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  1. Urban-ski

    I returned to PS2 after a long lay off and I've really been enjoying the game again.....remembered how much I loved it back when I was playing regularly.

    Yesterday however was one of those days where nothing went right, every fight was a cluster****, we seemed to be getting farmed over and over. If I pulled a lightning there were three harassers waiting for me, if I spawned at a sundy it was insta death, running for cover to avoid that infil sniper....reach cover only to be headhotted by another infil with a clear line of site, losing 1v1s that i'd normally win....against noobs.....arrrgh

    I just couldn't get anywhere yesterday.....very frustrating, and now I remember it's not all roses and chocolates, this game can be a real pain in the a**.

    I was going to write a 'nerf harassers' & 'remove infils' sort of a post yesterday in my frustration but I realised, it's a momentary thing.

    I might have a stonking session tonight and everything is wonderful again.....just one of those days I guess.

    I really do hate infils and harassers though ;)
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  2. LegendarySalmonSnake

  3. breeje

    we all have a couple of those days, but i have to say there is a big noticeable increase of those long range snipers
    sometimes i feel completely alone surrounded with 20 enemy snipers
    i know how to move in open areas but if there are to many snipers shooting from all directions there is nothing you can do but die
  4. Urban-ski

    Yeah, not sure if its the server (playing on Cobalt atm) but the number of infils seems to have reached epic you said in certain situations when you are surrounded by dozens of infils, the only option is to die & redeploy to another fight....not fun.
  5. FateJH

    If the problem is snipers, thwart their efforts with your own cloak.
  6. Chubzdoomer

    I know how you feel, man. I have bad sessions like that all the time. I usually just log off and come back a few hours later and seem to do a whole lot better. If that doesn't work, just come back another day.
  7. Rebecca649

    Been there :) I love the game but I must admit of all the things that get on my nerves sometimes Infils and Harassers are top of the list. I think they get on my nerves because they feel more disruptive to play than apart of it but I know a lot of people like them, I'm just not one of them.

    Its an incredibly fun game but sometimes the flow of the fight or the Gods of War are just not with you or your faction, it can be disheartening but it usually doesn't last long. Its best to jump to another area of the continent or fire a few rounds in the VR till you feel the mojo turning back on and its fun again.

    Helps me. :)
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  8. Eternaloptimist

    I have good days and bad days too:

    I have watched my team outplay the opposition and I have watched it die countless times to suicidal human wave attack upon attack at the same point.............

    I have top gunned for a driver who really knows their stuff and I have top gunned for a driver who roars straight into the first available death trap...............

    I have gone 1 v 1 with someone who gets me with three shots and one who appears utterly unable to hit me...........

    The thing I have also noticed is that certain times of the evening (around 9pm UK time onward) or on weekends (early Sunday afternoon onward) the MLG pros are out in force on the EU servers. And I can usually count on most 1-12 v 1-12 actions being pretty hard core.

    The bigger the battle, the more likely it seems that things will balance out, possibly because more mix of better/worse players on each side or because of more random chance masking skill gaps when is a shed load of stuff happening.

    I did a post ages ago about constantly being shot by snipers and the responses made me think about whether my gameplay was as effective at avoiding them as I thought it was. Result: I still get shot but much less often than before.

    Bigger battles over a wider battle area - that's the thing which gets me the most fun fights. Funnily enough, the best ones I've had recently have been the big battles that seem to happen more than before on Hossin, previously a continent I avoided like the plague.
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  9. JobiWan

    It probably happens to most of us mortals. Some nights I'm on fire, seems like I can do nothing wrong, other nights the exact same situations go against me. I think how tired your brain is can have a factor, but sometimes hit reg doesn't seem quite right.

    The worst is when you're having a mare and then someone in your squad says 'wow my KD is 6 tonight, just had a 35 kill streak' and others say 'yeah best farm ever', but all you've done is die repeatedly.
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  10. Urban-ski

    Yeah, I'm not the worlds greatest FPS gamer by any means (getting on abit now so don't have the awesome twitch skills of the younger crew) but I can hold my own and come out on top more often than not.....I can always learn more and PS2 has some unique stuff not really found in other games so I'm always learning.

    Sunday was just one of those days but interesting that the pro gamers seem to show up on Sunday's.....might have had an impact.

    @Rebecca649 - Yeah totally agree, infils and harassers top my list of gripes, they can really ruin a good battle and they don't seem to fit into the mix somehow, more disruptive than part of the game. On the other hand having used harassers a few times myself I know how much fun they can be so I totally get why people use them.
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  11. MrMinistry30

    Yepp, we all know these days.

    Let it be almost every fight you join is an enemy "elite" squad gal dropping on a small base and camping the point with 3 NC MAXes or other fights where BR10 or lower enemies seem to appear magicaly right next to you where ever you go and get a 100% head shot ratio while you are not even damaging them..

    Or every fight being just a pain in the a... because it seems that every base you defend is attacked by a whole vehicle column.

    But don't let that drag you down, if you search a bit you will almost always find a fight that is actually fun if you use the right tactics.

    You are being camped? - snipe!
    Underpop tower fight? - time for shotgun OR SMG infi OR light assault (i really love those fights!)
    "elite" squad Camping? - let them have "fun" with their "tactic assault" -> leave them alone, ghostcapping gets them bored enough to make them stop
    Tank column Camping? - ESF -> bail -> C4 -> :D -> look for another fight (they wake up from brain-afk camping if you do this)
    Biolab fight where nobody really moves? - medic + shield bubble = LOTS of certs
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  12. Urban-ski

    So yesterday was the opposite of my previously mentioned bad day....had a total blast.

    Had a ridiculous farming episode at the crown which netted me my longest ever kill streak and a double digit K/D. Even though it was fun to get some payback, it's not the most challenging and towards the end I did begin to feel a little sorry for a couple of players who I killed over and over.....bad day for them. Still if the shoe was on the other foot, would they care? Doubt it.

    Then onto a biolab 3 way battle which netted me far less kills but was so much more fun. I was playing light assault (a role i'm still learning but loving more and more) and I love the way you end up in these little mini battles between a few guys on each side. There were a few LA's in each faction battling for control of the rooftops whilst the carnage raged below....really even fight and great fun.

    Good days, bad days....
  13. JobiWan

    I also had a good day yesterday, waded into an enemy sundy and got 5 shotgun kills as medic before they realised. Then dropped on the same sundy as heavy and wiped out 6 more.

    On a 'bad' day I would have died horribly without taking anyone with me.
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  14. Hegeteus

    Whenever I have a bad day in PS2, it's as if my opponents can smell it or something. It's really frustrating to have ragetells taint whatever few successes I'm having on a session plus seeing stuff like "look, it's the mag-scatter ***" on yell chat, as if fighting against huge overpops wasn't already infuriating enough
  15. LegendarySalmonSnake

    "The mag-scatter *** " Really? If thats a thing then I'll be impressed. How many kills did you h...
    (checks stats)
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