Auxiliary Shield - Increase ?

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  1. pnut

    Hi all,

    Does anyone use this?

    Auxiliary Shield - 50 shield

    Medical Kit - Instant 500 health
    Restoration Kit - 840 health of 12 seconds

    The three following can instantly kill an enemy:
    Proximity Mines
    Tank Mines

    Auxiliary shield seems underpowered.
    Maybe make it 200?
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  2. pnut

    I mean.

    Does anyone use the auxiliary shield? It seems quite useless
  3. csvfr

    I use the auxiliary shield on the medic class. There is no point in having medkits when using the nano regen ability. Even though "50" extra health might be small, it actually allows to survive one extra shot* or knife swing in a firefight. This increases the TTK and is a quite powerful buff.

    *The one extra shot property holds for all standard guns at point blank range but of course when using nanoweave and accounting for drop off and various mixes of headshots, bodyshots and legshots there might be circumstances where you would die regardless.
    • 6 * 167 shots does 1002 DMG
    • 7 * 143 shots does 1001 DMG
    • 8 * 125 shots does 1000 DMG
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  4. InexoraVC

    We already got your point. You want to make infiltrators even stronger than they are now
  5. Campagne

    It's useless for the most part, but against really slow-firing weapons it can almost help.

    The primary use in my opinion is in a few very specific cases where it can save your life by leaving the user with less than 50 health. On anything but nanoregen medic, it's probably not worth it.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    any loadout were you don´t use med or regenkids like f.e. bionics+survivalisist+advanced shieldcapacitor
    or if you simply try to resist the urge to overspend nanites on consumables ...
    yes it has a very specific use but honestly +50 shield ain´t nothing ...
    200 shield is too much imo ... MAYBE 75 max, it´s supposed to be a starter utility option for those that don´t have access to kits or simply don´t want to ..
    maybe it could get a small shieldregenboost of its own like -0.5 sec on the cooldown or a highger tickrate, stuff like that ..
  7. Honor Guard

    Being honest,I use it a deal and it has saved my rear a deal in equal measure (That one extra bullet gives you enough of a edge in fights to survive longer and not be a drug addict worse than Aiden caldwell or Booker dewitt)

    To explain better ,Several fights closes fights I have got in ,the other guy gets me to that final chunk of HP (within 1-50) and main downside is I need to use regen or find a medic (Tend to use regen safefall to make life simple)
  8. pnut

    Regarding infiltrators. I would want to change them completely.
    Get rid of their sniper rifles. Maybe make that an engineer thing?
    Get rid of the SMGs. Thats for HA to be in close combat destroying everyone.

    Add more options to infiltrators to make them annoying/pest/alternative strategy characters such as:
    Hacking/Disabling tanks/planes. - Perhaps take complete control of the tank, or disable it for 2 minutes. (Also, unable to repair it while disabled)
    Hack control points in a base so that they can't be taken for a certain period of time. Maybe 2 minutes?
    A bunch of other random things that are more about, sneaking around being a pest. A wide range of grenades, perhaps being able to use all different types of grenades at the same time. An emp here, a concussion there, etc etc.

    Would be fun to sneak up to a cloaked sunderer, switch it over to your team, revealing everyone suddenly, and it can't be changed back unless an infiltrator with the appropriate certificates hacks it back.

    But anyway, all those would be pretty extreme changes that I don't expect to see.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    some of those suggested changes are simply horrible to beginn with
    i would agree with giving infils some sort of Disruption Grenade against Tanks to disable them and Maxes ...
    but robbing them of SMGs? heck no ... for snipping what needs to happen as has been mentioned many times in various threads.. just slightly lenghten the decloakperiod and remove the ability to autodecloak on firing ... no need to take away sniperrifle ...
    and of course goddang flashlights need a buff ... either in range, maybe being less of a shoot me sight .. ... maybe both ... maybe be a sort of emp ray that actualy disables the cloak so the infill has to manualy recloak .. stuff like that ..
  10. Liewec123

    I use it on my flash driver builds (infil/medic) because I don't plan on stepping off my flash I have no use for utilities
    So Auxiliary Shield is basically just an extra little bit of health.

    I agree it's fairly underwhelming, but it was always supposed to be,
    It was added as a little filler thing for new players until they have the certs for an actual utility.
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  11. RabidIBM

    It's meant to be the noob friendly starter equipment that nobody who has unlocks uses. I'm ok with boosting it a bit.
  12. Mcsonic00

    What is important to note is that Auxiliary Shield takes no nanites to use. Using Auxiliary Shield is nice if you want to get your nanites refilled much faster to spawn a MAX or vehicle.
  13. pnut

    Disruption grenade - DIsable them for 10 seconds? Sounds awesome.
    SMG - Ok. So long as there is a decloak period. Maybe 1 second? Instead of this instant, i'm invisible and now I'm shooting you in the head situation.

    When I feel like just chilling out, getting easy kills, I just play infiltrator... Especially using stalker cloak with a blackhand. The K:D is great.
    It just gets boring after a while.

    Flashlights - YES, and have Infravision just make them clear as day like everyone else.

    or how about... an engineer can place a disruption field. That uncloaks any infiltrators within 30 metres?
    I don't know, loads of options.