Auto-squad joining issues

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  1. Towie

    Although I can see the benefit of automatically joining a squad (especially for noobs) I think the current system has issues.

    What I do right now - as I suspect most experienced players will do - is start the game then leave the squad/platoon immediately to go in search of something that's organised. If I can't find one then i'll start one myself.

    I don't know what algorithm (if any) is applied to appointing squad leads but more often than not, you get someone who has absolutely no clue what they are doing. No beacons - no talking - no nothing. You might tell them to transfer the lead but they don't - possibly because they don't know how to.

    If you're going to auto-join a squad then it should be to a squad lead who is recognised as a leader in some way - even something as simple as someone who has certed into the rally points. If you haven't even done this then you have no interest in leading - so why are you leading ? (badly - if at all)

    There are mentor squads so why not auto-join anyone at a lower rank into those and leave the others to decide what they want to do ? Maybe there isn't enough mentors - maybe there needs to be more of an incentive for experienced leaders to switch on the mentor flag.

    All said and done a noob player will get absolutely no benefit whatsoever from a noob leader apart from the fact that they collectively have no idea what they are doing and will probably have a bad time.
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  2. PlanetBound

    Yep. It auto-joins you to a squad on another continent when you purposely queued up in Kolter for a different continent.
  3. Bansheedragon75

    I find the auto queue system annoying at best.
    I usually play with a friend and we always team up, with this system we are usually either put in different squads or platoons or in each our one player squads.
    They could make it an option, that way those who want/like it can use it, and those that dont can turn it off and it would make everyone happy.
  4. AlcyoneSerene

    An option already exists to turn off auto-join.

    Still occasionally lead mentor squads when the game isn't completely broken due to lag or bugs or whatever else. It is nice having new players auto-join your mentor squad. However, no one has yet asked a single question about the game, and most do not follow waypoints at all.

    Without 'proper' incentive for -organized- squad/team play, members won't learn that there is no counter to facing off against highly effective squads/platoons, and no defending or capturing anything. I'm not sure how long trickling one by one to certain doom from a warpgate stays fun either.

    Punishment as an incentive to do something is ineffective - kick - and not an option when specifically trying to mentor new players.

    Not sure what automatic reinforcement there can be to give newer players a reason to:
    A. leave squad and play solo
    B. follow waypoints at least on occasion
    C. ask for help to learn the game and, eventually, how to get to waypoints.

    Maybe an XP & ISO amplifier/decay system, that clearly shows somewhere so it's visible based on proximity to waypoints, squad leaders, and fireteam leaders, which can be toggled on and off by each squad leader if they intend to do highly organized play or just keep the default which would be equal to solo play except with squad xp boosters etc.

    Also there needs to be a way to disband a squad, mentor or not, not just a platoon. I don't want some random taking over if my game freezes or whatever million other reasons and having that squad description persist, and those players suddenly stuck doing something they don't expect or understand.
  5. JudgeNu

    yeah i think the platoon thing needs an evaluation.

    imo 75% of the playerbase is NOT interested in team play.
    The freedom to do what you want far out-weighs getting organized to do something that, dare i say, means very little.

    I love the large scale, persistent battlefield fighting and if i see something brewing ill do what i think i can to help, sometimes.
    Just because there is an effort to take a base doesnt mean it will be successful or is even wise.
    No one logs in to be killed countless times.

    I think about these issues while playing, and trying not to complain, to understand it and maybe think of a way to alleviate it.

    The major factor?

    The Human Condition.