[Suggestion] Balancing Considerations for NC-MAX

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  1. blueps

    I would like to make a suggestion because I feel that NC-MAX players are losing motivation with this update.

    Eliminate coincidence in the flight of shotgun pellets, making them a perfectly identical pattern.

    In this case, the results for Aiming are accurately reflected.
    The expected damage for the distance will also be accurate.

    Or make most of them random, with only a few pellets flying to the exact aiming point.
    Expected damage will be stabilized.

    If a small amount of damage is certain, or no hit at all, the situation then changes dramatically.
    Likewise, the way in which the weapon is handled will vary greatly.

    NC-MAX is in the middle of a controversy.

    Balancing is somewhat difficult.
    The reason is that it needs to be adjusted so that it is stronger at close range than the other faction's max, but inferior when it is further away.

    If the kill times at close range are exactly equal, it clearly means that the NC-MAC is inferior.

    Therefore, to some extent, quick kill time at close range is required, but since there is a significant difference between whether it is a one-shot kill or an additional shot is needed, it requires extremely difficult and delicate adjustments.

    NC-MAX bias problem

    Even at some distance, sometimes all or close to all the bullets hit the target, and the victim may feel that the NC-MAX is too strong.

    This is due to the random pattern of the shotgun pellets.

    On the MAX side, it is almost a lucky hit, but the psychological impact on the victim's side is quite significant.

    Therefore, there may be a possibility of excessive Nerf occurrences for the NC-MAX.

    With this in mind, how about discussing the issue once again?

    If the pellet's flight pattern is completely identical, this problem will be mitigated, making balance adjustments easier and more accurate.

    So this proposal is also a means to make balancing more ideal.
    Personally, I assume that the pellets do not spread at all and fly in identical patterns.
    This is because the number of shots required for a kill can be generally standardized depending on the distance of the target.

    I think it is difficult to achieve the ideal all at once. Therefore, I feel it is necessary to repeat adjustments many times.

    Also, if there is any information from the developer side about planned adjustments, new weapons, etc., that would help keep NC players motivated.
  2. Demigan

    “OMG a shotgun kills faster in CQC and all it has to sacrifice is its versatility and capability at range! OP OP!”

    - people in general.
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  3. blueps

    Dear Mr. Demigan.
    I am impressed by one sentence you posted on another thread.
    "There are a million and one ways to improve the game by diversifying and adding to the game rather than dumbing it down. "

    As stated in the title of this thread.I think diversity and different options should be considered for NC-MAX as well.

    Since this update was to nerf all AI weapons in NC-MAX, I felt that it was a hard-line measure and expressed my concerns and suggestions for improvement.

    I believe that another approach to balancing by taking countermeasures against NC-MAX would also be a good one.

    In another thread, "adds shotgun resistance to Nanoweave Armor" I have made a post about this.

    In this case, from the NC-MAX side,There will be an easy to defeat or highly durable enemy.

    Perhaps even after this relative nerf, the MAX side will still be in a position to get a reasonable number of kills.

    Compared to the Nerf of all AI weapons. I thought that the impact received by NC-MAX players would be reduced and relatively easy to convince.

    Players facing off against MAX will also find that there are things they can do before shouting NC-MAX-OP.
  4. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Make nc max cheaper :rolleyes: long range vehicles cost more money, short range nc max should cost less :D
  5. Shadowpikachu

    Range nerfs justified pellet count maybe not, but overall it feels a bit more fair but sadly it's hard to find a green area with something so wild.

    Still has the best ability fur survival which is now imperative.
  6. Kentucky Windage

    Remove the MAX altogether. Problem solved