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  1. Atorum

    and Asians together with bored Europeans should not be able or allowed to log onto North American servers.
    You all have your designated Servers.
    Thank you for your time
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  2. Zizoubaba

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  3. adamts01

    East coast Australia gets better ping to Connery than SolTech. That server really should have been in Singapore. But still, we need a ping limit. Set it to at least 300. Anyone can find a server that's under that latency. Unless you live in mainland China, then good luck even getting that to SolTech.
  4. TRspy007

    Really wish we had some middle east servers..........

    We need to build a firewall?
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  6. Demigan

    And make the high-pingers pay for it!
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  7. Johannes Kaiser

    I know a little group of european players who are stuck on an american server (long story, I don't envy them for high ping and off prime-times) and can't get off it because there are no transfers in place.
    Yes, people actually prefer to play on servers where they live except for people who want to play with friends who live far away and already have a character on a server where THEY live.
    So you can keep your suggestion for whatever it's worth.

    Also: Increased server pop is a good thing, so aside from ping issues that would annoy people on both ends of the gun.
  8. Smallzz

    Increased server pop being a good thing is only valid when more than one person is having fun due to that person being on the server. If no one enjoys a gunfight with them then the server would be better off with less pop.
  9. OgreMarkX

    I don't mind the high pings, I mind cultures of cheating, hacking and exploiting.

    So welcome to those of you enjoy a good game and don't feel the need to cheat, hack and exploit. Put another Bratwurst on the barbie I say.
  10. Scroffel5

    No, we do not need a ping limit. What is it gonna do when you pass the limit? Kick you? Psh, that sucks for anyone who has unstable internet and can't play because of it, or people who just have bad internet. You can't do that to your playerbase. What does ping do to anyone else anyways? You get mad because you die to them? Well, I have just the solution. Shoot them. They'll die when their internet comes back, and in the meantime, their abilities are delayed. So while you have seen them on your screen, they haven't seen you yet, depending on how bad their ping is. As an Infiltrator, you can't cloak and run away fast enough. As a Heavy Assault, you can't put on your overshield fast enough. As a Medic, you can't start healing fast enough. As a Light Assault, you can't fly away fast enough. Their only option is to shoot and hope you die after they have killed you. This isn't necessarily a problem with ping. It is a problem with the game saying that as long as you shoot them on YOUR SCREEN, you will do damage. With vehicles, you gotta run someone over on their screen, which is super annoying, but you can see why. Imagine hackers who could run someone over on their screen. All they gotta do is get a Harasser or Flash, put turbo on it, lag switch themselves, and run over a group of people.

    In conclusion, no. No ping limits. If your ping is too bad, it already kicks you off and you have to relaunch the game. Everyone should enjoy playing with the high pingers, because they can't kill you before you kill them. They can kill you after you kill them, depending much on ping.
  11. adamts01

    You can play from Asia to Connery, and Europe to Emerald with sub 200ms ping. West coast Australia gamers using their cell phones for internet can get less than 300ms ping to the US. A 300ms ping limit would only bar anyone in mainland China not using a VPN, or anyone intentionally increasing their lag.

    And no, the server doesn't kick people with high ping. I've talked to intentional laggy guys in my squad who'd use a VPN to rout their signal from the US to Asia to get around 450ms to Emerald. Yeah, damage would catch up eventually, but they'd clear an entire room before that would happen. 8 k/d ambusher LAs wrecking base after base. And how do you think those ESF get underground? That's who a ping limit would catch.
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  12. Towie

    Indeed. You could disconnect - do lots of killing - reconnect; everyone you shot is now dead. We're definitely not talking ms here - instead we're talking minutes !!!

    (hopefully they've reduced this now but not sure)
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  13. Scroffel5

    My ping will sometimes jump to 50k and it'll kick me off after that. My ping usually gets really high, then my internet goes out, then I either disconnect or it comes back while gracing me with low FPS. My internet is crappy and unstable and I play over wi-fi. I don't wanna get punished for things out of my control.
  14. adamts01

    Disregarding damage done during one of those internet hiccups or any time someone is above 300ms seems like a fair compromise.

    When I started playing Planetside 2 I was living on a little island in the Philippines. We didn't have an option for wired internet so we have to build little towers and chain a connection from house to house from across the island. So I totally understand less than ideal connections. Still, I was able to get around 220ms to Connery and things weren't that bad. I want to say I was getting 150ms from Manila and 180ms from Cebu. All of that was playable with nothing more than some kill trading. The idea isn't to limit access, it's to limit exploitation. I picked 300ms because you should be able to get at least that from about anywhere in the world. I could get that from my little island to the US, or Europe to the US. You should be able to get that from Argentina to the US. That's about as forgiving as you could expect a FPS game to be.
  15. Scroffel5

    Yep. Very fair. Its all because of how the game registers damage. If your internet goes crap and your ping goes really high, you still do damage to them, but you are also dead first because they killed you. Things also glitch out depending on how high your ping is, so sometimes you can't even shoot the enemy because they are teleporting around. Its weird.

    But yes, that seems fair. Or, if that ends up being too much of a problem for the high ping players, what if the servers does an "if" code to see if you are dead before registering damage?
  16. TRspy007

    Yeah it always seems like there's an outfit dedicated to high ping players. On connery, the "I AM FROM TAIWAN" guys are usually high ping players, who completely destroy everyone before they can even be seen.

    These people often pretend they are skilled and like to taunt others, but you can usually tell something is off when you land headshots on them and you instantly die without them even taking a chip to their health. I'm not a particularly good player myself, but I sometimes play with killing machines with 3+ KDR who observe the same thing I do. A br 30 LA teleporting around with his blackjack, invulnerable to bullets, killing you before he's even in shotgun range on you screen.

    Very annoying, and it's hard to really do anything about it since the players are either intentionally lagging (VPN, lagswitch, ect...) or are simply constrained by the connection in their region.

    I would like the server to isolate high ping players and simply respawn the player once his ping/server lat goes above 300-400ms, without counting any hits sent or received by the client. Not sure if this is possible, but it would definitely help prevent intentional laggers from chaining huge kill-streaks and leveling up faster than people who play the game normally.
  17. Cersy

    Aussie here.

    I play on Connery using a Mudfish tunnel from Sydney to LA. I like to have my latency as low as possible for my benefit and not to impact the game play of others.

    I am able to get 160 - 180ms network latency. I know how it is to play against players with high ping. We had them on Briggs also.

    I encourage any Australian players to give a tunneling service a go if you are connecting without one and getting 200ms - 300ms. It may help or it may not. Mudfish is only a couple of dollars/mo so not really a loss.
  18. Atorum

    Daily reminder that Australians, Europeans and Asians should be banned from playing on NA servers.
    Thank you, have a nice day.
  19. Zizoubaba

    I'm sure that if you maintain a regular daily reminder, it will happen! If you search inside your heart, and are true to yourself, you will find the answer !

    The new generation of Americans is so dumb sometimes, I have no idea how to even communicate with them :eek:
  20. Pelojian

    i don't really like the idea of always have a poor connection, besides my characters were forcibly moved to soltech ether way the connection would be bad just going by what i remember the ping times used to be in character creation under the old UI

    allowing transfers from briggs to connery is what killed the server in the first place on top of the longstanding issue briggs had that took them too long to fix.

    they should have enticed the people that migrated unoffically (basically creating new connery charaters rather then an official transfer) to try to prop the server up.

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