this time it did. I was able to search his profile and send in a report with my findings. I don't know the specifics behind his punishment. But he did not to login from the hour I received the confirmation email from a GM, to exactly the hour one week later. So there's a good chance he received a one week ban. I was able to determine if he logged in by checking his profile one day later, three days later, and then just under seven days later and then again after the timeframe.

    Seems a bit excessive, but as I spoke with my buddies over teamspeak, we were curious if Daybreak still took action against padding, or even if they had the resources to do so. I believe with a good certainty that they do. At least if you make a report from the website.

    Point I'm making, we derive alot from the systems in place. I assume Daybreak can as well. And do when they feel their is a need. But I also believe they don't have the manpower to fully investigate EVERY weapon interaction within the game. But I will say this.. they looked at the GK and balanced it around the metrics they thought were helpful.

    Whether they made a mistake, or didn't go far enough.. is irrelevant. At least when it comes to population balance. You can't honestly tell me (and I'm not under the assumption you are personally, just a figure of speech) that a Gatekeeper caused a TR population surge. When it was in its pre-nerf form, populations were more or less balanced (talking primetimes).

    And there's the fact that the Orion, in one day, had 38,000 kills. The MBT-version of the Saron had 90 more kills than the GK-MBT. And the Harasser versions have the GK in favor by 900. Now compare that to the Orion having 2,000 more kills than the Carv and 3,000 more than the Gauss SAW. With that being known, why isn't the population shifting to the VS instead?

    Well stats don't match the proposed reasons given here. But I have spoken and listen to others who have recently switched to TR and most of it is due to coordination. Coordination is tough to track as it can only be experienced through personal interactions. It cannot be expressed in stats or numbers.

    Its difficult if not impossible to prove. But it sure as hell makes more sense than simply saying all TR are just that much better. Which is what I remember many VS players claiming about themselves when they had the pop advantages about a year ago. And coordination is what I attribute NC's numerous victories that led to their Overpop back in 2013 and part of 2014. Unfortunately, alert stats don't track that far back. Well that and there wasn't alerts back then either.
  10. Atakx

    The strange part of this statement is the 666 haven't been a zergfit since beta, back in the day yeah we could get **** done but, we cant sling weight around like that anymore, but the NC just seems to have this weird issue with working together, Connery NC are waiting for another carry like recursion rather then makeing a group like that unnecessary.
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  11. Reclaimer77

    I don't spend a lot of time in vehicles, but I'm all about driving a Sunderer to the next base and doing what I can to help my team/platoon out.

    But the god. You seriously cannot even get vehicles anywhere near TR armor anymore. And what drives me crazy about the Gatekeeper, is it's total lack of a highly visible tracer or indicator. The rounds are coming from some Prowler on a hill 50 miles away but you just can't figure out where he is!

    So from long range, you get plinked to death by Gatekeepers. And medium to short range, you get bent over and thunder-***** by Vulcans.

    TR armor is just...OP right now. No other word for it. And that OP'ness trickles down into the meta. If you cannot establish an armored presence in this game, you are going to get rolled.
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  12. the lurking sergal

    Iv noticed a common TR outfit tag during the over pop thats constantly poping up. VTAG and sub outfit tags like VTAG1,during prime time when NC and VS can fight they arnt as common. possible group of jerks?
  13. JohnGalt36

    There's probably a bit of a snowball effect as well. I find myself getting tired of fighting TR overpop and end up either farming infantry with an AH or playing my TR character. It's hard to fight and accomplish actual goals when you're outnumbered 2-1 at every base.
  14. Ronin Oni

    It has way less to do with GK OP than merely overpop = OP honestly

    GK is annoying AF, but it's hardly instagib worthy.

    FFS get a lancer squad together and you can out kill the enemy GK's easy. WTF ever happened to Lancer squads??? A year ago the outfit I was in would regularly pull 10+ and decimate columns of armor with ease. They haven't been nerfed since but I don't see mass Lancers like I used to.

    The lack of tracers is certainly an issue, but it's a more complicated fix than I think you give credit to get detailed object prioritization so perfect. You just restart servers so maybe you don't realize it's a hell of a lot harder to code smart conditional logic to account for countless situations than it is for a human mind to determine what is and is not important.

    It seems easy, but that's only because it's obvious to a rational mind. Computers are not rational. They are binary and follow strict algorithms.
  15. Jake the Dog

    My outfit discussed switching over to NC but it got shot down somehow. I don't like the TRs reliance on overpop and zerging. You don't have skill you have numbers and you don't get good at the game by zerging. I all to often see certain outfits dropping 48-96 on a 1-12.

    Honestly at this point **** it, give the NC and VS something OP goddamn, let the little zerglings flee to other factions, I like it rough...
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  16. apcr01

    On Miller TR sometimes overpop 3 continents and still cooperate with VS.
  17. CrazyFrog

    they are apparently adding a population balance system that will help soon,its not TR on connery that's the problem its the population of them,once population balance Is implamented we should start seeing more fair battles
  18. DeadlyOmen

    Balance is amazingly boring.

    Cry-bullying your way to entitlement is shameful.
  19. Taemien

    I think VS should reroll NC and make it a 2 faction server. The major VS outfits quit anyway, so not losing much.
  20. lokear

    I hope they get it published.Population balance patch hurry up. CONNERY TR %45POP EVERYDAY THIS TIME
    less pop factions Hell's game experience everyday

    This unfair competition has made me start to feel disappointed and bored.
    some one leave some one join over pop This is a vicious circle..
    overpop Must have punitive measures ! server is dead. Merge server is not the ultimate way.
    As early as 2 years ago VS overpop ,Some people put forward the proposal Population balance system
    Gatekeeper is OP Prowler Rate of fire is OP 1 rank = nc max rank