[Suggestion] Auto-Ban No, Auto-Bounty Yes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Armcross, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Armcross

    Instead auto banning good players why not Increase notoriety. I believe bounty system needs a reform as getting one seems more a reward rather than "make my day difficult" marker.
    As sample

    Maybe I should make a suggestion about Bounty system reform.
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  2. Inogine

    Auto-banning good players? Most of those getting banned are cheating that I'm aware of. I don't know about rewarding them by giving them notoriety which could backfire a fair bit. Besides, I believe most players putting the investment in to get really good (without cheating) tend to have a more unique look unlocked. I've recognized some folks I tend to tangle with from time to time and put in a little extra effort. Just something that happens.
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  3. Towie

    I'm with you on this one. In my experience, DBG only seem to ban the really really (and I mean REALLY) stupid folk - or those where cheating has been detected (which seems pretty hit and miss too).

    Last thing we need is any potential incentive to attract more, we have enough already thankyou very much.
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  4. Vanguard540

    Why bother playing something else? Same TTK, More HP, Relies less on accuracy, can sustain on its own but gets crazy good when your team is supporting you.
  5. Armcross

  6. Vanguard540

    With sustain and ressource generation? Doesn't feel like an issue.
  7. adamts01

    There's some history to this. Before Daybreak spent the money for Battleye, they tried a more complicated autoban system. It actually worked really, really well. It was a stat-based system that took in to account battle rank. So it virtually eliminated cheaters creating a new alt after getting banned and going right back to work, as they currently do. The problem is that it didn't consider linked characters, so a few salty vets got their whole outfit to create new characters and broadcast all the bans on YouTube. The created such a fuss that Daybreak canned the whole idea instead of fixing it, and we're now left with this useless Battleye. If it's not noobs getting everything nerfed, it's vets ruining things. This game is hopeless. Nothing is perfect, and I don't know another community where the vets work so hard to blow every flaw out of proportion to the extent they do.
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  8. Towie

    Very true. Exactly why certain vets went out of their way to discredit the system is beyond me. Likewise, why DBG didn't spend more time tweaking it.

    Some things are impossible enough to achieve that a confident ban can be given - like repeated headshots within 0-1second. Sure you can be lucky but nobody is lucky enough to do this constantly (and i'm looking right now at a players killboard that proves the point).

    DBG do definitely ban - I keep a track of suspect players and most are gone (and I mean really gone, like deleted character) - but exactly how DBG determines whether someone should be banned or not is more of a mystery. Stats ? Detected cheat ? What if they are a member or have put some cash into the game ? Who knows.
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  9. Scatterblak

    ^^^ This. There has never been an instance of a strictly 'good player' getting auto banned. Never happened. The statistical transgressions required for an autoban event are so egregious that there's no way being simply 'good' is going to trigger it.
  10. PlanetBound

  11. Silkensmooth

    My best friend got auto banned and i know he wasnt cheating. I know this because he had a k/d of like .3 he was new to the game and we were driving around in my magrider and he couldn't hit anything.

    My account got banned because i built his computer for him and i ran the game with my account on the computer before i gave it to him just to make sure everything was working properly.

    I had to get the BBB involved to get my account back.

    He didnt get his back. But he was new anyway so he didnt care. And of course he didn't play anymore either.

    So sometimes it WAS banning innocent people. And just to look at his k/d one could see he wasnt cheating. Not to mention we have been friends for 17 years and if he was hacking he would have told me. I would have been amazed by his hit rate instead of appalled by his miss rate.

    Shouldn't be too hard to have one GM who just watches hackers.

    If you get reported for hacking say 10 separate times. Not all at once by say an outfit, but on 10 separate occasions then the GM comes in and starts watching you.

    How much could that cost? Vs how much is the game losing from cheaters?

    Then when the GM catches one he announces it over the whole server, maybe even pause all battles and just have a banner on the screen for 10 secs that announces who was caught.

    Make a real example out of them like it did at one point.

    People need to be afraid to cheat and right now its EXTREMELY blatant.
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  12. strikearrow

    I disagree with almost everything you write on the forums, but this policy you recommend should be used.
  13. Inogine

    I can see why folks would rally against an automatic system. It's easy to game once the intricate parts are shown. There's no such thing as a perfect automatic system. There are always ways around. PS2 needs active administration to really hamper the cheaters. The fact that it's F2P basically makes this a necessary component, but they don't wanna spend anything on it... Let alone dedicate anyone to administration of it.

    If anything, some form of catch at the remaking of an account should be instituted. One such way would be the client knowing it was banned and ceasing working until a redownload is done. While this may not seem like a big deal "Hur dur, just reinstall." How many times do you reckon such folks will want to redownload the whole client over and over?

    Just as an example of course. Cheating's one of those slippery things. Been accused of cheating a bit myself, and my stats are average at best. Just some dudes super heated in the moment shooting off a report cause "HOW DARE YOU KILL ME!"
  14. adamts01

    Moderators would be a massive help. Other games even have great luck with volenteer mods. Require that the moderator submits video proof with each ban to keep them honest.

    Increasing hassle is another great approach. Maybe tie the game to Steam, and ban that account and email. Not a big entry barrier for new players, but enough to hopefully chase off some cheaters.

    I also have to say that a small one time fee and small subscription would do wonders. Even if the game were $1 up front and $1 a month, and cheaters' cards were banned, that would get rid of lots of them. PSA might work, but their monthly sub better be cheap, like less than $5 a month cheap.
  15. Scatterblak

    It is extremely blatant. That doesn't change the fact that auto-banning good players because the platform thinks they're cheating Doesn't Happen™. If you're friend got auto-banned, he was cheating. If you got auto-banned, you were cheating. End of story.
  16. TobiMK

    This is categorically false. I myself have been banned twice by the mistuned autoban system, and I have been unbanned on both accounts (as I'm obviously not cheating). So much to show that it requires outrageous stats to get banned. Secondly, there was a huge ****storm on the subreddit back when the autoban system was first introduced. An undeniable number of good players got banned for cheating, simply because their stats looked suspicious. You can read up on the events here:

  17. TobiMK

    I don't know where you get your information from, but it's incorrect. Just spouting it as if you know things is misguiding. I'm guessing you got your information from a certain Cyrious video.

    The stat-based anti-cheat is still in effect for all we know. Good players can still get banned on fresh accounts. It happened to me once more a couple of months ago, after it had already happened once during the initial release of the system. Nowadays the system is way more fine-tuned. This, by the way, is all that the "salty vets" back in the day wanted. An autoban system that does not ban someone simply for being too good, but instead one that bans when there is absolutely no way that the metrics are legitimate. The first iteration was way too easy to trigger for any good player. No one back then wanted the system to be discontinued. Nobody likes hackers. But having a system that banned good players on multiple occasions is just not acceptable.
  18. adamts01

    so I imagine you were part of that movement? Great job getting us this "fine-tuned" machine we have today. Do you still play this game? If we have an autoban then it's so brokenly ineffective it may as well not exist. But Battleye is here to save the day! Yep, good job.
  19. Armcross

    I did't say that last part.
  20. Towie

    Alas - the Aimbots became incredibly sophisticated so only the truly stupid folk would be caught. When people realised that stats could drive a ban, the smarter ones would tone down the effectiveness and/or do other things to make their stats look more plausible. If I pass another guy randomly shooting into thin air, i'll just shoot him myself.

    Sadly - we still have the truly stupid folk as witnessed in several recent posts but like I keep saying, DBG most definitely do ban to the point that you can no longer view their stats. Whether stats alone drive this is anybodies guess.

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