[Suggestion] Balance Medkits (Kill the bunnyhoppers)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chipiwan, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. Hawkseye501

    And what's so bad about that? You seem to imply they're the root of all things evil in PS2.

    My primary reason for not entirely agreeing with the OP is as I stated earlier - it's a factor of redistribution of SOE PS2 resources. SOE wont do anything unless it's statistically proven - that alone seems to take about a week - and as a result it usually means someone is on payroll. That's one less individual(s) researching data for the things that actually mean something to the game's attractiveness and overall performance. In contrast to everything else, while I understand the OP's claim.. sized up to other issues, this is really a miscellaneous topic on the list of needed changes.

    I simply disagree and these are my reasons; otherwise yes, It's a legitimate claim, but these things need to be taken into account.
  2. tahn1000

    another NERF HA SO WE CAN KILL THEM LIKE BULLET FODDER thread from your friendly la
  3. MrJengles

    Players should be wary of invoking the learn-to-play argument with no other reasoning.

    Imagine if Med-kits had always had a cool down of 5 seconds and someone dropped into the forums to say "I think Med-kits should be spammable so I can make it to cover". I bet you forumside would have been all over them saying "learn to play", "don't run out in the open", "dodge better".

    People are naturally biased towards the status quo. That's why it's better to give reasoning, such as comparing things to the alternatives, and here we have the perfect comparison - the Resto kit. The natural knobs to balance these two are total healing, heal rate, resources, carrying capacity etc.

    Do players really need a spammable self heal? I think that says at least as much about the person using it to stay alive than those shooting at them.

    - "Hey MLG PLAYER, do you need to spam Med-kits to stay alive?"
    - "No."
    - "Do you have trouble killing players spamming Med-kits?"
    - "No."

    Has this line of questioning told us which direction is best to balance them? No. Spammable or not, it makes no difference to this player.
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  4. Schwak

    I die enough running back to cover that I've started popping medkits while I still have shields up so clientside doesn't screw me over. So yes, they should be spammable.
  5. Schwak


    This is my NC alt, and I agree, headshots are "sketchy at best".
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  6. SavageCrayon

    So true, so funny lol
  7. MrJengles

    Well, firstly that would mean the argument that spamming doesn't happen in average gameplay is totally bogus (not that you said that).

    What happens when you use Resto-kits, which have a natural delay before reuse, do you make it? And do you think there's an imbalance between the two kits?

    Also, do you ever take C4 or mines and do you think your gameplay suffers beyond reason due to client side? Do you ever play Medic and have to rely on an over time heal?

    I mean, if gameplay is so horrible without Med-kits that no one takes anything else, that sounds like a big issue to me. If people have learned to deal with it when they don't have Med-kits then spam isn't a necessity to survival.

    Given all the large decisions SOE have changed, I sometimes wonder if they'd consider changing client side hit detection one day. Although I don't know the work load involved, somehow I doubt I'd envy them the task.
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  8. steverogers

  9. MrJengles

    The fact that Resto-kits don't stack creates a natural use delay - as opposed to forced timer design - that was my point. They certainly do not heal more than a Med-kit, actually they heal less: Resto = 85% over time, Med = 100% instantly.
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  10. steverogers

    You're so right bro, i always wait until i'm at 0% hp to pop my medkit to make sure i get the full heal!

    Too bad the majority pop their medkit/restokit as soon as their HP gets any damage and not when they're about to die (because they'll die anyways because of clientside) and while popping medkits, they can't be shooting a gun before the healing is finished. But the restokit, you pop it when you start doing damage, you switch to your gun and can shoot while still receiving heals if you get additional damage, which means the actual healing of the restokit is always higher than the medkit.

    But of course if you're going to cherry pick theorical numbers like this, i can tell you that shotgun is way op at range, because look at that TTK, that is if I do like you and completely ignore other facts for example the spread of said shotgun shells.
  11. Posse

    If you can't control vertical recoil then shooters are not for you, I'm afraid.
  12. task_master

    This sounds a lot like the pilot elitist mentality with tomcats/fuel. The main difference here is that mines (the "scrub" choice) are significantly less effective than medkits (the "decent player" choice) at killing things, whereas tomcats are pretty nasty compared to fuel.

    I remember a post that went something like this:
    I can carry two mines with me, netting roughly 2 extra kills per life.
    I can carry four medkits with me. Each medkit will save my life / give me full HP for the next fight once (i.e. allowing me to get at least one more kill), giving me at least 4 extra kills per life.
    Therefore, to maximize my killing power, I will take medkits over mines.

    I also don't really see how the whole K/D padding thing holds any weight at all, especially when we're talking about HA primarily.

    The fact that medkits are both more reliable and more effective than the other utilities (except MAYBE tank mines on engineer or c4 on LA, but sundy shield lol) means that medkits need nerfing or the others need buffing, or both in some cases.

    Note: I'm not in favor of any crazy nerfs to medkits and I don't care about people who spam them, because it's not difficult to kill them anyway. I just recognize that they're too good compared to resto because they do literally everything better except that gimmicky ineffective "pop resto before a fight."
  13. steverogers

  14. david06

    Look I don't care about your K/D. I use medkits mostly and I still don't like them in their current form.

    Medkits are a lot of HP in your pocket, available instantly. They are a crutch and a player is at a competitive disadvantage if they don't use them. They make for bad gameplay and it's ridiculous that people in this forum are pretending that they're skillful.

    Pressing a button and obtaining insta-heal is skill...now I've heard everything.

    I'd love SOE to put a 20 second cooldown on medkits just so I can watch the tears of all these "skilled" players flow.
  15. miraculousmouse

    I've died plenty when I popped my medkit, see my health go up to 500 and then clientside screws me over by not even registering the heal and bringing my health immediatly back to 0. This issue exists with spammy medkits, without them it'd be ****. Also, no one ******* bunnyhops. Maybe one jump but after that the movement speed reduction makes you a sitting duck. Maybe you need to work your aim? I'm an average accuracy player and taking out medkit tankers is not a problem. You don't need to have "1337 MLG PRO ACCURACY" to kill a shielded, bunny hopping bullet sponge.

    Honestly, everyone should be using medkits. If you're someone who always runs around with C4, then expect to die really quickly. The only time I'll use C4 is to clear up little clusters of infantry, and then i'll dash back to the sundy/spawn room to switch to medkits and kill more. There are a million ways to die in this game, from all over the place, medkits are your only hope of surviving an ambush from behind one of several rocks outdoors, from around a corner, on a rooftop, on a tower, etc. etc.
  16. Cz4rMike

    The only players that survived by using medkits when I was shooting at them are the ones who made it to cover in time...

    Honestly, if you complain, that medkit is used as additional *ARMOR* while you shoot, then you should spend time learning how to control recoil and aim better.

    I wonder why you play it all... You know, useless silly computer game. So many great things to do IRL...
  17. I play by many names

    Medic kits are fine. The only problem is restore kits aren't appealing enough. I would suggest they change restore kits to BIFF kits.
    BIFF would stand for 'back in fight faster' and they would essentially be a shield capacitor and a small medic kit. They would instantly heal like medic kits, but only about 40-50% of the hp that a medic kit does. They would also have one more effect. Upon use they would remove the cool down from your shield recharge, causing it to begin its recharge instantly when used. It would be cool if you could carry a mixed load out of BIFFs and medic kits as well.
  18. task_master

    If you've got X hours to spend on either Y or Z activity, and Y is more important than Z, you don't have time for Z.

    However, learning to play is as simple as just playing the game. You have a lot of time logged playing the game. Therefore, you have time for both Y and Z.
  19. Whatupwidat

    Not really, there's a difference between learning as you play and actually practising. I've played 22 days time in over 2 years. That's not that much - I've spent more time pooping in 2 years than that.

    I just play this game when I'm too bored to think of anything else to do *shrug*

    I do love the "Your opinion is only worth as much as your BR" stuff though - that's adorable xD
  20. DG-MOD-17

    Going to go ahead and lock this, as it is becoming non-constructive.
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