Balance helped, but isn't done.

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    So a lot of stuff that needed nerfs and buffs got them. All factions got hit, some more than others (TR a bit, Vanu a LOT). But with the balance came a new unbalancing. The NC are TEARING IT UP. Now yes, part is pure skill, part is from being the underdogs for so long. But there is a few things that need re-balancing to bring the VS up and the NC down. It's close, but it's still out. Now as a TR, it's hard to understand the effectiveness of our weapons (call it first-person pessimism, we all get it). I still think the TR is the closest to being in the middle, a tad above a true median. Vanu just got drop-kicked into the victim role and NC took their place at the top (just re-iterating).
    Honestly, I'm having trouble with Reavers. I have no idea hat changed, but the pilots are insane now! The NC ESF's look more like they're dancing than trying to kill someone. As fantastic of a display as it is, it such to be on the receiving end of their dance of death. Now I am not one of those guys who thinks balancing is making everyone equal across the board, nor making the weaker than my faction. I see balancing as everyone having the same number of perks and short-comings, even if they aren't in the same area. The enemy just needs to be manageable. That said, I have no idea what is helping these pilots, but S-A combat is suffering against it.
    One thing I effeminately can say is out of balance is the Vanguard Shield. Now it doesn't need a big nerf or anything, just an adjustment. With the Prowler ability nerfed, no EST has a change against the Vanguard on a 1-on-1 basis. I think it was fine before with TR having the Raged-game, NC owning the close-range battles, and VS being masters of Hit-and-run.

    Those are my observations on the balance. Everything else is golden as far as I can tell. And as a Vulcan-Harasser guy, that's saying something (It really was pretty OP).

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