Balance changes needed, From a VS stand point

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  1. Master

    Lock-ons - reduce the range or make them only capable of hitting if the player maintains the lock. This is turning into lockonside2

    Scatmax - keep infantry TTK the same. Severely nerf Scatmax effectiveness against other Max Units.

    Hacksaws obliterate other max units. Then nerf Anti Infantry weapons to balance out max vs max. Make Max AV weaponry the better choice against other max units. Maybe the scatmax would actually consider their AV weapon in a biolab fight. Before ppl rage about how its worthless at range. Your playing a max wrong, keep them indoors, camp a generator or control point, let the enemy come to you. Also the sprint function totally compliments the scatmax, you can't hide if the max can sprint in your face and plug you full of holes.

    Air Hammer (reaver anti infantry nosegun) - Nerf airhammer against other ESFs. If you want to keep the airhammer how it is, make the other faction "ESF AI Nosguns" have a better TTK against other aircraft, I'm sure TR / VS pilots wouldn't mind. a whole...seem pretty balanced. Nothing screams "that shouldn't be like that" or has ppl roll their eyes.

    Besides that...I think the game is pretty balanced. Of course I can't say what VS has that makes it OP...usually I hear stuff about the magrider but the prowler got a nice buff with the deploy mode so I think that is yet to be seen.
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  2. Sworaven

    I agree with the point you make on the Air Hammer. It's way too effective against ESF's in comparison to the AI guns for the Mossie and the Scythe.
  3. Dregan

    Lock-ons - Fine then reduce the speed of magriders strafe ability and reduce ESF speed by 25%.... oh and increase lock-on missile damage to be one-shot for the AA version and 2 shot for the innihilator when used on ESF's. The damage should also go up correspondingly for other targets.

    Scatmax - I am going to say it: If you get killed by scatmaxes you are doing it wrong. The scatmax is a close range Max only. Ever wondered why you don't see that many NC maxes in crosscountry or even just outside fighting? And what happens when you compare that amount with TR and VS maxes. Granted they don't have the "boom your dead" effect at any range but they can actually hit something beyonde 15 meters. Cqc is what the NC max does and engaging them at that range should get you killed no matter how much steel you bolt to your chest. Oh and about the charge thing... If you are in a max you can charge too... you just have to turn away from the NC max.

    Airhammer - Again.... if you let a Reaver get close enough to use the airhammer effectively you deserve to have your flyer turned into abstract art. And by the way the Air-hammer is not actually classed as a purely Anti-infantry weapon. Soft targets refer to all non- or lightly armoured targets, including flashes and ESFs.
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  4. Oreo202

    On the subject of a scatmax... you don't need to go outside if you have engie and medic support, which doesn't really happen to VS MAXes because everyone has given up on them. And on the subject of the airhammer... do you expect ESF pilots to just do a flip every 10 seconds to look behind them? It's insanely hard to get away from a reaver running just the airhammer. Either give the TR and VS equivalents, or change the airhammer into a more effective AI tool.
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  5. NightFall

    Mossie is the BEST ESF. We love our OP vehicles.
  6. Konfuzfanten

    Lock-ons: Sure make lock-ons able to one-shot ESF on impact and 2-shot libs and you got a deal. OR change them to guided missile that instant fire with faster velocity.
    As Vanu i dont mind the NC Scatmax - yes i find them OP/annoying/skill-less but i also see them as a proper counter to vanu and TR's better CQC weapons.

    Other balance issues:
    HEAT being used to killing infantry...actually ANY designated anti-XXX, should be terribad at killing anything other then that type.
    Anti-ground/air = can barely hurt infantry
    anti-infantry = can barely hurt vehicles

    Another balance suggestion:
    Give all launchers designated ammo types(AV or AI), so that you can either shoot vehicles or infantry with them.
  7. Mootar

    This thread should be titled: "Balance changes needed, please nerf the two things the NC have which are situationally better than VS"

    I was going to post a rebuttal trying to explain why the Hacksaw max and AH were fine, but i'm tired of flogging this dead horse.

    Exactly how easy do you want easymode to be? Hang your head in shame.
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  8. Zer0range

    Fly low as a vacuum cleaner and you'll be just fine.
  9. Bill Hicks

    Ive seen a scythe take on 3 reavers because It was so maneuverable. You got speed, reaver got power deal with it,

    Shotguns are good a close range, deal with it Why would sony balance max vs max? its like balancing flash vs flash or sunderer vs sunderer.
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  10. Master

    Lock-ons - what you said doesn't make sense.

    scatmax - play a different character and attack an NC held biolab.

    airhammer - Reaver is the fastest aircraft in the game, how would it be my fault if he can catch up to me?
  11. NightFall

    mossies have speed
    reavers have power
    scythe got nerfed so hard we now have to hold the space bar down for the entire flight even with hover lv3
  12. Master

    I wanted to try I rolled NC alt...your clearly biased.
  13. Master

    all aircraft have the same maneuverability....just slightly diff. tweaks, but all aircraft have the same pitch rate.

    Shotguns are good at close range but they should be good against SOFT targets. Not Armored targets which should have max's role their AV weapon. Make the AV weapon useful. scatmax/hacksaws obliterate other max units. Your clearly an NC max so I can understand your defending your hacksaw. Role an alt and attack an NC held biolab...then get back to me.
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  14. ThundaHawkPS

    Nerf Scythe rocket pods. Far too accurate versus enemy ESF. Shouldn't be used against targets not on the ground.

    Nerf Orion and SVA movement bonus while ADS. Unfair to other HA.

    Nerf VS carbine/AR rof by 50-75 RPM. Fires too fast for their low recoil and fast reload.

    Nerf Cosmos MAX. Best sustained damage, kills infantry as fast as a mercy at 30-40m with less reload time.

    Nerf Saron HRB. Unmissable guaranteed AV damage from over 300m.

    Just a few things I think need balancing. Super serious.
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  15. MadRon101

    Pretty much this.
  16. Dusty El Lion

    Since when the VS suddenly become the **** faction? The only change I've seen is to the Mag-rider. Are people so damn petty they think the world is over the moment their weapons are made fair?
  17. ThundaHawkPS

    Oh. While we're at it: nerf Scythe ramming ability. Nerf ram range, nerf claw damage, nerf claw range.

    Enlarge Scythe frontal/rear hitbox so it isn't /half/ the size of the reaver in head to head combat.

    These things I feel imbalance the VS against other factions, specifically the NC reaver which should be the king of ramming and not the scythe.
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  18. Veri

    I don't know about the other factions but I know for sure the Vanu Hail storm projectile speed has been noticeably reduced.
    I have to shoot quite far ahead of an ESF in comparison to what I used to and even then the bullets are usually hitting the tail.
  19. CraftKing

    LOL with the latest comments. Made VS stop commenting. If ever, they would just throw the same old jar of tears. They don't see what OPness they have, only on what kills them.
  20. CraftKing

    You are probably lagging or your target is.