Balance Pass Post 2: Nanoweave and Related Features

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by joshua, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. BetaGuru

    Or the sniper trail from PS1. Or the tracer that totally exists in PS2.

    It's like he doesn't know his own game and franchise.
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  2. Nenarch

    hmmph.. We'll all get explosive armor.. We'll see
  3. 0dineye

    Oh noes! Higby died on PTS. Better nerf that. seriously tho, they could at least respond to how much we are responding. Well if they don't listen to us, hopefully the will listen to BF4 player "you dont want everyone using the same thing"
  4. Vindicore

    I made a brief video covering my thoughts on the matter:

  5. Nephera

    I'm not sure we need 12x scopes anymore really.
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  6. BetaGuru

    With a 150m cap we don't need sniper rifles anymore. Scout rifles will do the job better with more versatility. Devs may as well remove sniping altogether if they hate it so much.
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  7. Messaiga

    Meh, 150M is better than the way it is currently. Infantry only render out to 300 meters, so 200 meters would probably be a better cap. Granted, they would probably have to buff the high-power SR's (Longshot, Parralex, Rams) to have an even longer HS range so that they make sense in ways other than they have higher bullet velocity, so for those rifles I'd say 225-250 meters, if anybody can even hit from that far out.
  8. NovaAustralis

    Yeah, not much point in 10x or 12x scopes any more...
    I wish we could get 2x and 4x scopes for the 'Sniper' Rifles.
    Even 6x now feels too zoomed in for certain situations (*cough bio lab sniping cough*.
  9. Nayrx

    The farther a target is the harder it is to get a head shot so why penalize something already difficult.

    If it is decided that a cap is going to be put on head shots will sniper rifle optics be getting range finders so the sniper doesn't have to guess the distance
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  10. Lucidius134

    You can.
  11. Lucidius134

    It was never buffed. The description changed.
  12. Necron

    That is the best way of describing what SOE is doing. Getting rid of the NW5 nerf to snipers and then giving NW5 free to everyone.

    The ES BASR 800 damage rifles should be able to easily kill with body-shots at 1000 metres plus. Now it's 150 metres for a head-shot... what are they using for ammo, frozen peas?
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  13. NovaAustralis

    Which ones?
    Cos the Bolt Driver default scope is 6x and every 30 cert scope available is 7x to 12x
  14. biterwylie

    LMAO Now I know how TR has somehow managed to power creep itself into the one faction to rule them all with better errr everything.

    SOE do not actually play the game.....

    We don't want players Dying to snipers they can't see..... LOL Surely you are not a very good sniper if you are sniping from a range at which you yourself become an easy target to any half decent marksmen.
  15. SnipersUnion

  16. GrindXP

  17. Giggily

    No, I'm fine with infiltrators trying to snipe people at close range because at least they're contributing.
  18. Lucidius134

  19. NovaAustralis

    Yup, just jumped into VR Training check 'em all out again.

    So 1x to 4x (6x) scopes for the:
    - SAS-R
    - AF-6 Shadow
    - AF-18 Stalker
    - Impetus

    I can understand 6x to 12x scopes on the BASR:
    - NC14 Bolt Driver
    - EM4 Longshot
    - LA80

    But the Gauss SPR has me flummoxed...
    It's damage is less than the SAS-R, it's semi-auto and has a big magazine (for a 'sniper rifle')
    But you can't get 1x to 4x scopes for it. o_O
    It 'feels' more like the scout sniper rifles, not the BASR, but SOE seems to think it falls in the BASR 'family'...
    Did SOE **** this one up?


    So, when / if I Auraxium my NC14 Bolt Driver, my next sniper rifle will definitely be the SAS-R!
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  20. Lucidius134

    Every faction has a close range (1-4x optics) version of their basic semi-auto and bolt action sniper rifles. There is no 1-4x RAMS .50 or Longshot or w/e, only the bolt driver. The Impetus is the Gauss SPR with 1-4x optics. The unfortunate part is that the close range snipers have scope sway even with 1-4x optics (and iron sights).

    The Shadow and Stalker are scout rifles which belong in their own category really. The semi-auto scout rifle does way less damage up close and at range in exchange for 0 scope sway and less recoil. The semi-auto sniper rifles can be a lil hard to use because of their scope sway and you cannot cloak and use your scope like you can with the 6x-12x. It makes your scope go invisible and you don't get a crosshair so you can't line up shots. THAT SAID, before i found the hide weapon command i used it to expand my field of view while zoomed.
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