Balance Pass Post 2: Nanoweave and Related Features

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by joshua, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. foesjoe

    Why are you whining about the changes to sniper rifles? As it is now, you can't OHK anybody with a couple of ranks of NW past a certain distance anyway. So nothing changes for you.

    Why don't you focus on the fact that you're guaranteed a OHK within 150m distance, no matter what level of Nanoweave your target has equipped? Oh right, because you'd rather sit on a hill half a continent away from the battle, plinking away at anybody who stands still for a couple of seconds.

    I'm looking forward to the proposed changes because the old way Nanoweave worked put new players at too much of a disadvantage compared to veterans. A new player now has a better chance of killing a veteran if he's good and can land headshots. Making this game more accessible to new players is always a good thing. Not to mention that it rewards good fps players in general, which is also good.
  2. Rigsta

    I think I'm going to unlock the 12x scope for the Spectre and enjoy the impotent tears of "no drop OP" while they last.

    Or cry when they drop its minimum damage to 240.
  3. whitupiggu

    It's a knee-jerk response. They saw "We are capping all one-shot headshots on a full health target at 150 meters" and their brain just stopped working.
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  4. PastalavistaBB

    Prepare to see 4x more BR -20 NC Snipers with Bolt Drivers camping on the ridge and statspadding, not helping to capture a base. And the No Bullet Drop advantage of the VS will finally shine on Semi Auto Sniper Rifles, which is something I really wouldn't prefer.
  5. NovaAustralis

    Here's hoping the 150m is very quickly changed to something more like 250-300m...
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  6. Redzy

    While we are at it, how about making UBGL not so spammable by not making it resupply through ammo packs? This is purely and simply an exploit that's been in the game for too long now.
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  7. W0rthy

    Wow so the newb forumside snipers finally had their way and got nanoweave nerfed/guaranteed OHK am i reading this right?

    Unbelievable... it's so easy to snipe as it is. When i auraxed my parallax a couple of months ago i got 880 headshots out of 1160 kills.. Apparently that ratio is not enough for the forumsiders..

    So frustrating when game balance is done based on the lowest common denominator..
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  8. Makkie

    indeed. IRL a regular service rifle is effective up to 100m using iron sights. Why would a purpose built long range killing machine be limited to 150m? a bullet to the brain at most ranges is gunna put you down for a while . how about increasing the bullet drop at 150m to make long range firing require skill (akin to the drop introduced by adding a suppressor, or like how sniping was when PS was 1st released) if this kind of change goes through, may I please have a refund on my SC and certs I put in to my RAMS?

    on a different note.. what are the odds of getting a rangefinder attachment for the bolt action Snipers? a foregrip is useless IMHO.
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  9. Shadowyc

    **** yeah to the Rangefinder! Some of us have really poor depth perception, even with Depth-of-Field on.
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  10. Pengalor

    The 150m cap on sniper headshots is absolutely ridiculous. Not only is that an incredibly short range but you are essentially punishing the better snipers by not allowing them to snipe at a range their skill affords them. Not only that but it will be an incredibly huge pain to try and figure out exactly how far you are from your target, especially with no kind of range finder in the game.

    However, I don't see why the change is necessary at all. I mean, Infil is the only class in the game that has no way to fight vehicles. They are hard-countered by vehicles. So now you want to make it so that we not only can't fight vehicles but we also can't fight infantry effectively unless we are at a range that puts us at a disadvantageous position and is also well in range of other weapon types like LMGs and assault rifles?
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  11. W0rthy

    That has already been nerfed so that i takes quite a while to ressuply/reload after each shot. Though i do think UBGL should not be able to be fired through the pain shield from the spawn side. That is so lame.
  12. McToast

    If they'd set the range that far they wouldn't need a limit anyway. I always proposed around 200m for t3 sniper rifles. 175 for t2 and 150 for t1/CQC BAs. I don't see a need for such a limit though, but the bads seem to need it to compensate for their poor gameplay.

    But, after all, 150m is better than the 80m we got at the moment. At 100-150m I'm at least unlikely to get sprayed down by an LMG or AR.

    the Toast
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  13. W0rthy

    Are you kidding me? At the current range (80m?) i got 880 headshots out of 1160 kills with parallax. And you want the ohk headshot range set to 250-300? you must be off your rocker..
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  14. Nintyuk

    The explosive changes I don't understand and would like more clarification on, I don't use explosives that much beyond c4 and sticky grenades and have Max Flack armor equipped already so I won't be affected that much but I would still like to know what the new deal is.
  15. Lessonteacher

    Actually I am saying that its stupid that you cant OHK them let alone with the incoming cap. And i rarely use the rifle but it doesnt require the change they are adding. To put it into perspective i was shooting an infiltrator that i put a waypoint on and he was 250m out... This was a trivial distance and a headshot does not kill this camping infiltrator so that doesnt sound very effective.

    Nanoweave being changed is not going to mean anything like all the complaints on here. Ive used all the shields and each has a place for a different style so its really no big deal at all. For example I find the advanced shield capacitor, post the update they did, with the resist shield to be quite good if you are skilled at using cover...
  16. Spartan3123

    basically, there is now little advantage in using a bolt action sniper - semi-auto will be the way to go.

    VS snipers will be OP now because they have the best semi-auto sniper rifles
  17. Spartan3123

    Why dont SOE FIX the most BROKEN parts of gameplay like the ZOE max first??

    - instead of doing stupid **** and introducing more unbalance
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  18. Being@RT

    ..pretty sure I shot with an AK-47 variant at 300m targets during my time in the military, with iron sights. Now, I didn't get that good of a score at that range, but I could have hit a human sized target more often than not... but on the 150m range on my very first time shooting with an actual combat rifle, I scored 49 out of 50, with the bullseye 10cm diameter. Prone shooting of course.
    So in RL the rifles are plenty accurate at range, and would be lethal far further.

    I never use infiltrator with sniper rifles myself, I'm completely rubbish at hitting targets ingame while sniping and although I feel I could practice and become better at it, I don't enjoy the sniping to begin with and feel like I can have less impact than I would at close quarters (with darts and auto-scout (waiting for Cyclone to be on sale)).

    Regardless of the fact that I don't snipe myself, I think a 150m restriction is pretty silly. I don't die nearly enough to enemy snipers when I'm in my Flak Armor loadouts for them to be an issue so I don't see why SOE feels like there needs to be such a cap in place.

    On the other hand, I also have to mention that these sniper complainst about 150m being in easy LMG/AR range are also exaggerated. Yes, I can hit a sniper at 150m distance, but unless they're in a terrible position without hard cover nearby I can't actually kill them, keeping in mind that at those ranges the cloak makes them completely invisible so the hard cover doesn't need to be within 20cm. The bigger issue on when they fail to kill me is that I get a good idea of their position and can make it my job to go kill them from closer range, utilising hard cover (or the snipers tunnel vision) to get there, and with the proposed changes a good sniper shouldn't fail to kill me as often, as I see things.

    On a generic level, I dislike the trend of making gameplay more and more close combat oriented (my previous posts on how NW changes effect headshot TTK with other weapons than sniper rifles also point towards CQC weapons gaining more).

    As far as bolt action vs semi-auto sniper rifles go, if SOE ever goes ahead with the weapon modification that allows boltactions to pull back the bolt without leaving ADS, boltactions will once again become more valuable even to those people who insist on shooting from over 150m distance (boltactions have 550 minimum damage atm). I suspect SOE will up that value though, and part of me thinks they started with 150m just so they can "listen to the community" and increase the range later on.


    How will they accomplish this 150m max range? By adjusting headshot modifier based or damage dropoff? Since current BASRs have 550 damage at 75m+/100m+, they'd need to reduce headshot multiplier based on range or reduce the minimum damage to under 500 at 150m.

    edit: Why didn't I think of it before, and why didn't anyone else say this before? 150m is way more than necessary with the way continents are being revamped. Walls, walls everywhere! :eek: ;)
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  19. Turkeys!

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm just looking foward to getting a ton of certs back :p
  20. gloowa

    *mocking laugh* sneak (...) earned *mocking laugh*


    pure skill.