AV MAX less effective than HA

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  1. snu

    Topic is simple, HA more effective than MAX AV that costs 450 nanites. Please explain.
  2. rsonny

    Cqc (Pounder/Falcon/Comet) are good. But Fracture/Raven/Vortex have long been in need of buff.
  3. Wadelma

    TR has alright AV Maxes, capable of forcing tanks to retreat from long range with good dmg output if aimed well even with a single or two maxes, really don't feel they need a buff by any means. Ravens feel like a joke in comparison, sure we can steer them but velocity so low that vehicles can easily dodge them and even with hits damage is low considering you need to expose yourself for the entire flight duration. VS just has small output overall, should be buffed a tiny amount honestly.
  4. nagibator

    i think the only one weak max at long range it nc. vs have insta bulet vortex(450m velocity). tr have fracture 300m with lockdown. bur nc close combat faction concept and think its useless cry for it. maybie more dmg to raven and lower magazine. but nc already have it with name falcon
  5. Yavimaya

    I think Raven is a failed concept. Oh well.

    Instead give NC a shotgun dumbfire rocket where each explosive doesnt do that much damage. TR gets machine gun rockets, NC gets shotgun rockets. Yes its stupid, but the NC have to be able to use it.

    Otherwise absent the lack of a lockon rocket, maxes are just objectively better at AV. Do the math. Maxes also multiply squad power better than HA
  6. Onical

    falcons can be decent if your on top of a cliff with a sunderer and switch between AA and AV and there enemy armor bellow the cliff your on so you can aim mostly downwards and land some hits. they do more damage then HA if you land most of your shots and sometimes when the moons align you can shoot from behind cover where they cant shoot back at you do to the horrible drop making it curve nicely (mostly deployed sunderers as everything else will move)

    otherwise HA is better. (specially sense a max fighting veicles is probably going to die horribly at 450 a pop)
  7. miraculousmouse

    MAXes are for noobs
  8. Lord_Avatar

  9. JibbaJabba

    You're proceeding as if your assumption is correct. What is is you think the HA is more effective at than a AV MAX? Killing vehicles? If so I don't find that true.