[BUG] Badly programmed bots in the game

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  1. karlooo

    I'm sorry but I have to mention this cause this was absurd.
    I went back to the game after a while, in the morning when the least amount of players are online... and half of the players I've fought had all these like robotic behaviors and reactions. You know in TF2 without checking the scoreboard you can tell a bot from a real player, I've experienced the same thing here but these bots were designed much much worse, I'll leave it at that for now.

    First of all, why are the devs even hiding this? Like they're not outsmarting anyone, I noticed this in a split second.

    This would be an amazing outfit asset, for example an ability to drop in reinforcements without impacting population on the territory. And I'm not a fan of items falling from heaven, instead it would be cool for it to work like the abilities in Command and Conquer Generals, where you click to drop paratroops, bombs, supplies and a special aircraft linearly flies from the edge of the map to the designated target.
    This may also bring some new mechanic involving lattice bases were the direction the plane would come from, would be determinant on some sort of communications center you'd have under your factions control. So, instead of flying from the other end of the map it'd fly from an area closer, reinforce faster, harder to intercept. This is a cool concept (supporting the faction by capturing land, rather than the outfit itself).
    And lastly the units that should drop should be the factions default models, and not NSO robots....For some reason so much unnecessary detail was put in the NSO robots that if 15 of those dropped into a fight, my FPS would drop by 10, no kidding. They're the most hideous addition to the game.

    Secondly make them fun to fight against!!!

    Here is one example of what I experienced. So there was this player which came from behind a Sunderer I was attacking from a couple of meters away with an ATGM slightly under natural cover, I was exposed, there was no grass or anything.
    Then this player just started running around in weird directions, slowly towards me while directly staring at me dead in the eye the entire time, like Slenderman, he was literarily locked on to me like an aircraft being targeted by an anti air rocket.
    But for some reason he did not open fire, aim down sights... I guess his AI was not in range to automatically attack me or whatever was going on. I then shot at him when he got closer, I missed some shots but as soon as 1 hit, the player instantly started unloading super accurate firepower from his rifle while running around at a pretty fast pace, as if the rifle only aimed for a split second before shooting. After I fell and the (waste of time and resources, trash) death cam aimed at this bot, again more robotic behavior from them. Once they got in range of a logistics truck which was behind me, it just instantly shot grenades from it's launcher and then once a bullet hit them, with a tiny delay instantly started shooting super accurately at the target then instantly started shooting grenades at the truck.....Basically it could not be more obvious. And more bots like this today in the morning.
    About the bots design, they should not be strafing and should have a bit less accuracy andor delay.

    Ultimately there is no point in hiding this, the devs should be honest with us.
  2. OpolE

    Your words are nothing without video evidence mate. Also why don't you add them as a friend and speak? I personally know a player with learning difficulties who gets a few kills per evening....