[Suggestion] Balance TR standart weapon - fix dps and aditional magazine size

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  1. Oppressor

    Balance TR standart weapon - fix dps and aditional magazine size. The same applies to Vs orion, tr carabin and smg. Are you ever chek dps stats for them? Sombodey lose math classes? 750*143/60 = 1787 Why this parametr is to high? it must be changed for 750*125/60 = 1562 or 700*143/60 =1668 for the balance to other Fractions... And just explain me why tr have aditional magazine size???? it must be nerfed for balance to make this game more attractive to new players and give a reason to players change their standart weapons to new.
  2. Jubikus

    TR have larger magazines for the same reason Vanu have no bullet drop and NC have higher damage tiers.
    Also DPS isnt the only factor that makes a weapon.
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  3. Kristan

    You forget pispoor accuracy. So your "dps stats" are biased to begin with.
  4. Devildjinn

    Is it just me, or do TR lmgs bloom almost as soon as you start firing them?
  5. Plastikfrosch

    TR starter weapons (carbine/ARs) are stronger in cqc but therfore they lack in controlability over ranges. NC and VS starters are the better allrounders. not so powerfull in cqc but therefore usefull over nearly all ranges. you have to decide if you are more agressive or more passive before you create your char.
  6. Oppressor

    which same grade for example?
  7. Oppressor

    mb TR have more Rpm for same reason, but not the mag size its over powered potencial Dps = imbalanced
  8. Oppressor

    Balance include not the only this. It is the way to do the same things by other way. But result must be the same too
  9. Jubikus

    Here let me give you an example the TR SMG-46 Armistice has a 40 round magazine and an RPM of 896 this gives it 1866.7 dps within 6 meters the AF-4 Cyclone has a 25 round mag 652 RPM this gives it 1814 dps within 6 meters. Now by what i believe your trying to say this means the Armistice is easily the superior weapon. However performance wise in the actual game the average KPH of the Armistice is 23.32 and the average KPH of the Cyclone is 24.92. Now dispite the extra bullets the higher RPM the slower harder hitting gun that does less dps ends up being better why because potential dps =/= actual this is a game where your average player has sub 30% accuracy and something like horizontal shake cant really be compensated for which alot of TR weapons have much higher horizontal recoil which = more missed bullet which = close enough to balanced because perfect balance comes at the cost of faction flavor and thats not ok.
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  10. Collin

    Its monday and the VS Nerf the TR Threads are starting early.

    Just a quick reminder can you calculate the max DPS per magazine of the Betel real quick i seem to get the numbers wrong here. It says it has infinite DPS that can´t be right....

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  11. Mr_T

    You seem to misunderstand the difference between DPS for TTK (time to kill). What counts in such a theoretical analysis is how fast you can drop other players. Even if you hit all bullets (what you seem to assume) the TTK for all starter LMGs (lats take them for a starter) is the same without nanoweave and co at max dmg range (range at which bullets do maximal dmg, so <10m here):

    Starter weapons:

    T9 Carv/Orion 750 RPM = 0.08 sec refire time
    143 dmg => 7 bullets @ 1000HP (no nanoweave/oversheild assumed)
    => TTK = 6*0.08 sec = 0.48 sec

    Gauss SAW 500 RPM = 0.12 sec refire time
    200 dmg => 5 bullets @ 1000HP
    => TTK = 4 * 0.12 sec = 0.48 sec

    with any kind of extra HP (so nanoweave and/or oversheild) the TTK of Gauss Saw is 0.08sec behind the other two. When going to more than max dmg range Gauss SAW has a longer min dmg range (85m for Gauss SAW, 65m for other two) resulting in better long range capabilities of Gauss SAW.
    Considering magazine sizes: Gauss SAW has 100 rounds as has the T9 Carv which however has less dmg per bullet. Orion has 50 rounds but faste reload (approximately half the reload time).

    This all is of cause purely theoretical and in fact you have to take into account accuracy + stuff like faster ADS movement (right VS, RIGHT?, greetings from a Jaguar user :p). To give credit to these IMPORTANT points you would need to look at a statistics page (I men life statistics not a spread sheet or ingame stats...).

    considering carbines: VS and NC have carbines that drop faster than fastest TR Carbine (Serpent and VX6-7 for VS and GD 7F for NC).
    considering SMG: same picture....
  12. Villanuk

    Its Monday and your starting this already on this !!! Gonna be a long week.

  13. Scorpion97

    I still can't get it,why lots of people keep saying "it's Monday" in this thread,what's wrong with this day anyway?is it a weekend for you?
  14. Plastikfrosch

    all im saying is, that TR gets more CQC based weapons like the armistice, which is the strongest cqc smg but over longer ranges the cyclone, which has the longest TTK of all 3 first gen SMGs, will outperform the armistice and the eridany, since it has nearly no horizontal shake and better long range performance. And if you decide to go for TR instead of NC or vanu you have to adapt to the more cqc based playstyle of this faction. if you cant do that you have to get yourself more longrange capable weapons (cougar, sabre, rhino, NS smgs). Everyone can build 3 different chars for free and the best idea is to build one for each faction and then you can find out which faction is the best for your own playstyle.
  15. xMaxdamage

    it is a false assumption that high RoF makes per se the gun good at cqc, it isn't true even if most ps2 players are natural with it. they think more bullets fired means more damage or more forgiveness but that has no sense once you think a bit about it.
    more bullets fired = more hits and more misses. if you have 30% accuracy and you use two guns with same ttk and same stats except DPB and RoF you will end up doing the same damage with both guns, RoF alone won't make you magically hit beyond your natural level of accuracy. that being said, what more RoF does is:
    make you waste more bullets on corpses or while you are already dead but the server has not told you yet.
    give you less "total firing time" and less suppression capabilities if you have same ammo pool, because you will dump faster the magazines. an MCG and a SAW both have 400 total bullets, but the saw fires its 100 rounds in ~13 seconds while an ex-mags mcg fires 200 bullets in ~15 seconds.

    "damage per ammo pool" and "total time spent firing" should be a factor too in weapon balance imho. also can't see why the same ammo profile is shared between totally different guns (like saw and mcg)
  16. Flag

    About as infinite as a CARV user next to an ammo box.
  17. _itg

    Every infantry gun in the game blooms as soon as you start firing it.
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  18. Oppressor

    i dont understand, from that numbers?
    TTK = 6*0.08 sec = 0.48 sec
    => TTK = 4 * 0.12 sec = 0.48 sec
    can you explain it?
  19. Flag

    Shots needed to kill * time between shots = Time To Kill
  20. DeltaValkyrie

    As flag said -

    6 (number of bullets needed) multiplied by 0.08 (seconds between shots) = 0.48 (total time needed to make a kill) (For Carv/Orion)
    4 (number of bullets needed) multiplied by 0.12 (seconds between shots) = 0.48 (total time needed to make a kill) (For SAW)

    Basically showing that they (the starter weapons) are identical.

    Also true is illusion faster fire rate = faster kill... damage also is a factor (bolt action sniper rifle is one hit kill to head after all and is MUCH slower than an LMG)