AV Grenades.

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Scr1nRusher, May 23, 2014.

  1. Scr1nRusher

    I'm thinking about getting them, but I dunno if they are worth it.
  2. bubbacon

    One of the best MAX killers in game.
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  3. Nakar

    They are worth it. Treat them like frags that are, well, better than frags, because they damage MAXes and Sunderers and tanks and other stuff that frags don't do a whole lot to.

    Not as specialized or caution-requiring as conc grenades, so they can basically replace frags and fill a wider niche. I run with them default unless I have a specific loadout for concs.
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  4. Epic High Five

    Biolabs+bandoleer+AV grenades


    Welcome to Certlandia
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  5. Maljas23

    I thought the downside was the lack of a deadly explosive radius toward normal infantry?
  6. johnway

    I unlocked AV grenades for sometime now and only yesterday did i actually bother to use them. Have to say that i found the results pleasing. They were damn effective against Maxes and pretty much the majority of the kills was with them. I found them most useful during deadlocks like a max rush or spawn camping maxes.

    Will probably use them more often now. Not sure whether they're any good as normal grenades and to be fair, frags would be deadly in those situations. But i find that they bounce all over the place. Throw them and i find that it bounces back into my face.
  7. Nakar

    The thing with grenades is killing normal infantry that are paying any attention is a crapshoot, so you either need to be very accurate or just hit a lot of people and hope one of them is close enough or weakened enough to get picked off. Also MAXes are much higher-priority targets in a big ball of guys so something that is guaranteed to rip them a new one is nice. Also helps to pop turrets instantly, which will guarantee you a kill if the engineer is still manning them (if they only get damaged, they'll pop off the turret instinctively).

    Accuracy is more for Sticky Grenades. AVs bounce, which is good and bad, so do as EHF says and spam them in big fights. You'll get slightly less infantry than frags and way more MAXes, plus you can take down a Sunderer solo in relatively quick time supplementing your rocket launcher with AV grenades. Shoot a rocket, throw the grenade under the Sunderer, reload, repeat.
  8. Epic High Five

    This, and it's also worth mentioning that 99% of MAXes will totally ignore all grenades and just stand on your grenade in a gracious effort to just GIVE you certs. The other 1% recognize the grenade but are too slow to run.

    They're pretty much all I run anymore on my HA. I have a hundred things that will blow infantry the hell up, but MAXes are way trickier and way more valuable to both a) my cert bank account and b) my team to bring down as a priority.

    The bounce is the best part, learn to work with it and you can really terrorize. Doorframes are the greatest thing for maximizing man murdering while minimizing personal risk.
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  9. TheBloodEagle

    Waaay more worth it than standard grenades. I've been using it for months now. Love them. Even kills regular infantry fine.
  10. Frozen-K

    AV grenades should be renamed siegebreaker grenades. Just sayin'.
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  11. Chazt

    Personally I don't bother with them as for something titled "anti-vehicle grenade" they barely damage enemy vehicles. They are pretty much only good for killing maxes, other than that though they are pretty useless. I use concussions for most fights. If I am sneaking around to blow up a sundy concussions can make an entire squad zombie walk around blind while I plant the c4, if I am in a biolab fight same deal. If maxes are really a problem I can deal with that with c4 or rockets for the most part.
  12. lawn gnome

    i have never noticed a significant difference from frags against basic infantry.
    in my experience a well placed AV grenade hits about as hard as a HA rocket and you can spam them much quicker than rockets if you have the bandolier.

    i have used them to murder all flavors of ground vehicles, AND they allow you to drop armored sunderers very quickly when combined with C4 charges. 2x C4, 1x Decimator rocket, and 2x AV grenades = 1 dead armored sunderer in under 10 seconds.

    as for anti MAX use, the last time i dealt with a MAX push, someone in my squad warned me they were coming 2 of them got through showing me the alley way they were running through the other 4 behind them all died to my 4 grenades as i bounced them around the corner. none of the MAX suits ever saw or fired at me.

    i love my AV grenades!
  13. Flying Mug

    They're fantastic. I'm not sure if I've ever even hit a vehicle with them but holy cow is it great for getting rid of MAXes.
  14. IberianHusky

    Totally worth it.
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  15. WarmasterRaptor

    AV nades. Av does not stand for Anti-vehicle but for Angels Voices.