Automatic Scout Rifles - Update, Please

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  1. Vulpecula07

    I care more about the look of them... they have strange long barrels which annoy me a lot...
    This is what I like them to look like:

    This is what they look like now (NC's is the worst)
  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    This will never happen for numerous reasons, not least of which is the simple fact that infiltrators and Stalkers are the same base class, and therefore you cannot give the stalker weapons without considering the ramifications of also giving them to normal infiltrators, and vice versa (this is why ASP SMG secondaries for infils will never be a thing).

    If he is standing still? Shoot him in the head. He won't have time to pop his OVS because he'll be dead in less than half a second. Is he moving, or near friendlies, or has scary-looking Zealot armor, or for some other reason you don't think you can kill him? Lucky you, you have the ultimate ability to deny that engagement.
    Start shooting and have missed a bunch of shots? You can reset.

    Cloak by itself is powerful. Cloak and motion sensors means you can engage on your terms more often than not, and when you can do that your weapon is almost irrelevant.

    Giving Scout Rifles to the pistol class, and then calling it "role sensed" is about as silly idea as I have heard. Stalkers are not a combat class. Taking away all of their utilities and giving them an average combat rifle is like going to a hockey game, taking the goalie's stick and giving him a chainsaw. It's not going to help you fulfill your role and your peers are all going to cry foul.
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  3. Erendil

    The Auto Scouts are already very powerful weapons when combined with the cloak.

    I think giving them Suppressor benefits for free w/ no downsides is a great idea! As it stands they really don't have any unique role in the Infil arsenal other than being automatic. As it stands the Battle Rifles and SA Scouts perform better at medium range, and SMGs are better up close. Giving the ASRs built-in Suppression would further solidify their unique role as a close/mid range ganker.

    The only other tweak I think they need is a reduction of their horizontal recoil. Right now its .2/.22, which is crazy big for what should be a precision weapon. I'd reduce it to the .175 - .18 range.

    Other than that, their other recoil stats are quite good:

    Vertical: 0.3
    Horizontal, Min/Max: 0.2/0.225
    Horizontal Tolerance: 0.6
    Angle Min/Max: 0°/0°
    Bias: ← = →
    Recoil Decrease:18
    First Shot Recoil Multiplier:1.5x

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  4. SpeckEye

    I would be totally good with this.

  5. Halkesh

    Well if you compare suppressor in game to suppressor in reality, the difference is so high it probably can't be compared : IRL suppressor will reduce a gunshot DB from 150 to 120. For info, thunder strike also produce 120 DB.

    I see what you're meaning, but honestly if attachment were balanced to eachover that wouldn't be a problem. :p
    Lets just make these ES attachment not giving a straight stats buff to the weapon (what do forward grip and laser dot), but give a situational bonus, (similar to darklight, smoke launcher or recon dart or explosive dart).

    Suggestions :
    TR : double ammo pool and make MAX_walking sound while using single-fire mode (can be disabled at will by switching to full auto mode). Technically a straight stats bonus, but it's a secondary stats. The MAX walking sound is not a con since it can be disabled at will, it can be used to trap enemy.
    VS : under-barrel decoy grenade launcher; can be used while cloaked
    NC : sticky-spotter launcher (like a Q-spot but for 2 min), can be used while cloaked