Back to the Days of Air Domination

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  1. H4YW1R3

    It's back to the days of air superiority through spawn camping.

    With the damage mitigation increase on ESFs and Libs to the reduced damage and range of dedicated launchers, you can only take an ESF out if you hit with 3 rockets. Which means you have to be firing at a noob pilot who thinks (correctly now) that he's flying a tank, and then get very lucky. Even without flares or obstructing terrain, it's way too easy for ESFs to get out of range before you can even lock for a second shot, let alone a 3rd. Even noob pilots can farm infantry spawn and cap points all day now.

    And forget about Libs. Even if they do hover right over you and let you fire at them, you'll empty all your rockets before getting it to half damage, if that. But good luck with even getting that far. The reduced rocket range lets Libs hover easily out of locking range for easy one shot spawn kills and other recreational farming.

    This was the whole reason I quit before. Infantry is reduced to huddling in spawn while getting farmed by air vehicles. I had returned to the game after hearing from a few friends who started playing again and said that it had been balanced. I was having a good time til the last patch reverted the game back to an air superiority game.
  2. Shinrah

    We playing the same game? Because 9/10 battles are nofly zones on Miller. There is the occasional fight, or timeframe where it´s possible to attack ground targets. However, as long as the fight is raging and you havn´t already pushed your enemy into their spawn you can rarely do attackruns without getting shot down or pushed away before doing any serious dmg.

    Not to mention that most tankers have realized by now that everything that is within their gunangle can actually be hit and killed with enough practice or the occasional streak of luck.

    Anyhow, cannot say I´ve been killed by air alot these days, neither in VHC´s nor on foot.
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  3. Progapanda

    Haha yeah no.
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  4. Kurohagane

    ESF's always took 3 lock-on rockets to die, or two striker salvos.
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  5. PurpleOtter

    Currently, it seems if it's just air or just enemy armor, it's usually manageable by an organized defense. The two working in concert and it's a real struggle for the defenders to break out. Which is, as it should be.
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  6. WTSherman

    ^pretty much this, I pull AA duty quite a lot the only thing that has changed for AA launchers is they have lost 50m of range. They've already reverted the changes to lock-on times.

    Really, if more than 3 people pull AA in the same place you can expect to see quite a few ESFs getting shot down. Unfortunately, it often feels like I'm the lone AA guy trying to fight off an entire swarm of aircraft. XD

    The good news is most of the pilots on my server at least seem to be cowards. I may not be able to get many kills by myself, but just getting tone on them causes almost every aircraft within 450m to flee in terror. It works better against VS than TR though, especially if you're close enough to a TR territory that the VS pilots are starting to worry about Strikers.
  7. Morti

    Sounds like OP found an Air zerg and jumped to conclusions.

    I haven't had a whole lot of time to play over the holidays but I still managed to wreck lolpodding ESF's with my plethora of anti-air weaponry.
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  8. doombro

    Incorrect. It was two prior to PU02. Three annihilators maybe, but not three grounders.
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  9. NoctD

    It was always 3 Grounders, Hawks or Nemesis. You are totally incorrect. 2 only set an ESF on fire, as it still does now.

    You should check your facts before posting.
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  10. Kurohagane

    Considering i'm flying a scythe for almost a year you'd think i'd know :rolleyes:
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  11. NoctD

    Ground plodders have no clue in this game. And they always die to everything as well, and just cry cry cry. Bads will always be bad.
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  12. doombro

    I've played anti-air for almost a year as well.
  13. Cougarbrit

    So you know better than the people who get the death screens if they die?
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  14. Cougarbrit

    What server do you want to play on OP? I wish to play there, get my certfarm on if it's back to the bad old days.
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  15. doombro

    I'm not sure I comprehended that sentence, but I definitely know a weapon I've got a good deal of time on.
  16. WTSherman

    Well I can tell you it absolutely has always been three with the Hawk. The only times I've got a kill in less than three is if they're already smoking when they arrive, or someone else is shooting at the same time. If they trigger fire suppression after the second, it may take four, though most pilots run flares anyway.

    And actually, yes, it's always been 3 with the Annihilator too. The Annihilator's lower damage only made a difference against ground vehicles, against air its only disadvantage AFAIK was its longer lock-on time.
  17. Sen7rygun

    You could only take out an ESF before if you hit it with 3 rockets... I would be telling your team to skill up and start using some flak mixed in with a few G2A lock ons instead of coming here and whining about stuff that hasn't changed since the game went live.
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  18. Goretzu

    They have?
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  19. Archiadus

    You say Air domination. My dual burster extended mag. Max says ''Get off my lawn!'' ( I actually do say that sometimes :p )
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  20. lyravega

    I'm sorry, when did that happen?

    If you are talking about PU02, obviously you've missed the part where it says "vehicle resistances are also adjusted so that launchers still do the same damage".

    Troll more?
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