[Suggestion] Bailing pilots and how to fix it.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kristan, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Kristan

    Got tired of ESF pilots who bail out screaming "Nuuuu! Muuuh K/D!", redeploying while hovering on their drifter jetpack? Me too! Could it be fixed? Yes!

    Just don't let pilots to exit their ESF without ejection seat installed or landing gear deployed. Simple? Simple.

    Cuz really, who installs ejection seat nowdays? And ejecting on full speed too close to surface when landing gear deployed will most likely be lethal for that pilot.
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  2. Pat22

    Or, you know, move on with your life and to whatever next target there is.
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  3. Kristan

    Pfff! Skulls for the Skull Throne!
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  4. CorporationUSA

    This has been suggested and discussed so many times already that I don't think they are ever going to do anything about it.

    Also, people don't realize that these pilots are running a gimped loadout because they choose to play an LA. They take nanite auto repair over stealth. Since stealth is beneficial for a number of reasons, and NAR only does what anyone can do with a repair tool in about the same amount of time, they are reducing how effective they can be for a k/d boost. And really most of the time when they bail, they are still killed on the way down. So it's not like they are even guaranteed a k/d boost, they just have a chance for one.

    I personally don't mind it, but I do realize that the ejection seat utility is almost never used because picking an LA to bail is a better alternative. The only time I see it used is by infiltrators who want to get behind enemy lines fast. I do think it's cheesy though.
  5. cobaltlightning

    But what makes you think ALL LA pilots redeploy on the way down?

    Some of us still have two guns and a grenade, at the very least, so we can still at least do Something. How useful that something is varies from person to person, situation to situation, location location location.
  6. bamapama

    I don't fly often, and when I do I fly as an engineer, but personally I don't have a problem with people bailing their ESFs. First of all you still get a hefty amount of XP for destroying the vehicle itself (a solution introduced years ago to compensate for that potentially denied kill). Second, you still can kill the pilot unless under AA pressure. Third, flying as a LA has it's downside in not being able to repair (a loadout with autorepair and fire supression, while very effective, is not suitable for every playstyle). And last, but not least – I understand that being denied the kill after an intense dogfight is annoying, however, if one puts emotions aside, one can see that there is no logic in shaming people who bail, because in the end that annoyance has exactly the same source as bailing – one’s care about K/D.
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  7. Kristan

    Still though some pilots provide much more exp than a vehicle kill.

    To be honest I'm not being annoyed by bailing pilots, I just find it silly how people shake for their K/D in order not to give a kill and exp.

    Besides my suggestion comes mostly to make some existing aspects of the game to have actual meaning, while right now they are completely useless. You wanna bail out in midair? Go ahead, but install ejection seat first.
  8. CorporationUSA

    Are you referring to the zig-zag dancing on the ground? It's cracks me up :p
  9. jmdafk

    The problem I have is the Lightening directive with skyguard kills.
    Its extremly grindsome to get the skyguard kills and bailing LA's dont help. Infact i reckon im -20% on my skyguard kills due to it.
    Even tho im halfway im thinking it maybe quicker to just go HE and camp 96-96 battles.
  10. p10k56

    So pilot engineers are noobs and cowards cos repairing aircraft is cowardly behavior.
    LA bailing out of aircraft are same cos they don't want to die in smoking coffin.

    True men are medics of courseo_O
  11. \m/SLAYER\m/

    you can just kill them
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  12. FieldMarshall

    In PS1, when your aircraft's health was below ~20%, you couldn't bail (or it had a chance of not working, cant remember which)
    It was a pretty good mechanic that solved the problem with bailers. So obviously they didnt include it in PS2.
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  13. PKSpark

    Does engagement radar keep track of the player bailing out of the ESF?
    One of them did, and i couldn't find it before he redeployed drifting...
  14. Stigma

    I'd be fine with some restriction to this - as long as it got applied to all vehicles.

    For some weird reason there is a lot of double-think around this topic. Bailing from a damaged aircraft rather than dying means you are a filthy cowardly bailassault. Exiting your tank, harrasser, sunderer or <anything else vehicle> is just common sense - only an idiot would sit still in a burning vehicle until he died after all...

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  15. Kristan

    It's pretty obvious, unless you have like 2 more enemy ESFs on the radar. And I tend not to use thermals on my noseguns, unless it's Banshee.

    Still though If people want to bail out they should install ejection seat.
  16. Hatesphere

    they need to make ejecting from an aircraft take some time. it should require holding down the exit button and waiting a second for it to let you "climb out" if you have ejection seat it should be instant.
  17. Obstruction

    it's actually you that is here to complain about your KDR or Killboard. for what it's worth, i've killed smoking ESF with carbine or UBGL, even C4 from drifter jets when they come for me with the nosegun. that indicates to me that the fight is not always over when the vehicles are destroyed.
  18. Kristan

    Oh really? Please tell me more. As I stated before, this is not about someone's KDR, it's about making viable Ejection Seat.
  19. BlueSkies

    Ejection seat is viable for engy pilots.

    This thread has nothing to do with making ES viable.
  20. \m/SLAYER\m/

    so if you cant = must be fixed?!