AV MANA turret 450 meter range now

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  1. Pootisman

    Yep. I dont understand why they nerf the AV mana turret in several small steps, when its clear that the problem is the 300m render range.
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  2. axiom537

    Buddy, Its max range is still 450m....and the max distance it can travel is also 450m....You are correct if you fire it into the air at 45 degrees or whatever and then change its direction downward you will fall about 10m short of its max range of 450m, because your flight path has been altered and it will have travel the 450m max flight distance before it reaches it Max range of 450M, but that does not reduce its max range...It is capable of hitting a target at 450m, if you fire it straight therefore its MAX range is 450m...
  3. Ghosty11

    If we left it up to some users, we would be fighting with nothing but knives, and it seems that even those are OP. Maybe SOE should have made this game a MMO version of pit fighter.
  4. Bruno Puntz Jones

    Just start everyone off naked with nothing but a rock in your hand like RUST.
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  5. DevDevBooday

    Okay we need to stop talking about this 450 metre range nonsense.

    The rocket lasts 4.75 seconds.
    This in a straight line will reach about 450 metres.

    But the focus is on flight time, not distance travelled.

    If you did windy turns all the way to the end it might make it about 400 metres from you.

    When you fire it has 4.75 seconds before it self destructs, distance has nothing to do with it.
  6. lyravega

    AV mana turrets use MAX draw distance afaik. Which should be around 450m(?)
  7. Rift23

    Rock is OP, Paper is fine.

  8. Voiidd

    They should've just made the rockets go dumbfire after the max time, instead of disappearing as it currently happens with the phoenix, which is a cheap shortcut anyway(all those burning MBTs being saved by a despawning rocket).
    With this being said, the devs took the shortcut once again. Instead of fixing the issue, rocket and turret rendering or putting a timer on the AV turret so it cannot be spammed, simply reduced its effective range.
    Time will tell if this change makes sense or its just another useless peice of equipment we can throw away along with the lockons and vehicle NV scopes.
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  9. Chubzdoomer

    I'm lovin' it. This plus the fact that we can actually see the projectiles now should put an end to the countless Engineers abusing the turrets at absurd ranges.
  10. Chubzdoomer

    No. They also fixed its rendering.


  11. Stormsinger

    And thus, we enter the age of Lightning / MBT AP sniping AV turrets from 451 meters, this should be interesting. :p
    I predict Lancer / Vortex nerfs next patch, due to ease of aiming.
  12. EliteEskimo

    All I'm saying is infantry typically stop rendering at 300 meters. Tanks are slow moving, are limited in where they can move, and are not a threat to infantry past 300 meters since they can't kill them. Therefore infantry weapons should not be damaging them beyond infantry render distance. This should not be a hard concept for SOE to grasp. Furthermore if we made the distance 300 meters then infiltrators could help tanks deal with them in every situation the tank was being shot by one.
  13. Shadowomega

    Well the Turrets count as vehicles for rendering but the infantry on them don't render, so you can't tell if their manned/unmanned. The other issue is their size, their hard to spot with out spamming Q after 500m. The biggest issue was how some of these turrets where hitting fast moving targets out at 900 or so meters when you can't make out the tank at all at that range. So the hit was founded, considering the Turret did about 1500 damage after mitigation.
  14. Voiidd

    Easy enough to do for the devs I guess except it makes the AV turrets totally useless, at least for the NC, not to mention extremely dangerous for any engie foolish or desperate enough to spawn one.
    For me personally, its main use was to fall back and shoot the zerglings sorrounding a friendly base, in the back and thin the herd, since there's nothing to be done once you're spawn locked with hordes of MBTs and lightnings all around the base.
  15. iller

    I'm still having to carry the stupid Railjack around just to try and scare these guys off. Some of them have actually sniped me first, while some pub squamate is yelling crap about h4x and I don't know what to believe other than that I don't like the change they made to the turret hitbox. It seems even BIGGER now

    Any of them that tell you they got completely nerfed.... are full of crap. Especially the ones who manage to spawn-beacon onto spires so high that's it's literally impossible to get an Angle on them that hits their heads instead of the stupid Rocket Turret
  16. Captain Kid

    Remove the stupid av turret and bring back the old lock system for av rockets and just let them do less damage if they have to be nerfed.
  17. Longasc

    Unfortunately I was able to see the projectiles/rockets before, but since the patch they are totally invisible to me... :(
  18. crusaderx11

    aww, i stumbled across a more experienced smaller outfit recently and i loved teaming up with them to provide artillery support on ridges for the ground grunts. we farmed the hell outta the VS during a big fight over tumas cargo a week ago.
  19. FieldMarshall

    Well, if this handheld AV weapon is only going to have 450m range, it should atleast have unlimited ammo, 1 shot infantry, and be able to be put down infinitely without resupplying.

    Wait, It already does that? Make it a remote controlled drone that goes atleast 300kph and can be launched from the safety of the warpgate. atleast!
  20. MarkAntony

    Yeah we've heard that one before. I'll believe it when I see it.

    What I have been able to see, or rather NOT see are the missiles that I could see before the patch. So you'll excuse me for not believing that they are visible now. Especially since their missiles that were easily visible were just equipped with romulan cloaking devices.