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Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by AussieVengeance, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Muggy

    Hey, I have joined some of your open squads some nights on ps2 and you guys were pretty fun to roll with. I'm interested in joining but I'm curious if you have any age restrictions in joining your outfit.
  2. AussieVengeance

    No formal age limits - there is an expectation of a certain level of maturity within AUNC. We have members who are 15 and 16 who meet this, and ex-members in their 40s who didn't. We also generally expect that people on voice comms are generally over 18. Feel free to grab me or one of the other officers in-game and have a chat if you have any concerns or questions.

    For the others joining us in our open platoons, if you're enjoying our play-style and general banter, let us know you're interested while rolling with us. Makes it easier (at least until SOE drop in their August Outfit Recruitment update :) )
  3. LtHELI

    Hi there. I am a relatively new player (couple of weeks) returning to play from beta here.
    I am looking for an active organized NC outfit/squad that works as a group.
    I joined one of your squads last night to check things out and I was pretty disappointed. Squad leader was off by himself a few hexes away getting a sundy (I spawned on him, asked for a lift, was ignored and he drove off while i was only metres away asking for a ride), few other members off on the other side of the map in aircraft, rest of the squad scattered in dribs and drabs all over the shop, zero communication, no squad markers or beacons, just no organization or planning whatsoever. ( I don't recall any of the names sorry, didn't think to write anything down ).
    I guess I joined at a bad time/off night or something. I left after no response from voice and the squad leader leaving me in the dust.
    Anyway, I am still interested in joining an outfit but that was my first impressions from last night.
    Perhaps my next step would be to add AussieVengance in-game or something and go from there.

    Cheers - Heli.
  4. AussieVengeance

    That would have been Wednesday night, and the squad/platoon would have been called "[AUNC] Indar Crew - All Welcome". I was initially leading that platoon but lost control when both myself and my 2IC in Alpha squad dropped from game within seconds of each other (yay physx bugs,,,). When I got back we re-formed in another platoon, but the "old" one was kicking around with assorted random players for about 4 hours. We tried a few times to convince those in charge to remove invites or hand back control, but to no avail. Lesson learned - leave the outfit name off the recruitment message, and use the new "display outfit in invite" to show the AUNC tags going forwards.

    Myself or one of my officers will be running open platoons tonight (in ~2.5 hours from the time of this post), Saturday and Sunday. All are welcome to join, say g'day to me and the guys, roll with a proper AUNC platoon for a while, and let me know what you think - I'm "Aussie" in game. Alternatively drop by on
  5. ghostspector

    hi I was wondering if I could join the AUNC
  6. AussieVengeance

    Sure thing - either hit us up on the forums at or get online in the evening (about 8pm +10GMT) and look out for one of our open AUNC squads.
  7. Frank Del Rosario

    If anyone considers joining I definitely recommend doing so. The chain of command is respectful and they actually listen to suggestions. And I just want to thank Aussie for actually spending his time just trying to help a recruit try join the Outfit. They are serious but not Hardcore serious one time we had a race to another warpgate. And I played bumper cars with one f the leaders I think Anasasi. They are all awesome.

    By the way I have no idea why my username is my actual name. any suggestions or help?
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  8. Worxe

    Hey Frank - try messaging RadarX or Virrago on the forums, I had an issue with my username as well and Virrago had fixed it for me.

    Hope that helps :)
  9. Killer1003

    Can I join? Where can I find you guys at night?
  10. AussieVengeance

    We have open platoons most nights, otherwise look our for anyone with AUNC tags and give us a /tell to get you in squad. Alternatively jump on our forums at and we'll organise a time and date to get everything sorted.
  11. AussieVengeance

    We're still here and active, with some new members rolling with the old crew, and a few new senior officers stepping up - keep an eye out for BlackInvicti, Choppy87 and Anasasi to assist in getting you on board with AUNC.
  12. Blackinvictus

    There is least an open squad or two running most evenings as well as some non-traditional stuff going on once or twice a week. AUNC has been around a long time by PS2 standards. We aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

    We are on great terms and cooperate regularly with other NC Outfits. However, we have no plans of merging with another Outfit EVER so kindly stop asking :)

    As Aussie said above, we pride ourselves on a laid back, team focused, mature experience with no hassle or drama. It's a game, have fun! Be respectul of others and you will have have a blast with us!

    If that sounds like it's for you, grab your weapon, hop into one of our squads, and give one of us a holler, we'd be glad to have ya!
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  13. UNSCSpartan051

    LOL at NO MERGING EVER. But shoutout to the AUNC crew, been fighting the good fight alongside NC since Dec-Jan( Frosty memory) Alongside KARP, 41st, AG7, IB, RFM8 era to the current one. Good to see you guys are back in the fight, one point in time i thought you were dead. More outfits on NC= More Variety. Good luck with new recruiting, the duopoly is not very healthy.
  14. Blackinvictus

    Thanks, and you guys are doing great things over at the RSNC.

    No, we never died, but as a communty we also play other games together besides PS2. Lately Payday 2 and Rome II have us pretty captivated as a whole :)
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  15. Choppy89

    Just thought I would let everyone know we are still around and still recruiting players who are looking to run regularly and have fun and a few laughs while shooting the enemy in the face. Jump into one of our open squads which run most nights unless full, if full make yourself known to anyone with the AUNC tag know and we will make some room.

    See you on the battle field.
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  16. Skizzik_NZ

    Cant go wrong with AUNC as long as you do what you're told when it counts. Really awesome guys.
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  17. CaptainThirsty91

    Always have props to give to AUNC, dependable guys with a healthy rep that they have in every sense earned. Not only effective, but friendly and also a very co operative outfit. Cannot recommend them enough!
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  18. BigPest

    Hi Australian New Conglomerate

    I am very new to Planet Side 2, I am based in South Australian and would like to join your group and play.

    Kind regards

  19. Blackinvictus

    Sure thing buddy, drop into the squad in game or our forums (info posted above in thread) and say hello. Alternately send myself (Blackinvicti) or Choppy87 a tell in game and well get you set up.

    Rules: be a grown up, follow orders, laugh at the dead red colored guys, and have fun!
  20. Spartan101

    Red and Black are the true colors of the world, for red is the color that runs through your veins and is the pool in which you will lie and black is the last thing you will see as you fade into nothingness, accompanied with my boot.
    (BigPest: good choose in outfit and welcome to the party, i always enjoy more targets to shoot :p)

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