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  1. RMSjael

    Just asking cause even i dont know it anymore.
    Is that mask now really 1 SC (It's a members deal)
    But the members deal of yesterday, them hornet misseles showed me the full 700 SC price.
    Dont want to spend 1000 SC on a misread mistake in the game >.>

    Thx guys
  2. IamDH

    Taradactyl responded to this, let me find the thread

  3. iPlague

    That was an error that happened where the daily deals showed the wrong prices.
    Yes the Bahamut, and other Premium member deals are all 1 SC.
  4. IamDH

  5. SuperLexatron

    Yeah, I couldn't believe the generosity by SOE - it pretty much makes up for the terrible start yesterday.

    Yes, yesterday I got Hornet Missiles for 1SC - and today I picked up the Djinn Mask for 1SC. Incredible prices tbh - I have never seen a sale of this scale since... well ever really :confused:. Would be absolutely stupid not to buy it.
  6. RMSjael

    Yeaaaah but iam not a member o.0 and i still dont know if i can buy it for 1 SC or when i click it i see 1000 SC disappear :/ Dont want to lose that amount cause its their fault haha
  7. Souleater

    The 1SC members only deals are...just for members.
  8. NinjaTurtle

    I am ashamed to say I bought this for 700sc back in February when I made my VS character :(
  9. RMSjael

    Well i closed my eyes and clicked on buy. and TADDAAAAA, you CAN buy the mask as a not member for 1 SC. Thx SOE
  10. Souleater

    Damn you, SOE! How dare you let non-members buy stuff at special discount :mad:

    I summon Internet RAGE!!!

    No but that is pretty funny :D. Hopefully you won't end up with the Auraxiun IRS after you.
  11. Phrygen

    its not generosity. SOE is clearly making a large push to convince people to purchase a membership.
  12. kucookachu

    Also you can't just buy 1 station cash.
  13. DevDevBooday

    Not this time. Non-members are able to purchase it as well.
  14. Planetdoge

    Wait, non-members can buy it for 1 SC, too? Does it still show the non-member price, though? I think I'd be too scared to buy it just in case it actually charges me like 500 SC. Hm... maybe I'll just have to spend SC on other things first and get my balance below 500 SC, then try buying the mask huehuehue.
  15. NoctD

    Was it the same for yesterday's "member's only" deal ie. Hornets?
  16. Planetdoge

    Never mind, it shows up as (and is) 1 SC for non-members, too. Purchased the Djinn mask on my NC and the Bahamut on my VS huehuehue. These sales are amazing.
  17. Robes

    Yep, non-members can buy it at 1sc currently.
  18. Latrodectus

    Beating myself up for buying it for 1000 SC months ago, but at least I was able to grab the NC and VS counterparts.
  19. Torok

    Pfft I bought so many things for 700 that are now either free, 1sc, 99sc or the likes that I lost count :D

    here take my hug and man up.