[Suggestion] Balance Medkits (Kill the bunnyhoppers)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Chipiwan, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. Chipiwan

    I do apologize with the math error.

    Because I have other things in my utility slot most of the time, and I generally play classes other than heavy. Managing to flank someone and shooting them should be more rewarding than watching them pop medkits and turn a corner.
  2. david06

    A fully upgraded medkit line is less than 2000 certs, no one has paid station cash for them and I think it would be a lot better if SOE just removed them from the game and everyone switched to restoration kits. They are extremely cheesy.
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    Did you ever think most of the community is bad and can't aim above 20% accuracy? Sounds like a you problem.
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  4. Flashtirade

    Switch the healing of medkits and resto kits. Someone who wants full health will have to wait but for those who want a quick if incomplete patch-up get theirs.
  5. vsae

    What he said.
    Seriously tho, if you cant kill a person that spams medkits, just stop spraying!
  6. Pineapple Pizza!

    It's a neat trick that costs resources, and usually only works if you have your medkits out and manage to make your opponent miss. No, it wasn't intended by the devs, but neither was slingshotting or drifter curving.

    Incidentally, the dev decision to kill your ability to build momentum completely killed drifters.

    I don't think you should automatically be rewarded with a free kill if you catch someone with his back turned and manage to point your crosshair in his general direction for a few seconds. If you hit all your shots, though, they can't switch to medkit. If they're not heavies, their medkit won't activate in time, even if they already have one out.
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  7. cykael

    Medkits wouldn't be a problem if the average player's ping wasn't 100+
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  8. ViperMkII

    WAIT A MINUTE! So you admit that you are not infantry vs infantry oriented and therefore I can conclude that you are mad because you are getting outplayed by the COMBAT INFANTRY CLASS of the game, of which us competitive players primary.

    This thread can be summed up by the following :
    " MAD cause BAD at heavy assault"!

    It's ok bruh, I used to have a chip on my shoulder, was an immersion guy and never played HA, then I gotgud.
  9. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    I was never a fan of medkits and never use them. I want to do what my class offers, C4 etc... and healing was always a medic thing.
    I use heal implants but only because its additional and doesnt replace class specific items, but even this feels uncommon as a non-medic.

    The only purpose for medkit user i saw so far is to solo farm in areas away from the objectives.

    As a medic i feel kinda stupid if someone in front of me uses his medkit to instantly heal 100% because its just 1000 times faster than the medic heals...

    If i could i would remove all medkits and heal implants from the game. I know that wont happen so i would be pleased if they would reduce all non-medic heal to a maximum of 50% HP. No matter how many medkits someone uses, he wont be able to heal more than 50% of its own HP.
    This way medics can do their job and solo farmers have a harder time to stay alive.
  10. Kunavi

    What a load of crap. L2P? Are you all physically challenged? Let me establish I'm literally an AVERAGE player. MAYBE good. With that in mind;

    WITHOUT MedKits I can make almost any player miss just by running in constantly changing directions, preferably opposite, at random intervals. I do this when I'm out of bullets and feel I really don't want to play tactically and seek cover, or when I feel semi Trollish. I had it done to me as well and it's ridiculous.

    This is bordering exploitation, especially when you know how PS2 works with lag, hit reg and animations.

    Throw in MedKits to that situation and you're pretty much GodMode for 70-80% of your encounters, with some exceptions being A) Lucky players, B) Too ******* good players.
    Now throw in HA shields. Top KEK.

    Yeah, MedKits are soooo balanced and this is clearly and blatantly an "OP needs to L2P". Like, for cereal mates! What a scrub that OP!
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  11. SinJackal

    Wait, so TC was using a "167/600 gun" . . .which can only be Anchor or EM6, guns with 50-75 rounds in their respective magazines. If you were using EM6, you literally only had to be like 18% accurate to kill him. If he was using resist shield, he was literally slowed down by 50% too to make it even easier to hit him.

    Normal game features should not be limited or nerfed because you have no self control or poor magazine management skills. . .or brainpower to switch to your secondary when you run out of ammo and keep shooting them.

    If anything, we should be able to pay 1,000 certs to equip a 5th medkit and we should be able to equip and fire them faster. Screw nerfing; give medkits a BUFF! :D
  12. 1Fuzzy

    Just a friendly reminder:
    With a medkit in your hands you can not shoot and kill other people - the only thing it is for is survival.

    People here act like they get killed by medkits.
    So - what do you have to counter that? Well - your utility slot. May it be mines or c4.
    Also with HA shield activated keep in mind that people run way slower than without it and it takes longer to run to a safe place, and again with medkits in their hands they're no threat at that moment, they cannot hurt you.

    I've just found another thread before i stumbled upon this one with the topic:
    "why should i ever use medkits instead of c4?"
    And a lot of people said:" well i've never been in a situation where medkits would be more useful" - or - "I tried it one time, seemed rather useless"

    And you know what? There's no ultimate/perfect/alround loadout. Sometimes medkits are more useful and sometimes mines/c4 and it's the players 'job' to adapt to the situation. If you feel medkits are OP, get them too and you're even with those who use it.
    But then you'll get killed by mines and c4 and complain about that, because you can't use them, too, because your utility slot is already equipped with medkits.

    In my honest opinion medkits have their rightful place in this game right now as they are now.

    Regarding spamming medkits - you only have a limited amount on the field you can carry.
    In this thread it sounds like people are spamming hundrets of these when their health isn't 100%
    And you can only get new ones from terminals - usually in the spawn room. If they're somewhere else in the base you may now know about their importance. Hack or destroy them. They're not just a thing that's standing there for decoration.
  13. Chipiwan

    I don't really expect to win straight fights against a fully shielded heavy assault. Nor am I asking that to be changed. A heavy is designed to win most infantry fights. When I do suspect to win is when I get behind them and start shooting them. Even if they do have a shield up because they're firing at allies. However, that turns out to not be the case. Sure it's partially due to the fact that I'm using experiencing it when going against the L33T PR0 MLG people, who can land headshots at an insane rate and kill me faster than I can, however I have seen in it mid BRs as well.

    I was using the Fortuna, which had thirty rounds.

    And it should be nerfed if it can be exploited. Using bad hit detection while having twice the health as a regular person (due to the four medkits).
  14. Klypto

    All I am going to say is Poor Aim.

    I do recognize your struggle with this issue, however I do not recognize the issue as a widespread problem that everyone suffers from.

    If your accuracy was 30%+ and you popped the issue I would take it much more seriously. You have 35% opinion weight with me on this topic which means you would need more like you to be able to achieve the same level of opinion weight of just one person.
  15. Brenold

    You know what I think? We should be able to right click with the medkit/regen stick thing and use it on someone else.
    That would be awesome. You probably wouldn't see it happen very much, but when you do it's probably desperately needed with the current situation.
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  16. Revanmug

    Watching all the bads complaining about medit kits is just hilarious.

    If the guy is using medic kits, he doesn't have C4 which is, you know, one of the most powerful tool of an infantry.
  17. LibertyRevolution

    Man.. I carry medikits even on medic..
    You are making the choice to not have 2000 extra HP in your pocket if you carry anything else in your utility slot..

    If I need to C4 something, I switch to my light assault "Boomer" loadout, as that class is designed for delivering C4.
    If I need to tank mine a sunderer, I pull my "Die Sunderer" loadout which has tank mines...
    I don't use AI mines, as I think they are no skill cheese, I hate being killed by them, so I don't use them.
  18. JustBoo

    Okay. I try to play all the classes but I play HA a fair bit.

    I rarely go where the 'herd' goes. You know, where all the medics hang out to get all the sweet XP and certs. And that is just the way it is. No problem, I'm not complaining. When the herd zigs, I zag where there are generally NO medics around. I'm not a 'solo farmer.' I'm, you know, trying to flank, help my teammates and faction... boring stuff like that.

    So we cater to your play style. Okay. What about my play style? Huh.
  19. Dis

  20. Matt879

    If you actually would just take a look then you can see that I didn't make this thread at all, I just jumped in on the discussion. If we're just going to say "l2p skrubl0rd" to everyone that isn't really good at the game then we really have some work to do, because the game is far too casual for all us PC master race pro's that will crush all the l2p noobies with their silly complaints about having difficulty dealing with certain things because they don't have perfect aim.
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