[Suggestion] Balance Medkits (Kill the bunnyhoppers)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chipiwan, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. david06

    Medkits are a crutch so I don't know why the people defending them are accusing others of being bad players.
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  2. Whatupwidat

    Am I the only person to whom encountering one of these rare "MLG-ers" is to just laugh as I imagine the countless hours they've practised...to play a video game...?

    I sometimes don't even fight back - if they've spent that long to get /that/ level of "skill" on the game, they can have the kill as I'm too busy laughing to care xD

    But given how few and far between these people are, it would be MENTAL to handicap the medkits based solely on their actions.
  3. Hawkseye501

    I don't see this as anything deserving of attention, let alone change. It doesn't happen frequently enough for it to matter to the majority in a case-by-case scenario. To me, it sounds a like a faulted tactic that'll probably earn you a single kill, if any at all at the very most.

    The Dev team has a hard enough time trying to pull data together to decide whether a change is warranted or not as it is - let them instead invest that time in something worthwhile.
  4. david06

    What game are you guys playing? Medkits might as well be the default loadout for heavy assaults.
  5. vanu123

    Fine as is.
  6. GothicNightmares

    This just sounds like you need to get better at first person shooters. The only players I lose to in 1v1 are players I deserve to lose to. This means other decent players who are skilled at shooting/aiming. I do not mean to call you bad, but thats just how it sounds. I play nothing but infiltrator on vanu and i destroy heavys with ambush and head shots. smg's beat lmg's.... What are you doing wrong?
  7. Hatesphere

    question, how does adding even a 2 second timer to medkits "handicap" them at all, would they not still preform their intended function?
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  8. david06

    So you you defend medkit cheese and you also main infiltrator. You're like double cancer.
  9. Posse

    >Implying you necessarily need a lot of practice to be good at the game.
  10. GothicNightmares

    I do not main anything.... i fly planes on one guy, i do infiltrator on another.. and heavy my tr... I do really well as heavy, medic, infil, and engineer when I need to be those specific classes. I do not see your point in crying about something every class has access too except maxes.... even my dasan fall stats show i predominantly play either heavy, medic, engi, or infil or light assault infantry and I do not have lower than a 2.5-3 kd. That may not be the highest or best there is but i really feel with proper positioning and knowing where you can and cant go and what types of enemies your up against can really get you farming certs or just dying over and over. So i stick to what i said before.... perhaps you need to rethink the way you play or drop the ego and practice rather than play... there is a difference between practicing and playing.... question if your setup is viable... even your gaming rig... because once again I have 0 problems vs heavies who run because typically if they are running they are dying. so the fact you can not kill them running and they heal sounds like you missed your shots.. so imo he deserved to kill you. I think you also should know your own skill limitations and if he is hopping/warping around to back off and reset the fight. be smarter than what your being by acting like med kits are the reason you lost that fight.
  11. GothicNightmares

    This guy has said everything that needs to be said... You just need to aim for the head and get that critical damage and secure the kill before he can even lift his arm to grab the med kit... guys guys guys... this game has locational hitbox damage. AIMING is a thing.. get better at it... practice only aiming for the head and eventually you will get better and better.

    dude this biggest flaw in your math was this
    WHY NOT COUNT HEAD SHOTS? because thats how you win fights... like.. if you are going to sit here telling me you lost because you got all body shots and no headshots... im sorry.. if he turned, healed and landed all headshots... he is the better player... then 70% accuracy is not average.... thats pretty high... and most average players HSR (head shot ratio) is even less than that... On my characters im usually a 25-30% depending on faction and guns because lets be honest.. some guns and faction guns are better than others (*cough* ORION *cough*) BUT average is somewhere between 10 and 12%.... thats what i have noticed so far on my stat tracker anyway. I also question the rounds per second.. sure i get the math 600/60=10ttk... but go in the game and count to 1 and tell me if you see 10 rounds fire off...... i doubt it ;) so the game says one thing but we see it acting and doing something else.
  12. steverogers

    Still way better than people like you, who played 22 days worth of time on their character and are still in the br 60s and being completely crap at the game. At least those ''MLGers (who played even less than you)'' learned something and improved themselves.
  13. steverogers

    He needs an excuse for not being good such as ''having a life'',''not using cheats'',''not having a 100$ mouse'',''playing for fun'', and yet he has 22days worth of play time.
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  14. Hatesphere

    non of this skill dick measuring has much to do with the issues being discussed, can anyone truely explain how adding even a 2 second cool down to a med kit messes with its function in any way?
  15. steverogers

    Fix the medkits not healing as soon as the fights are bigger than 48+ and then we won't have to spam 4 to maybe get healed, then sure add a cooldown.
  16. Chipiwan

    Seventy percent accuracy was a rough count for when I'm standing still and firing at them while they move. I think my overall infantry accuracy is around twenty percent. HSR is 16%.

    Also headshots are generally random in the situation I describe. With NC guns the kick you get usually makes consecutive haedshots sketchy at best. In fact I usually find it good to aim for the head, then draw down to the body, then wait for the kick to bring you back to the head.
  17. Hatesphere

    occasional medkit misfires are not something we should be considering in this IMO, its completely unrelated.
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  18. Schwak

    It's funny that you take this guy seriously. His KDR for the past few months has floated around 1.5 and his infantry accuracy is ~18%. He wouldn't be able to kill said heavy assault even if they completely removed medkits. My guess is he probably ran into someone from AC or DA and thought he was going to win an engagement because the person was already fighting someone. Lowering the cooldown of medkits would do nothing but lower the skill ceiling that this game has. I play HA mainly but I also play engi/medic from time to time and I have no problem killing HAs even if they dance around popping medkits. While getting my NS11cp auraxium last week one of my sessions as engi finished with a 15KD. Work on your acc/HSR and positioning before you cry about current game mechanics.
  19. GothicNightmares

    chipiwan my point about the RPM still stands though.. did you test it? go in the game and pull the trigger on your 600 rpm gun and tell me how many bullets you get out in '1 second'. my MSW 750 RPM i counted 5
  20. steverogers

    Maybe you should learn how to count better then.. just saying..
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