Aux. Spitfires

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  1. ZDarkShadowsZ

    What are your opinions?

    Personally I'm not too keen on them. I see the benefits of them when defending a Sunderer or router, but giving them to all classes was a bit too much. My friend rightfully pointed out that Infiltrators have now developed even more tunnel vision. Snipers need far less situational awareness because the Spitfire does it for them. Light Assaults can't flank because every time you do, -beep beep-, and then you get shot up.

    I know people will suggest EMP's or decoy grenades, but when a Light Assault is the one placing the spitfires, how exactly does one get an EMP up there? It could be said you just need to fly there or use a beacon, but let's face it, times when that's going to be successful are very few and far between. It could work, but not as much as we would like to envision.

    I think Aux. Spitfires should have some kind of penalty associated with them, and maybe make them look slightly different to show they're Aux. and not an 'official' Engineer version. That said, I'd rather they just be removed from all classes but the Engineer entirely.
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  2. waystin2

    I am digging it for my Engineer. Have not had an opportunity to deploy with any other classes as of yet. Maybe they will let me strap one to the back of my Max? LOL
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  3. Johannes Kaiser

    For Engi i's a nice support to watch your back in a MANA. Due to limited FoV and the delay in leaving it I wouldn't even say that's an unfair advantage. I mean, a teammate covering you is still leagues better, but every little bit helps. :)
    Other classes shouldn't have it. Worst cases are the turrets on roofs. They are almost impossible to clear out, because they target any LAs that fly up the side of the building before they have a shot at them.
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  4. TRspy007

    I thing its great for the engineer, and maybe now firewall actually has a use as an infiltrator.

    It's a bit much for all classes. Light assaults putting spitfires in weird locations, heavies putting down spitfires to help fortify points...

    I would've maybe liked some class specific tactical items, not a spitfire spam for everyone. I've had some nice flanks ruined because of dozens of spitfires, and I've also had the opportunity to be on the other side. Overall, it works ok for engineers, maybe firewall infils(?), but adding it to every class is just cancerous.

    Remove them for non-engineers and add some class specific tactical slots instead.
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  5. Demigan

    I wonder where all the "Spitfire is useless" people are hiding? I expected them to crawl out of the woodwork and scream about its supposed uselessness by now.
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  6. strove

    Spitfires really arent that strong mind. There are a few too many of them right now, sure but they take a moment to track to you and even if it fires the first shot, you can kill them with most guns before it strips your shield. If youre running into multiples, you need to slice your corners better, spits on roofs arent that bad either, if they can shoot you, you can shoot them so back to my previous point.
    Honeslty, i do feel like either the carried quantity needs to go down or the merit cost needs to go up a little but i think the best thing moving forward is to keep adding merit tools and the number of people using the turrets will go down anyway.

    You know that A7 utility slot thats like 20seconds of infra red vision? Id love that as a merit slot for those clutch smoke counters.
    You could have other one use effects like that too. A one use stick of "safe fall" implant used in the same way. A dark light flare could be interesting. Again, one use and acts like a flare, last like 30 seconds or something and reveals cloaked enemies in its range during that time. A way to reveal stealth sundies you find if you dont have AV weapons, or a way to reveal infils in an area.
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  7. Werkitten

    I don't see any problems with this turret. In addition, it allows those who have a bad ping and a weak PC, at least something to oppose the rest, as well as mines that do not depend on such parameters.
    But the bad thing is that the developers just cloned the engineer's ability, instead of making a new version of the trap.
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  8. Liewec123

    i'm not a fan, but ruining the game seems to be top agenda at the moment.

    spitfires all over the place! orbital strikes every 5 seconds, bastions shelling your base fight.
    welcome to Wrelside 2.

    "Our terrible Deathcam still hasn't stopped you from trying to flank and play tactically?
    lets give EVERYONE spitfires! try flanking now idiots!
    assimilate and join the mindless zerg!"
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  9. InexoraVC

    Me too. I still can flank and just destroy turrets one by one.
  10. Efraim

    been having some fun trolling with decoy grenades. spitfires go absolutely ape**** over them and of course everyone comes running to see what they are shooting at
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  11. The Shady Engineer

    Eh, some good some bad.

    Making one of my class-specific abilities (not even a tweaked/ nerfed one like minor-cloak) common pool is kind of BS. It would be pretty cool if Aux spitty was engineer specific and other classes had other class specific abilities that synergize with them. Dark light flare and single use safe fall are freaking amazing ideas that I'd love to see in the game.

    As it stands right now though, I actually somewhat enjoy the beep-pocalypse. Not from a gameplay perspective, 10 bullet spongy auto turrets on point are not fun to come up against, but from a comedic perspective they're great. I mean, I died to a decoy grenade yesterday. Technically I died to an Anchor but right before pushing into the point room, some NC tossed a decoy grenade in. Immediately all the spitfire turrets in the room started lighting it up and the attention of a good chunk of the defenders (myself included) was snapped to see wtf it was they were shooting at. That's when the NC pushed and secured the point. Good play.

    Also as an ASP'ed engineer, I just chuck in an EMP and nullify every turret in room so it doesn't affect me much.
  12. Somentine

    What's funny is that just a month and a bit ago we had bugged out spitfires for half a day, and it was aids - and at least it was still only engineers who could use it.
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  13. TRspy007


    That's totally something you would do :D:D

    I guess at least decoy nades have a use? I almost forgot those existed lol
  14. Efraim

    you know how ppl will stack spitfires in a point hold situation? toss a decoy nade in there and hilarity will ensue, Spitty dont care who is in the way.
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  15. Liewec123

    you know something is truely aids when Wrel makes it a feature!
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  16. NotziMad

    I guess your post was (a hell of a lot) more constructive than mine haha, but yeah, there's way too many of them it's really annoying
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  17. TRspy007

    please make a montage of this man, I'm in tears just thinking about it xD

    I'm definitely gonna try this today!
  18. Efraim

    never tried recording anything, i'll see what i can figure out
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  19. waystin2

    Thank you. I have the implant but never equipped other than once to see what it did. Evil plans begin...
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