Balance Pass Post 1: Vehicle Weapons and the Harasser

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  1. Phos!

    OK moving proxy radar to the defense slot is a major nerf to the prowler and a major buff to the other faction tanks. There are a few reasons for this:

    The prowler's weaker default armor makes reinforced armor much more appealing. Other tanks can get away without it because the mag rider can straif and the vanguard will usually win a DPS race by just sitting there. The prowler has the weakest armor and is thus expected to move during combat to avoid damage (I mean I guess, a lot about the prowler doesn't make sense right now) or would get reinforced front to match the other factions's base. When taking advantage of the prowler's speed as a cavalry tank to flank and synergize with the vulcan's up close damage, this puts the tank at a greater risk of infantry attacks and thus makes proxy radar & reinforced armor the obvious loadout of choice. Anchored mode does not synergize with this play style at all.

    In fact, anchored mode is near worthless in any application. At long range with large fields of fire, numbers will trump the damage output increase basically any time, and anchoring in place just makes you an easier target. Increased damage output, but get ready to die in short order.

    On the other hand, this allows a vanguard to equip both proxy radar and press f to win tank fight. Ordinarily, equipping press f to win tank fight precludes them from having proxy radar, but now that they can have both they can't really be snuck up on. Vanguards also remove their need for reinforced armor anyway by equipping press f to win tank fight so this is really nothing but a buff for them.
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  2. DeadliestMoon

    Actually I don't think the other tank's protection is any stronger than the Prowler's. But seeing as how Magriders have to keep their enemies in front of them, wouldn't front armor be more beneficial? Also from what I've seen, most Vanguardians run with side armor.
  3. Phos!

    I was using reinforced armor pretty interchangeably here because an argument can be made for either option. You are half correct on the prowler's armor, it has the same armor as the magrider but less than the vanguard. I guess it would be better to just say that the vanguard has more.

    Currently most vanguard drivers do run wit side armor but when they realize that they can stop being C4'ed so much I imagine they'll switch over.

    This also wouldn't be such a big deal to me if the prowler had a useful faction specific ability.
  4. Scatterblak

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  5. Scatterblak

    Why not? 200m is basically a couple of football fields. A shot in the head should be a kill at just about any distance; given some sort of fancy nanoweave protection, I think increasing survivability a bit is fair, but a headshot - particularly at 200m - should always be fatal.

    One shot kills aren't your enemy, guys; if a sniper shoots you in the head a couple of times and snuffs you, you tend to learn to keep moving - and if you don't, it's hardly the sniper's fault. You deserve to die, not get a buff just because you can't figure out the whole ADADAD thing.
  6. lunate

    Give back the original tank mine size =P
    Let us pick up our mines/c4/mines which we throw down by accident
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  7. lunate

    Not really sometimes the mines don't render fast enough and you just blow up due to the speed you are travelling. So its either you get blow up without knowing what happen until u get to the death screen or u get lucky by avoiding the damage.
  8. snu

    soooooo, mines are getting a nice little buff.... HOW ABOUT YOU FIX MINES SO THEY ACTUALLY BLOW UP WHEN RUN OVER FIRST.
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  9. StalkerGER

    The TR prowler AP:
    should not 1hk infantry they got already 2 shots till reload its not fair compaired to the other 2 tanks u get automaticly more kills because u have double the chance to hit

    Shotgun faction NC:
    we are the shotgun faction ? idk i see TR and VS wielding shotguns where is my sligtly less powerfull chaingun or lasher ?
    and screw this modified enforcer crap thats stupid all NS are better use than this crap

    Vulcan VS enforcer :
    so a chaingun deals more dmg against a tank then a rocket launcher ? are u guys srsly ? sometimes i think u devs get payed from TR volks to imbalance the stats
    with a rocket launcher its harder to hit with a freakin chaingun not u aim in the direction and hold fire if u dont hit properly u tapshot for better aiming with the enforcer u need to see if u hit and adjust the height where are u shootingand btw this thing can kill troops air and tanks SO WHY THE HELL DOES IT NEEDS SO MUCH POWER !?!?!!
    this thing cann kill 2 skyguards and has still has 50% life

    this stuff is just stupid now the VS max can not only outrun every other max and heavys it can ads avoid rockets flee from c4 and cann harras lonly troopers GJ devs

    i dont get it guys if u guys see something on NC enfrocer max or wahtever imbalance it gets nerfed instantly but on TRside 2 it seems that u guys love the TR and just give them bigger mags too
    or u get payed for this crap

    welcome to TRside 2
  10. Schwak

    Can you guys change this to unscheduled already? I really hate being teased and lied to.
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  11. CleanUpGuyCZ

    Currently there are three armour clasifications: infantry what takes damage from all weapons, light armour what reduces small arms damage (Harasser, ESFs, MAX) and heavy armour what takes no damage from small arms (MBTs, Liberator, Lightning and Galaxy). To make tanks stronger (and they need to be) i suggest adding one more armour category: tank armour for lightnings and MBT's what doesn't take damage from weapons like the bazilisk, grenade launchers, Vulcan, skyguard, ESF guns... but with this sort of armour will be only armored the front and sides, so harassers and ESF's have a chance, but have to attack from behind or from up. Beside this i would love to see a coloxial cobalt, cause tanks are nearly defense less agains light assaults with C4, but thats another story.
  12. dstock


    Just wanted to save anyone interested in this thread from reading the last 20 pages.
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  13. Pikachu

    Interesting idea. But tanks would be immune to TR AV weapon but not that of NC and vanu? :rolleyes: That would make the blood boil in TR players.
  14. teks

    You made two huge false assumptions.
    1. Prowlers are weaker then other tanks. Only the Vanguard has an armor bonus.
    2. Deploy is useless. No, its very powerful. Its not as versitile as a shield but its far from useless.

    Learn 2 anchor. Its a huge part of the prowlers utility. There is nothing that makes armor more appealing on a prowler and prowlers dont rely on dodging they rely on their far superior dps. Which is made even better with deploy.

    The prowler makes perfect sense. A fast vehicle that can quickly flank the enemy, deploy, and decimate enemy armor only to quickly relocate once spotted. Its the exact tr flavor. High dps and fast speed. Deploy works like butter on the chassis.

    Yes. Give us a date!

    I thought this was planned for sometime soon yet we keep seeing random other unannounced fixes such as the neutering of squad deploy and drop pods.
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  15. Phos!

    Thing is I could get most of the DPS from anchored mode from just certing reload speed without turning my tank into a sitting duck. All those heavy assault rockets are so much easier to land on a stationary target, doncha know?
  16. Phos!

    You calling the NC the shotgun faction gives me the impression you were around for planetside 1, but on the other hand I feel like I'm reading a dumb phone text message log.

    Confused as to the effectiveness of the Vulcan? Never heard of a GAU-8 have ya? It's actually not very good vs air actually, needing virtually the entire magazine to knock down an ESF which basically never happens because the vulcan has an absurdly slow muzzle velocity.

    The prowler has neither the mobility of the Magrider nor the extra armor of the vanguard, its claim to fame is two guns. Simple as that.
  17. teks

    no you can't. The DPS of a a 10% faster reload speed is a joke compared to the velocity and damage buff from deploy.
    If dumb fires can hit you your not where you should be. I never said deploy is a solution to everything, but i did say its very powerful. The damage increase, and velocity increase are both very strong, and there are plenty of intelligent ways to turn that against your enemy.

    I've seen a couple prowlers deploy on a distant cliff. They decimated a slew of magriders and lightnings, and resulted in the withdrawal from that territory. The second-fastest tank in the game is well poised to take full advantage of this power, and withdraw when that position is no longer ideal.

    You are making a 40% damage bonus over the magrider and vanguard with twice the AI capacity out do be a trivial bonus that is not even noteworthy in regards to balance. I assure you, no matter how its worded, few people will hold that opinion with any seriousness.

    the prowler does 2400 damage every 3 seconds
    The magrider does 1785 damage every 3.75 seconds
    The vanguard does 2000 damage every 4 seconds.

    Its claim to fame is not a joke. This is on top of the fact that it is also the fastest MBT for free.
  18. StalkerGER

    sry dude that english isnt my native language so pls learn german so we can talk if u want otherwise dont talk about how its writen thx bb
  19. DrBash00

    Just report him, and the moderators will remove his post ;-), not worth the anger.
    The TR is REALLY not owerpowered at all, you just feel overpowered because the TR simply Outnumbers the most Factions on nearly every server....

    So as you can see, i am the Leader of a German Clan, fell free to visit our Homepage.
    And we can go to battle together, and we join some Fights where the Numbers are equal, and you will see we will win because of good strategy, not because of op gear!

    If we join a battle with 50/50 without strategy, and the levels of the players are similar it will be a fair fight!

    If we join a fight where the NC or VS are outnumbering us, you feel like they are overpowered.... but its just the numbers...
    (exeption of ZOE Max, wich is just a bad joke)
  20. Phos!

    Sorry, I had no idea.
    Where was this that had line of sight on an encroaching armor platoon from far enough away for anchored mode? Only thing I can think of is trying to take howling pass without first taking crimson bluff tower, but really anything that kills armor can stop such an attack. ESFs following the terrain to get at their rear armor, AV Mana turrets, halberds on harassers, vanguards with enforcers, ect.

    And the full cert line for the reload speed knocks a half second of the reload speed, either a 16% or 20% reduction depending on how you look at it. Comparing it to anchored mode, it makes more sense to go with the 20%, which means I get a third of anchored mode's benefit without needing to immobilize myself.

    It's an ability conducive only to an infantry tank style when I play the prowler as a cavalry tank. That's the style that both the faction secondaries work with.

    You've not put much time in driving a prowler, I can tell that even without looking at your stats. Unless you figuratively tape down mouse 1 the prowler's fire cycle never works out like that, and if you do, then your second shot is going to go high at any kind of range. Actually pulling off the full auto firing is spotty at best, you have a half second to find your point of aim again. So that means the prowler is either going to do 1200 damage every 3 seconds or 2400 damage every ~4 seconds. It only works out that way when you use it as a cavalry tank where its extra DPS is all it has. Faster? Allegedly. Enough to matter at close range? Not really.

    Oh and the magrider can drive diagonally to go faster than the other tanks. Yeah, there's that.