Australian Players ONLY 11-23-2012 Diagnostic Testing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Veratu, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. MunsterVan

    Uh-oh... I'm also getting stuck at the Play at character select again. I've already tried closing, waiting and then opening the game a few times. :(

    EDIT: Managed to get in after a while.. shortly after, got disconnected. (Sorry I wasn't timing it)
    But yeah... looks like we've got a problem again...:eek:
  2. Caligula41

    Hello. I'm still having the same troubles as last night.

    Sometimes, the game doesnt even make it past the intial loading screen and crashes giving me either a G30 or G37 error code.
    I have validated game assests alot and there seems to be nothing wrong there.
    It takes, on average about 30 seconds - 2 mins to log in at the "play" button. And sometimes it doesnt log in at all.
    When I do finally get into a game, everyone is standing around stationary and I can't even team kill them... I can't use viechle stations because no "press e" appears. I can't see chat or squads or "deploy" anywhere on the map. :(
  3. MunsterVan

    I managed to get in again and clocked in 10 minutes before getting disconnected.
  4. Darkfire255

    I got in after waiting 30 seconds after hitting play, then after about a minute I got disconnected
  5. DirtyHarry

    Uh oh, I'm getting the same thing again. Press play, nothing, 30 seconds to a minute later I'm in.
  6. Greenhawk837

    Same thing as well pressing play does nothing.
  7. Digby

    Hi Guys, I had a problem when starting the game windows would stop the game and search for a problem. I had a similar problem with Mas Effect 3 and as it turns out if i stop running AVGA Precision the game starts and runs fine. I dont know if this helps.
  8. Digby

    Sorry back to school for spelling EVGA Precision
  9. STABB

    I restarted my client it is now taking me about 1 - 2 mins to get into the game plus I'm getting Disconnected and having lots of lag. This has only started today.

    Having a lot of trouble getting into game and when I do I'm not in for very long before I'm disconnected.
  10. Winnuting

    It's taking me 30sec+ to get into the game.

    I just got disconnected.

    Now it's taking forever to get back into the game. Clicking Play and nothing happens.
  11. Arma

    Pressing play to get into Briggs, nothing happens (Play bar goes faint and my character pauses).

    Repeat pressing play and my character disappears from the title screen, lol.

    Edit: You should have said "for the time being briggs is performing at SOE standards". Just being cheeky ;)
  12. Raines

    I'm putting this here, as I'm an Australian player.

    I can't get Launchpad to work now.

    Here's what it looks like:


    It will stay like that until I close it down. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

    One out of 5 cycles or so, It will actually get past what I call the white box stage and get to the "Can not connect to" screen".

    PS2 is excluded from monitoring by the firewall.
    Do you need my system specs?
  13. MrJezz

    Yea got a bug where clicking play has no effect, had something like it in the morning although i could get in after 10 clicks or so, now its as bad as it was last night
  14. Russkie

    I am also unable to get past the click "Play" button phase. I wait paitently for over 5mins and still nothing. Kind of frustrating after the spirit-uplifting message from the OP.
  15. Blackaxe

    I'm getting this issue again.

    4 minutes and counting.

    Was attempting to log onto to Briggs. As with IceAgeComing below, i was on but got DCed and then couldn't get back on.
  16. Fensphol

    Same issue here, click play & nothing happens. Get an occasional pause of 2-3 secs but nothing from it.
  17. SpiderOz

    hmm 1:17 pm (qld time) - cant login to briggs - can get onto connery no probs
  18. iceagecoming

    Can't login to briggs now. I was in earlier today, no problems. I got in once since, but was DC'd 2minutes after getting in (after a delayed entrance of like 10seconds after clicking play)
  19. OrbitalNZ

    I guess the internet gods are not happy at the moment.
    Not able to activate the character on the Briggs server.
    Waiting several minutes before cancelling each time.

  20. Veratu SOE

    Briggs may be crashing currently, we're looking into it. Don't worry, it's not a new problem :) Just a server crash most likely due to a bug we're working to resolve on all worlds.
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