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  1. StaHoo33

    Hey Dude! you managed to activate your Windows yet?
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  2. LordKrelas

    5% less DPS, for better every other stat that lets you actually use the RPM & DPS... As that is what you were just told.

    If DPS is your Thing; Why aren't you playing TR?
    It makes no logical sense, if you consider DPS above all, that you play NC.
    Which you also have no actual requirement to play either.

    You are trying to gather scraps of anything to support your Prior-decided conclusion, rather than reach it from supporting evidence.
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  3. JibbaJabba

    Played NC to ASP100 with every Implant in the game.

    I have a couple TR guys, but I've moved over to main VS, currently BR 80+ something.
    VS is fine. They have some fantastic weapons and are fun as **** to play.
    Going up against NC is meh... The SAW rings my bell at range so I have to take care with that. The MAXes are very formidable but at the end of the day are just a max... 2x Deci FTW! Vanguard is outgunned by prowler (yep, I said it). The airhammer is way less fearful to infantry than the banshee. The Orion and Betelgeuse are absolutely delightful to fire. Super tight CoF, vuuury nice.
    I think people who complain about faction balance simply haven't played enough of the other factions. Grass is always greener and all that.

    Now server population balance? Hm. Can't attest to that much. Asymetry on the macro level doesn't translate 1:1 to the micro. You can be outpopped as a faction but be locally superior. OR... you just have to deal with it. Smaller force is typically way more nimble and can win.
    Dunno man. Game seems pretty good on Emerald at least.
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  4. pnkdth

    Why is it after all this time people cannot understand the correlation between lower bloom per shot on low damage tier weapons with a higher rate of fire versus high damage tier weapons with a lower rate of fire? I'll just repeat this one more time, it is BLOOM PER SHOT. When you take account bloom per shot and the rate of fire of a weapon you will start to figure they have different values because of either ending up super accurate (low bloom + low ROF) or uncontrollable ( higher bloom + high ROF).

    Solstice high FSR and random horizontal damage make it terrible. Unpredictable which means you can sort of hope to make an accurate compensation for its recoil. Meanwhile, the Merc has a perfectly predictable and buttery smooth recoil. An absolutely fantastic weapon which works anywhere compared to the newbie trap of the Solstice. At close range, it is quite usable though sadly thoroughly beat by pretty much any close range alternative out there. It is just weird, the Solstice has all the characteristics of the middle of the road weapon but without the accuracy. Puts it in a very awkward place.

    I would say VS has a few very solid choices though in the form of the Pulsar C, VX6-7 and the Serpent. The rest are not even worth bothering with. Similar story with ARs. Terminus and H-V45 and skip the rest (CME is awesome too if you are the player who appreciates accurate weapons). LMGs, well, there VS cannot complain much without coming off as a bit silly.

    When it comes to infantry combat I find it very hard to get upset about anything. No matter the class each faction has something nice on offer.
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  5. The Shady Engineer

    No love for the Zenith?
  6. Pacster3

    If I check how long I needed to auraxium my carbines(7 on auraxium by now, Eclipse included...8th 2/3 done) I can't say that the Solstice variations are much worse than the rest(Tanto, Pulsar, 11C, Eclipse)....with exception of the VX6-7(that one is a beast). No idea about the Serpent...
    Solstice is far from useless or a pain to auraxium...it just ain't the best out there. Last but not least it always depends on whether you like to storm into a room or are more the kind of door camper that prefers to stay in medium distance. The ones you obviously prefer cater to the CQC style of gameplay(which I like most too...that's why I did better with the VX6-7 and why I do well with shotguns).
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  7. adamts01

    You've got this completely backwards. The lower rate of fire weapons have higher bloom per shot. 200 damage model blooms more than 167, which blooms more than 143, which is equal to 125. 125 really got the bone here, as they pretty much match the dps of 143 guns but get out of hand quicker thanks to the same bloom per shot and a higher fire rate.

    Edit: Or maybe you got it right. Not enough beer for that last sentence. Or maybe too much beer for the whole argument. Either way, I'm going to get more beer and maybe read this again tomorrow. Cheers.
  8. Vanguard540

    There really should be a price increase on armored vehicles in this game depending on the population. If the 10 of you are facing 15 players, they're all in prowlers. If you want to compete you're forced to play a counter or something else you don't enjoy. And even if you do, if you damage a tank high enough to make it leave, it can just go away repair and start over. That's why I would like to see prices increase for vehicles, if a faction is 15% higher on the server, vehicles should cost 15% more nanites.
  9. Hellac

    I say again and again NC weapons with 600RPM 167 damage, and another factions weapons with 577/570 RPM 167 damage -- THis UNBALANCED. NC weapons with 600RPM 167 damage have greater dps NOW, this do them owerpovered
    All this guns have bloom per shot 0.06, have same accuracy
    If we сompare with gun's 143 damage and bloom per shot 0.05 , NC guns with 600 RPM 167 damage bloom per shot 0.06 this bloom don't matter becouse you need smaller number of bullet's to kill, so bloom at all is same. But NC have greater DPS, and Accuracy - This overpowered
    And why NC have faster shooting weapon in class? With so Hight DPS

    NC 600 RPM 167 damage guns -- NEED nerf to 577/570 RPM
  10. pnkdth

    Not much, it is one of those weapons which is a pretender jack of trades. There is always something off about it as if the maker didn't quite understand how to make a weapon for close/mid/long range so we ended up with a mobile weapon with decent ROF yet doesn't pack a punch or work well enough to actually go for headshots (and going for bodyshots with an average DPS weapon is no bueno).

    Point is, the Solstice can be used but the Merc is something I want to use (and still do). The Solstice does have some things going for it, for example, the blistering fast reloads does help in close quarter combat but its average DPS hurts it against other weapons. If the Solstice would get a less erratic recoil OR simply reducing its FSR so the random recoil could be managed it would actually make a lot more sense.

    My 1st choice would be Pulsar C, the CQC options only see moderate use. I'm not much of a directive chaser though so do not often aurax weapons I dislike, for example, the VX6-7 has gone a ways past aruax while the Serpent sits around 600 kills. The exception being weapons which give me a fresh perspective or new play style. In the VX6-7's case, I went back to it since the Serpent didn't actually offer anything new.

    But to get back on track, all I want is the Solstice to get a lesser FSR or less erratic recoil tolerance. There are other weapons over the factions as well which deserve a look at... However, it is more likely we'll see new weapons be released to "fix" old weapons further cementing their place in purgatory. I dunno, is I guess is what I'm saying. xD

    It was a bit of a word sandwich. I just got annoyed that people flat out compared bloom without accounting for damage per shot or rate of fire as these directly influence the impact of the bloom per shot value. While I don't expect people to bring a massive spreadsheet to every argument simply comparing bloom without any secondary stat or context seem kind of pointless.
  11. Hellac

    Good night cobalt, farewell vanu you have worst weapon in game and no one want to play for.
    All people want play with strongest overpowered weapons and go play for NC
  12. NeuroDamage


    (The point is, reach out to the community for help, not crying for nerfs)
    once again for stupid people!

    vanu has a community that is 100 people less than yours!
    no one asks for NERF NC !!!
    we are talking about the balance of the players in the game!
    about the balance of weapons for this time or about additional ways to help the needy
    1) cert or at least give a bonus to the losing side as well as the winning one
    2) reduce the cost of transporting resource costs (total x2 bonus)
    3) the ability to at least make respawn (because it is not possible when you are doing!)
    !! Main !!
    new players do not understand what to do and how! they run with the herd and do not jump to defense! There are no adequate redirections for them !!
    can do so defended the point got a bonus jump to another!
    but no, they just run on foot! The main problem of all alarms!

    It is necessary to help the players explain what is better to do and where to go, but it should be done in the game. Add to the style of the vesical part with the possibility (on/off )

    (P.S. New conglomerate weapons is much overpowered now. That have great accuracy, Heavy damage, and only vertical recoil. and if we remember NC maxes who annihilate anybody
    Terran republic - have rapid fire, big magazine size, and very small recoil.
    Vanu - have nothing, except no bullet drop, but it matter only on snipers rifles. So vanu weapon- is the worst weapon in game now. Daybreak please do something with that)

    Vanu used to be a strafe, but even he was taken away, at least somehow compensating for the reduction in damage.

    NC in TR Total damage per van click ! (cartridge clip)
    entering the building can release the entire clip in 75-150 potron
    Van can not! a maximum of 75-100 cartridge! and you have to target weak points and not hush up the trigger and kill everything on your way ....

    1)Betelgeuse 54-A - 143 before 10m .Magazine Size: 50 Fire Rate: 750 RPM (7150 cartridge clip)
    2)T9A "Butcher" - 143 before 10m .Magazine Size: 150 Fire Rate: 769 RPM (21450
    cartridge clip
    3)NC6A GODSAW - 200 before 10m Magazine Size: 65 Fire Rate: 500 RPM(13000 cartridge clip)
    4)MG-H1 Watchman - 125 before 10m.Magazine Size: 125 Fire Rate: 857 RPM(15625 cartridge clip)
    I will not paint you all....

    here's the balance of the game ....
    It is necessary to help make the game better, but not worsen it for everyone!
    and I don't want to make it a casual shooter! 5x5 or 64x64 is for children!
    I want the same conditions for all parties ....
    Thanks for reading :)
  13. Grate

    Well population balance is one of those things that fluctuates. Back when I was on Jaeger. Yeah, long time ago. TR was mostly over pop. Then when it got added to... Waterson I believe, the NC tended to over pop. Then when we got moved to Emerald,NC and TR are about equal. VS seem to be lacking. Kind of waiting to see if Connery and Emerald get merged. That way all 3 of my toons will be on the same server. VS will likely still be in the decline unfortunately. Mostly because NC just hit that much harder. And honestly TR guns may have a lot of ammo but our shots are like pin pricks. VS have that sweet night time advantage what with the purple spandex. :D
  14. LordKrelas

    You just contradicted yourself: No one asks for NC nerf? Have you been here long? Every side has nerf threads for days.

    VS with nothing? You are high as a kite.
    Your reloads are damn near instant, Your entire set of directive weapons have infinite ammo, You have the most infinite ammo weapons, You have some of the most perfect accuracy guns, with moderate RPM, you have AOE Spam weapons for days, near hit-scan AV launchers, Silent One-hit Knives, Sheer flexibility in your weaponry.
    The damn Saron has a panic button to front-load its entire magazine.

    It's not as if VS, can't list off entire sets of perks.
    VS has the most things that are very very odd , or unique. They typically have the non-standard dynamics to their tools.
    Like Lasher Splash, Heat-mechanics-all-over-the-place, tons of mode-switching (Spiker for example, Phaseshift)
    Hell, your ES Sniper rifle, has infinite ammo, no drop, has bolt-action & semi-automatic modes for heavens' sake.
    Then the new ES Battle rifle: No drop, No damage-fall-off, Infinite ammo, damn good damage too.

    I can do the same for NC & TR, but I certainly can list more fancy flavors when I name VS weapons.
    NC & TR, do not get these extra traits all that commonly, they get basic characteristics.
    VS gets, typically these extra traits or capabilities, as they are the Middle-of-the-road, Jack-of-all-trades.

    Now for the Beetle & Butcher. Those are the same class of LMG.
    The Godsaw, is a Long-range LMG, which if you ever used a SAW, know you aren't getting that 500 RPM.
    If the Beetle & the Butcher (The Beetle scores highest btw, among Directive LMGs), had equal Bullet damage..
    Do you know insane that would be? In order, to get 0.3 miliseconds over the enemy's TTK, the Saw(s) have to nail 3 head-shots with the first 3 rounds.
    Now, the first round is the only pin-point round in that entire burst period.
    If you aren't bursting (Which is suicide to not be bursting), you will nail nothing past that first bullet, as that is the sheer inaccuracy of the saw if not bursting.

    To use the entire Saw's magazine, takes a damn age, if you want to actually get damage out of it.
    Now for the Beetle, you can easily get rounds on target quick, and finish the reload quick.
    If you are reloading a Saw, that is 5 seconds, and typically, you had to fire for a minute, unless you decided to waste half the magazine with sheer misses.

    The 200 damage bullet, vs the 3 143 rounds.
    Do the math, and you'll figure out why the Godsaw, (which people replaced with the normal saw often enough, for the 35 more rounds), isn't topping the charts.
    As unless you're nailing a chain-triple-headshot, you are not likely going to succeed, unless your opponent can't aim, in close-range.

    IE, Can you actually try to use these guns?
    As the Beetle is the orion, the Butcher is the Carv, and The Godsaw is the Gauss Saw.
    You'd figure out quick, if you used them, that the Saw isn't on top from per-bullet-damage.
  15. Liewec123

    speak for yourself!
    i am a cobalt player and VS win the majority of alerts, also i love some of the vanu weapons,
    Phaseshift is my favourite sniper,
    lancer is my favourite extreme range AV,
    lasher is EXTREMELY potent when used correctly (and i consider it my favourite weapon in the game)
    the magrider is also a monster in skilled hands,

    also if you want to play knife stalker, the VS infils with their minimalistic silhouette (less angles) are harder to spot when cloaked than NC and TR, and their OHK knife is also extremely quiet compared to TR and VS.
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  16. Campagne

    If you refer back to post #23 I think you'll find that the NC have a multitude of 167/577s as well. Not to mention the fact that the TR & VS have a few select 167/600s themselves.

    And if you refer to post #37 you will see that bloom per shot leaves lower RoF weapons with less accuracy over the same amount of potential damage dealt. Use the formula and plug in any weapons you want.

    Thirdly once again with post #23 you will find the TR have best-in-class fire rates as expected, not NC.

    There is nothing to support your outright nonsensical claims, quite the opposite.
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  17. Hellac

    TR don't have 167/600RPM guns. Only NC.
    NC unbalanced and need to nerf they guns to 577/570 rpm i say again, becouse another factions have only 577/570.
  18. Sazukata

    TR has the SABR-13 and VS has the VE-H Maw as their 167/600 guns. At least try to be informed if you're going to fixate on and self-sabotage your entire game experience over something so silly and meaningless.
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  19. Hellac

    SABR-13 not automatic. How youc ompared automatic and not automatic gun? (and it's only for medic)
    VE-H Maw - is not standart gun, this gun for unstable ammunition, with recoil growth characteristics. (and it's only for heavy)
    NC 600/167 for all classes
  20. adamts01

    Those burst guns may as well be automatic. You should be bursting autos anyway, especially 167 and 200 guns, and burst guns take the hard work out of the equation.