[Suggestion] AV with lock on?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Canaris, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Canaris

    I know with the exception of the Vanu's AV weapon that they aren't very utilised in the battlefield, I rarely ever see a TR or NC sporting the AV guns on their MAX, trying to fight most vehicles in a MAX suit is pretty much a free kill for them and a trip back to the spawn room for us.
    Do you think if the dev's designed a type of lock on weapon system for them that they might actually be taken seriously in vehicle combat or would that just be OP?
    I can't see any other way to balance this issue without having a single dedicated AV style max with a major armour buff or a new weapon system that works.

  2. SgtSliver

    I've never used the VS max to see how the AV weapon works, but I imagine its a straight shot like a gun, unlike the TR/NC AV weapon which is a lobbed shell. I think if they gave us a rocket instead, it would be better, less having to guess the trajectory of the shell when firing at further ranges then short/medium. and other than a suicidal LA/ENG who wants to get up that close to a tank?
  3. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Yes, the Vanu's Comet is a Ball of Plasma, slow moving, but without bullet drop. A bit weak in punch.
    And it currently tends to not register a notable part of hits.
  4. Takoita

    NC MAXes use dual AV for killing infantry at range sometimes. Basically if you see a NC MAX suddenly stopping facing in your direction at ~50m instead of trying to find cover and / or close distacne - MOVE! 3 body shots will kill you.
  5. Frosty The Pyro

    2 body shots will kill you actualy, its 3 for pounders, and 2 or 3 for comets (depending on how much nanoweave you have), at least assuming the datamined hit values are correct. At about 50m is the convergance point for falcons, so they can actualy hit you with both, its efectively a 1HK if you line it up right.
  6. Takoita

    HA shield would allow you to survive the double shot, but only barely.
  7. Armchair

    I like my twin falcons, but I'd love it if my AV weapons were laser accurate.

    They're 10x better than scatterguns against infantry outside of 20m. Land both shots and you have one dead infantry. Land one and you need to sprint/punch.

    The arc did help me one time against a deployed sundie. I was able to position myself behind a hill and managed to draw a bead on the sundie. Return fire had much shallower arcs, and was not able to hit me behind the hill. But yeah, I'd love some straight shooting railguns or wire-guided missiles. No lockon please.

    I'd like to see more wire-guided weapons in general. Especially for the HA. I'd trade a reduced rof (and the drawback of having to expose myself to fire) to have a munition I can guide accurately to a distant target.
  8. ParaxleNC

    I also agree that rail-gun type weapons would be the most appropriate for MAX AV in terms of actual usability.

    They don't really do a good deal of damage to vehicles and the RoF is abysmally slow. If AV MAXes are going to be relegated to the role of backup damage again vehicles, having a straight shot and high projectile velocity would be the most appropriate method of making that useful.
  9. Purg

    With my Falcons, it depends on the lay of the land. If I have any sort of elevation and infantry/vehicles are ranged I will go AV (on the walls of a Tech Plant or Amp Station for instance). If I'm left behind by my squad as I was covering their advance/retreat from air (happens all the smegging time...) as I then have to traverse largely open areas, I'll also equip my AV if I can.

    Seeing more VS equip an arm of AV (which really puts a huge hurt on infantry) and an arm of AI. Not sure if this is because they've just pulled out the default MAX to deal with me as an HA - or it's their preferred way to use it. They've been very effective against me with it - just never used the VS MAX to know how effective it feels.

    The Pounder for the TR. Not really going to spend money on a secondary toon so just going with what you get as default. I didn't think much of it. Much larger arc of projectiles that make up for having 2 projectiles by halving the damage of the Falcon I would presume? Satisfying to lead a target with the Falcons and drop a dual on their head and killing them - would assume not possible on a full health Inf with Dual Pounders?
  10. Arcanum

    At least besides having no arc it reloads faster than the NC one.

    Knowing MAX AV weapons also suffer from no-reg is a bummer.