[Backstory Discussion] What is Nanite Systems?

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  1. Strottinglemon

    Nanite Systems. You buy guns from them, construct NS/ES vehicles on NS made vehicle pads, respawn in NS made resource allocation tubes or AMS points, and fight in NS made buildings. But where did they come from? When were they founded? What role do they have in this war?

    The common idea around here is that they are a company encouraging continued war for profits. Upon futher scrutiny, that doesn't hold up. What on Auraxis do they need profits for? What currency are their profits in? TR credits? NC bonus checks? Some have said they give the factions tech for resources, but what's stopping them from using nanites to gather them themselves? Their motives are rather unclear.

    What we do know about them is that they were once part of the NC, as said in the backstory entry Memo: For Your Eyes Only. Somewhere along the line they must have broken up with the NC for some reason or they wouldn't be supplying all the factions. Obviously, this means they were around before the arrival on Auraxis. Yet nanites as we know them today and rebirthing didn't exist at the time, or even early on in the war on Auraxis. It seems to me that NS dealt with more primitive nanites, expanding later into construction and military technology. They were contracted to fabricate facilities and equipment for the wormhole expedition. Once they arrived on Auraxis advancements were made that allowed them to create the new form of nanite we know today. This is proven by the retrorockets on major facilities, implying they were dropped onto Auraxis from orbit. If nanites had existed then as they do today, biolabs, amp stations, and tech plants would have been nano-constructed, making the rockets pointless.

    So what do you guys think their motives are?
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  2. Blarg20011

    Nanites, they are motivated solely by the quest for perfect nanites. The war profiteering is merely to fund this noble goal.
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  3. Natrann

  4. Plunutsud pls

    Yeah, would be great if this game actually had more lore-based immersion...

    But it just doesn't.
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  5. M2_Bradley

    NS...The company that makes weapons,building,and equipment for every faction but surprisingly wasn't yet assaulted by the TR for cooperating with the enemy...
  6. Strottinglemon

    But that would be worthless to them since they can just construct whatever they want out of nanites.
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  7. Prudentia

    There are no NS employees on auraxis
    Everything we see was constructed before the 3-faction ware fully broke out and just remained intact due to repair nanites.
    Capping a base is actually just the process of creating an Uplink to the VS/TR/NC Headquarter so they can hack into the main processor of the facility and make the Nanites do what they want.
    Every new NS stuff that gets implemented is something that was found in an old database.
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  8. Sarcasmo

    Otherwise known as Lamey Samey things that give the devs an excuse not to make more Emprie Specific things.
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  9. ShortRovnd

  10. Strottinglemon

    This makes so much sense. If that's the case then NS were the ones working on rebirthing when the TR butted in. NS scientists thought it was wrong that only the TR would get access to it, so they revolted, gave the tech out to everyone, and went off to join the VS to make hover tanks. The company is thusly dissolved.
  11. AzureKnight

    Maybe the NS systems were a byproduct of:

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  12. furrywaffle

    They're the real winners in this game.
  13. Aydara

    NS: Bankers. (Nepotism, dethroned royalty. Elitist dictatorship.)
    NC: Fascists. (Look up the real definition of the word, not the propaganda. Corporate dictatorship. The old USA, the old Italy.)
    TR: Socialists. (Marxist dictatorship, national socialist republic. Chinese, the EU, the New World Order.)
    VS: Cultists. (Religion in every form. Traitors to all of humanity, who want a non-human dictatorship.)
    4th: The Fourth Reich (Individuals who do not care for any of your dictatorships, and just want to kill them all French Revolution style.)

    Just as in life, there are no good guys, everyone is a bad guy.
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  14. Cinnamon

    The agenda of nanite systems is as follows.

    Phase 1: Manufacture everything needed to colonise auraxis
    Phase 2: ?
    Phase 3: Nanites
  15. Aesir

    By lore to my understanding, NS was a small company, that got big during the heating up of the conflict. They sold stuff to NC, TR and later VS. To my knowledge, it is unknown if they actually are still around or not.

    What kinda sounds not logical to me is the process, because it doesn't make sense.

    The NC is/was the industry giant faction by lore, why is NS not part of them or in what was the NC actually the industry giant if it's supposed to be a large conglomerate of smaller companies? The fact that we brought our own Mercenary force with us would mean that some companies must have been making weapons ...

    The TR had quite the tight lock down, so if NS helped them establish an arsenal, why did they do nothing to stop NS from arming up the NC and VS? Where actually originated the initial TR arsenal from? Earth is highly out of the question for heavy equipment, not to mention, that NC probably build the ships and smaller vessels for the expedition.

    The VS kinda were developing their weapons and technologies, initially under TR watch. So why outsource the re-birthing technology? TR had all the cards in their hands to stop this in it's tracks. Some serious cluster F must have happened, like a security breach or the VS actually screwing up by giving NS the technology, which then gave it to the entire rest of the world? Or TR contracted NS(because NC were already fighting against them) to use said technology to build everything up.

    There is so much stuff that makes no sense in how we ended up in eternal conflict.

    Not to mention, Galaxy Dropships and Sunderers were probably used and build prior to the actual landing on Auraxis, because you will probably have some equipment with your expedition fleet ...

    Now what would probably make more sense would be if NS gear was stuff made back on earth. Mainly the initial arsenal of common pool weapons, which prior to that were primarily the TR weapons. Meaning that all 3 factions, including the TR, had to up arm themselves from scratch and use an existing stock pile of gear they brought from earth, while also learning about re-birthing and nanite construction technology prior to any fighting heating up to call it war.

    This would also allow for the option to put more lore behind each arsenal.

    Like NC's Genuine Dynamics being a metal working specialist, since according to the faction trailer, they make the Vanguard Armor platting and their weapons often have high RPMs. Which needs more special metals because of heat reasons and maybe they achieve said RPM in their weapons through magnetic magazines, instead of conventional springs. Which in return could have it's unique twists and turn on the weapons.

    Of course this could be translated to all 3 factions, like TR design bureaus or VS Labs. Each with distinct design aspects and traits. Talk about diversifying the arsenal ...

    You know, it's not the dark future, we do not write the 41th millennium , but there is still only war ... However unlike the WH40k universe, we actually haven't crashed into the stone age ... were we pray to machines that they work and doing a proper hand book maintenance is being punished by death ... because nobody knows how to maintain anything anymore.

  16. Jogido

    every time you spawn a NS weapon, the company gets a penny.

    every time you roll over a NS bridge, they add to your empires tab.

    Spawn a Lighting you help fund the NS Christmas party!
  17. TheBloodEagle

    Do you think SOE will ever flesh out the lore more?

    Also, I always just figured NC were a front for NS as a way to not get their hands dirty but move their agenda forward while not incriminating the leadership. I suppose it would go something like this:

  18. SinerAthin

    You're right about us being cultists, but we're not really religious, I think.

    The VS are more of a cult of radical thinkers and intellectuals, where the hierarchy is a cross between a technocracy and charismatic leadership.

    Sure we may have odd rituals and norms, but we don't really believe in anything supernatural, and we don't worship Vanu as much as we simply follow in their footsteps and learning from them :p

    "We walk the path of the ancients."
  19. Strottinglemon

    Seems to me like NS is a rather large company, considering every major facility and piece of equipment in the environment is manufactured by them. Here's how I see it:

    Some time during the 2500s, Nanite Systems got its start as a technology company specializing in primitive nanites, nothing like the ones we see today. They expanded into fields like construction and military tech. Around 2630 they become a part of the NC, confirmed here. They were contracted by Connery's expedition in 2636 either to construct dwellings, facilities, and equipment or to construct said things out of resources found on the other side of the wormhole. The latter seems more likely to me as it would lighten the fleet's load. Doesn't matter much either way.

    The NS ships managed to make it through intact and went ahead with their mission. They constructed the facilities in orbit and dropped them onto the most suitable planet in the system, New Earth (later dubbed Auraxis), so initial settlement and terraforming could begin. People were transported to the surface via Galaxy. NS manufactured Sunderers to be used as general transportation and freight vehicles as well as military equipment like the Lightning, Harasser and Skylance at the orders of Waterson. Something about fighting the insurgents that still plagued the colony.

    Some time during the missing two centuries new technologies were developed from the exotic material Auraxium found all over the system. Further reading on that. This tech enabled Nanite Systems to upgrade their original specialization: Nanites. Now they could float and hover freely, rearranging matter with low-level warp fields. They produced nanite based equipment like resource concentration tubes (the things we spawn in), holograms, cloaking fields, shields, matter-energy pipelines, construction pads, and more.

    Also taking place in that time frame was the NC split from the TR. Much of NS, for some reason or another, decided not to go with the NC to build underground cities and form a independent nation.

    Tensions steadily rose between the TR and NC, with skirmishes taking place along their borders. It was clear peace would not last long. In 2845 war broke out between the Terran Republic and New Conglomerate and the Vanu Sovereignty was formed. Scientists and futurists from all factions (including Nanite Systems) joined up with the underground movement and flocked to a stronghold in an ancient Vanu city far from the prying eyes of the two warring empires.

    Nanite Systems saw this war and knew something has to be done. They focused the remainder of their scientists on a revolutionary program that could bring the dead back to life, the rebirthing matrix. They hoped this technology will force the empires to coexist. Unfortunately, they underestimated humanity. As soon as the TR caught wind of this they lock the program down and ordered Nanite Systems to equip their military with this new technology. NS scientists objected to this, of course, and revolted. Experimental plasma weaponry gave the scientists an edge. They overthrew their guards and broadcast the rebirthing matrix program for all to hear. TR reinforcements soon arrived and killed the rebelling scientists. This was an oversight on the TR's part as the rebels simply respawned at a TR military compound and stole several Galaxies, going their separate ways to the VS and NC who quickly set up rebirthing matrices of their own. Thus Nanite Systems had ceased to exist, living on only in the buildings and equipment found on Auraxis today.

    I sincerely hope so. The prospect is looking a little brighter than usual, with PS's WarStories graphic novel contest and a possible SOE backed contest masterminded by Sonyjimmy.
    It depends who you ask. Religion is defined as:

    Vanu could certainly be a superhuman controlling power. He/They created the wormhole and communicated with us through telepathy. Could he/they be some sort of godlike energy being a la Space Odyssey? Perhaps. Do we really "worship" him/them? No. It's explicitly stated in the lore by a VS member that Vanu is "not a god, just an alien."

    The last definition could certainly apply to us. We pursue technology and trans-humanism with great passion.
  20. Meliorist

    Nanite systems is SOE's self insert. They both provide everything needed for the players to fight their war to profit from it.