[Balance] Change Harasser cost to 150 resources

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mustarde, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Mustarde

    So now that harassers have been nerfed into oblivion, I only have one or two further changes I'd like to see.

    1. If SOE wants to keep them in their current state, the resource cost is too high. Cut it to 150, because that's about how much a harasser is WORTH (in my opinion).

    2. If SOE wants to keep the resource cost at 225, they need to take a closer look at the triple nerf they gave it in PU02 and consider scaling some of those changes back slightly to make the vehicle worth the cost it has.

    3. Buff the flash, or make it cost 50 resources! (personal agenda :) )

    I write this as someone who barely used the harasser. I thought it was brokenly overpowered. I agree with making changes. I don't agree with triple nerfs all at once, or nerfing things until no one uses them. And if that happens, the cost of using them shouldn't remain as high as they once were.

    I know the resource revamp is scheduled... for sometime. But this would help in the meantime.

    I like where SOE is headed with more frequent smaller updates. A smart way to balance the harasser would have been to nerf one thing at a time until they platform was performing where it should be. I hope they take the incremental approach with future balancing, but for now, dropping the harasser cost would help them to be used more often despite their weakened state.
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  2. kayben

    It's 300 without continent bonus, i.e., for the majority of players at any given time.

    I'd rather have a useful Harasser for 300 than a useless Harasser for 150. However, at the moment we have a useless Harasser for 300 and anything would be better than it is now, really.
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  3. Mustarde

    My mistake, 300.

    You can tell I rarely, if ever, have used them!
  4. f0d

    imo they are worth it at 150 - its the perfect price for the way they are currently

    harassers should never have been as powerful as they were and yes i agree they got overnerfed (like SOE does to almost everything) and changing its price would go a long way to bringing it back to balanced (for the price)
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  5. McToast


    The harasser was never that overpowered as some people claimed. It was a bit too strong in some areas and people just worked themselfes into a frenzy against it and developed a burning hate against it. Like with ESFs in the old days or ZOE MAXes.
    I agree, costs have to be lowered; but quite frankly, I wouldn't even pull a harasser if I'd get it for free atm. It's just rolling XP for the enemy, waiting to be collected. Not worth ressources, time and manpower in it's current state.

    the Toast
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  6. Archiadus

    I agree with all of the above. Also it's been a Quadra nerf if you count in the repair nerf.
  7. DuckSauce

    This. The real cost of a Harasser is the two people crewing it and for that it ain't worth ****.

    Maybe resource costs will mean something if the resource revamp ever comes out.
  8. Hatesphere

    yeah i could get behind a reduction in cost for it. I could also get behind a reduction in cost for the flash, the thing should be like 75 max
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  9. Flashtirade

    Now that it's more like a lightly-armored transport, the price tag should reflect that as well.
    Also, bring the flash back down to 50 or at least 75. A frag grenade is 30 resources cheaper and less likely to kill the user.
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  10. innersphere1

    i agree with 300.
  11. Axehilt

    It has to be these two things.

    The first suggestion is just unworkable, since the Harasser requires 2 players to do anything, so it just doesn't make sense with a flimsy-but-cheap balance (where the cost is reduced to match current capabilities.)

    Instead, the Harasser needs to feel like it's fast and hard-hitting, but continue to be rather flimsy.

    Good vehicle design is essentially: mobility, firepower, or durability (pick two.)
    • Mobility + Firepower = Harasser
    • Firepower + Durability = MBT
    • Durability + Mobility = Galaxy
    • Generalist mix = Lightning
    The 2-man requirement should reward a vehicle with an incremental increase in its capabilities, but mostly focused on its strengths (so the harasser should probably have its firepower increased slightly but still be flimsy.) Similarly the proposed Colossus tank should have extra firepower or durability, but not be fast (in fact because it'll probably be such an unmovable rock, it should probably be slowerthan typical tanks.)

    And yeah, the Flash is pretty awful for its cost right now.
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  12. Anethual

    Harassers were over-nerfed and if SOE is hell-bent on keeping them this useless the least they can do is reduce the resource cost. But if the harasser's two defining characteristics are mobility and firepower, then some of the weapons need to be looked at and changed fundamentally. The kobalt, Enforcer for NC, Canister for NC.

    These three weapons do not fit well with the harasser's current play-style. They require accuracy and time to deal significant damage. The harasser will be moving quickly at medium range if it wants to stay alive, meaning that pin-point accuracy with any of the three I mentioned is incredibly difficult.

    Frankly the fact that the Canister is still in the game is a huge slap in the face to all NC and particularly to the people on the forums who continually cried for a fundamental change to the weapon. The devs listen to the community on many topics but this one they decided they knew better. Canister still does no splash damage, still has **** range, still requires multiple shots to kill unless you're right up in peoples' faces. If it was the airhammer maybe it would be useful, which is something the community has pointed out many times. I don't understand the thought process behind the C85 enforcer modified or its new iteration "Canister".
  13. Tekuila

    This and lower its timer to be more in line with the flash.
  14. Zinus

    That thing costs 300 :eek:

    175-200 would be more fitting now (it's still a decent platform, I'm still more scared of them than a random lightning when on foot)
  15. drNovikov

    They should undo the ridiculously overnerfing of the Fury on my Flash, because at the moment it is unusable as a combat vehicle and to expensive as a transport.
  16. Syrathin

    I'm good with a cost reduction, Since they're not insanely hard to destroy these days I wouldn't mind seeing a few more on the field.
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  17. Hoki

    200 would be better. Its still capable of the way I use them mostly, escape your own base and track down the undefended sunderer that the handful of attackers are using to spawn at.

    So its kind of like C4 in that way, except it can actually kill many many abandoned vehicles.

    If anti-vehicle weaponry were removed from them, that is, if they had the same turret choices as a sunderer, then I'd agree with 150.
  18. Latrodectus

    I would hate to see a cost reduction to the Harasser. The Harasser is not fine as it is, they need to at least undo the composite armor nerf. The idea to drop the resource cost and leave it as a glorified flash follows an awful design philosophy. The engineer seat nerf and the buff multiple weapons received against the Harasser's armor class was all that needed to happen to ensure that the Harasser wasn't out-tanking tanks. That's not even considering the sweeping nerfs to all the Harasser weapons. Please, please stop pushing for a resource reduction, and instead bring back a spattering of durability.
  19. Epic High Five

    I miss my zero cooldown, 25 resource Flash :(

    I think the Harasser is going to be getting tweaks upward once sufficient numbers are gathered on their performance.
  20. Get2dachoppa

    I personally still loathe the Harasser for how long they let that OP buggy dominate the battlefields...but I'll admit it could use a little buffing. I don't think lowering the resource cost is the way to go. Vehicles are too easily spammed as it is right now.