Australian New Conglomerate [AUNC]

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by AussieVengeance, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Choppy89

    I will give this a bump.

    We are still running open squads most nights and average 1 - 1.5 squads of outfit members. As of late we are more air orientated with a good number of experienced reaver and lib crews taking to the skies.That being said, we arnt afraid to get on the ground and do what needs to be done and we can pull our own weight. We run our own TS channel and forums and are always looking for anyone wanting to have fun and play as a co ordinated group, all we ask is you have a adequate level of maturity and you are prepared to have some fun.

    Look us up in the squad list if you are interested.
  2. webba

    What time do you guys usually play? Im in Perth time, play quite late at night, and never seen one of your squads on.
  3. Blackinvictus

    Man, sorry for late reply. I think most of us are taking a bit of a break right now for other games, namely RUST (has most of us obsessed actually!). If you are still interested, follow the link, register for the forums and that will get you the Teamspeak details. Hop on and say hello. We play more than just Planetside, and always welcome more.
  4. GoEErs

    Are you guys still active? I'm looking for a good NC outfit. I registered on the Website to get an account on the forums and hope to hear from you. Thanks.
  5. BrookerDJ

    Are you guys still recruiting? I've been in another outfit since July 2013, but received a message last night that they've pulled the pin & taking the outfit to another server. I'm just looking for an outfit with a bit of structure & likes having fun and have heard very good things about your outfit. I've just registered on your forum and hope to hear back from you soon. Cheers.
  6. webba

    Cheers mate, will do!
  7. XxLoneWolf95xX

    would love to join live in aus, 18+ ingame name is the same rank is around 10 :eek: so yeah thanks
  8. Aryan Saple

    I actually wanted to join the outfit. I'm a fairly new player for the NC and im BR 17. So I hope you can recruit me
    My ps2 name is AryanSaple2
  9. Aryan Saple

    I wanted to jion the outfit im from the US and im BR 17 so i hope i can join
  10. Blackinvictus

    Pm'd you. There should be quite a few of us on tonight. Cheers!
  11. Choppy89

    We are all here again, looking to expand out core group. If you keen to run in tight knit core group, who casual, strategic (combined arms gameplay), along with a maturity and a good sense of humour, look us up or send us a in game tell and we will see where it goes from there.
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  12. QuantumZedds

    hey , im a player of planetside and im looking for a fun but good clan to play with , i cant figure out a way to get in contact with anyone so if you could please add my steam name: Ignorant Bacon. that would be awesome guys!
  13. Blackinvictus

    Hey how are ya. We've got quite a few different games going on atm, Planetside being a few hours here and there. I'll add you this evening and we'll get you sorted with TS details, FB page, etc, and you can meet us and see if you fit.
  14. Superinfected1

    Quick question, what are the outfit rules on inactivity? Eg. someone gone for five months or something without explanation, they get removed?
  15. sebastian oscar post

    say are you still available? my name's sebastian and my current job in the New Conglomerate Rangers is realy sh%t and im curently thinking of quitting. there's hardly anyone who uses squad comms and their just a bunch of pessimistic casuals who don't care about strategy.
    now im BR 45 and i've successfully led a platoon for 4 hours taking huge swaths of territory and 2 AMP stations eventually leading to the capturing of amerish, i've also nearly maxed out my medic with 3 revive frags and tier 5 med applicator.
    i hope this would be of interest to you and i would love it if you would send me a reply resume.
    many thanks seb.
  16. Jayvenpup

    Depending if you lot are around still, I'll check you out. I am mostly a casual player as play other games with the wife but since I resubbed recently, thought I better have a play from time to time and had a hoot in the huge battle last night (7/8).

    I am primarily support with Engineer and spending some certs on Medic as I had no characters on this account (made another account by accident when first played PS2 a year so go back).
  17. Grand Admiral Jmac

    I was looking at joining an outfit and was wondering if I could join yours. (if it is still operating)
  18. Keishin235

    Hi there!

    I'm an NC Aussie player based in Queensland. Any chances I can join up?

    If you are ever after me in game, my characters name is the same as it is here.
  19. EdWrecker

    Returning player, I used to be on Briggs, stopped playing missed the server merger now stuck on Soltech. Looking to play with Aussies. Let me know if you are still active. I love blowing stuff up with mines and running my Sunderer on the beach, looking for a good time!

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