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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by elkikko92, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. elkikko92

    Kill someone doesn't give you pleasure as a normal FPS.
    Stay alive is not very important in this game.

    Do you quote me?
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  2. freeze

    5€ pls
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  3. Sen7rygun

    Kill someone doesn't give you normal pleasure as a normal day working for the postal service.
    Stay speaking English is not very important in this game.

    Do you quote me?
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  4. blackboemmel

    ok - that's your opinion, but can you explain it...?
    for me most kills in this game are very satisfying!
    and if staying alive is not important for you, getting XP (killstreaks) also is not important for you? what is important for you in this game? why do kills in this game are giving you less pleasure than in other games?
  5. Kronic

    Well what class do you play. Try something different. LA is fun as hell to play.
  6. Scudmungus

    QualityThread Inc.


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  7. TrainerS2

    :D heh ekils dont guve plasure if you use just OP units to kill wekknes ^^. explain - Tank vs Infranty = no plasure
    Lolpods = boring farm . Join action where your teram got 80% to 20 ^^ noobs.
    Where to look for fun :D - Taking down lolpoders farmers :D (they know me ^^)
    - Mine the whole road and w8 for noobs Tank Zerg :D
    - C-4 Whole room of farmers MAXES ^^ Fun like hell
    - Get team with long range rockets and blow up some Tanks noobs ^^
    - Play Hide an Seak as Infltrator :p
    - Newer use Vehicles its boring :D

    If you try play with my rules meybe you get some fun ^^
  8. SuBs

    PS2 is pants.
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  9. Villanuk

    Play Candy Crush, maybe that's more your level ;)
  10. Liewec123

    i killed a magrider with my flash and a mosquito with a jackhammer last night. (ok so i wasn't the only one shooting them!)
    it doesn't get much more satisfying than that on a game :)
    if you want something fun to do try skywhaling, or running infiltrator and dropping proximity mines in the middle of a group of enemies, or just play NC and buy a jackhammer, activate burst mode and spray away :D
  11. Testament

  12. phreec

    You need a huge pop-up on your screen telling you're doing good and a guitar riff?

    BUZZ KILL +100
    LONG SHOT +100
    HEADSHOT +1000
    GOLD MEDAL +100
    SNIPER KILL +200
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  13. IamDH

    Im sorry you expect everyone on Earth to be English/American
  14. Sen7rygun

    Australian master race here. I deal with most of the world's deadliest predators and wildlife on a daily basis... and that's just our women.
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  15. Eugenitor

    [old reference]But aren't they the exact same thing?[/old reference]
  16. Tristan

    It sounds like he's complaining about the broken medic revive mechanics.
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  17. LayZ

    I'd quote me.....I'd quote me so hard
  18. Phyr

  19. elkikko92

    SOE send me a message to create a costructive post.

    Bad gameplay refers about a problem I have noticed:
    I play for the teamwork, in an outfit and is very nice, BUT usually kill someone or stay alive is useless for the battle or for my XP.

    Make awards to reward the people to stay alive, and awards to series of killings while you are alive.

    Have you never played battlefield 2142 or 2? Stay alive is important for the battle
  20. Tristan

    You DO get killstreak rewards.