Australian Players ONLY 11-23-2012 Diagnostic Testing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Veratu, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. MrDarkDevel

    around 1pm AUS EST game crushed, after restarting the game and press play nothing happened and after clicking every few minutes (5mins) still nothing was happening, restarted the game about 5 time with the same results.

    came back around 2 and a half hours later and i got in after a few seconds.

    whats going on???????
  2. Diablo Vash

    Yea still doing it.
  3. Dust0ff

    logged in fine, about 2 seconds after hitting 'play' from character selection, the loading screen appeared
  4. DerpAlert

    works for me now, thanks veratu
  5. Veratu SOE

    We're watching it :) pops are steadily rising... go blow stuff up!
  6. Blackaxe

    @Veratu, a bit of constructive criticism for you to pass on to your QA and design teams regarding "to put in a visual indicator after pressing play so you have an idea of what's going on".

    I applaud this, not because it is a solution but because the difference between the kinds of useless hysteria that are endemic in MMO forums and useful feedback is precisely this kind of visual indicator. However either QA should start telling people "we told you so" because they brought this up earlier and it got de-prioritised to after release or they need to do some soul searching to work out why this wasn't the first suggestion on their list.

    It is absolutely critical to building a usable product to IMMEDIATELY react (or more accurately, appear to react) to the user when something occurs. Even as simple as the standard pinwheel/hourglass mouse cursors gives a player some confidence that their action has actually done something. One of the standard tests for any connection mechanism should be "what happens if the server is unresponsive".

    Having said all that, nice turnaround on the test and fix (at first glance it seems to be working for now). I look forward to many days playing with this thing.
  7. Zulsoke

    So do we have any idea what is causing the 2min disconnects?
  8. Diablo Vash

    Not yet sadly man, I was the only one with this since launch and now your in the same boat as me too.
  9. Diablo Vash

    On the up side everyone will be playing now and this thread will be pretty quiet.
  10. Zulsoke

    Which means they will focus on the bigger issues if only a handful seem to suffer from this issue.
  11. Veratu SOE

    Incorrect sir :) I sent you a PM, please do that for Briggs AND a US realm, zip them up after each disconnect because when you relaunch they will overwrite themselves.
  12. w4rp1e

    weirdly enough, my steam decided there was a 3.2GB patch even though I was in the game no more than 10 minutes ago?? :S

    This is not the first time steam has done this to me...
  13. Diablo Vash

    Your the new test subject, already got all the info they can from me lol.
  14. Zulsoke

    Logs sent.
  15. Diablo Vash

    Going to cry if it's as simple as a missing file or a error in a little bit of code.
  16. Veratu SOE

    I hope you didn't run a Steam validate files. Please don't do that. If you are going to run Validate Assets, only do it using the SOE Launchpad, not the Steam validate process.
  17. Kaizan

    well since server restart can get about 20mins play before it stops working, guess ill come back at a later date =\
  18. rabidquokka

    or a power down feature in windows or something, 2 mins is a very strange timeframe.

    On another note i stopped playing bf3 ages ago because of the devs but i'm now gonna throw another $50 on ps2 just for the good support, money that may have been used for bf3 add ons etc if they didn't middle finger the existing community.

    Hope you SOE guys like spending EA money :)
  19. Diablo Vash

    Well I play a load of MMO's and never had connection problems before, Just really frustrating that I can go in and see everyone else playing and chatting but all i can do is walking around and not interact with anything for 2 mins then d/c.
  20. Zulsoke

    Yeah, likewise with it being the first game to behave in such an unusual manner. Hoping for the best though.