Australian New Conglomerate [AUNC]

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by AussieVengeance, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. AussieVengeance

    Australian New Conglomerate [AUNC]

    From humble beginnings, a group of mates have formed an Outfit of over 250 players which embodies what we enjoy in the game. The Australian New Conglomerate is all about maturity, teamwork and team players; K/D ratios are nice, team players who are willing and able to work as a group and enjoy the game while doing so are what we are looking for.

    We're rolling platoons every night, working with other platoons and outfits to shape the NC war effort on the Briggs server. We are looking for like-minded players to join us and be part of something huge. There are no CTAs and no mandatory ops - the only "rule" we'll be sticking with is if you're in an Outfit Squad or Platoon you play with your comrades and follow orders. If want to tool around at the Crown or race Flashes across Amerish; leave squad, let people know what you're up to and go nuts.

    Interested? Drop Anasasi, Aussie, BlackInvicti or Choppy87 a line in-game, join our forums and post on our recruiting thread or join one of our open squads/platoons most evenings on Briggs.

    Steam Group:
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  2. AussieVengeance


    Our shiny new logo - looking forward to SOE allowing custom Outfit tags in game :)
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  3. Blackinvictus

    Hey Aussie, have you seen this vid posted from out battle at the warpgate the other day? Best fight in the game so far. EPIC!

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  4. Choppy89

    Lol love the video blacky. Especially the first hot drop onto the lib. Your a tank bro
  5. bushy

    As someone who rolled with all the big NC outfits before deciding on one [AUNC] i have to say i dont regret my choice,great bunch of guys and good players to boot.Join these guys if your looking for a NC outfit.
  6. Worxe

    that was a recording i did from a little while back when I first joined - but blackinvictus is indeed a veritable tank :v
  7. JdeBe3r

    Hi, I really like the look of this outfit (pardon the pun). What time is your recruiting platoon on?
  8. aNastyHobbit

    whats going on in here
  9. AussieVengeance

    We're generally running an open squad or two every evening - around 8pm through to midnight +10GMT. If not (or it's full), keep an eye out for me or one of the others named in my original post. Alternatively, head over to our forums at and register with your in-game name, and we can coordinate from there.
  10. JdeBe3r

    Cool, thanks for your help.
  11. stefleevers

    Hey Aussie, I've run with the AUNC a few times and really enjoyed it. I'm keen to join your outfit.
  12. AussieVengeance

    Great to see you rolling with us in our Esamir Alert platoon last night stefleevers, and welcome aboard!
  13. Psychic Moose

    A great bunch of dudes to play and chill with, I'm glad I joined this outfit.
  14. GunsmithJoe

    Great bunch, always a laugh but always a purpose too.
  15. RJVan

    I would like to be recruited into this outift :D
  16. Choppy89

    Running with AUNC is great. It all about having fun while doing what needs doing(the way games should be). Always looking for pilots to join our regular air squad. But anyone who is fun and casual is always welcome too.

    (Bump) XD
  17. Morrica

    Gday...dropped in to let you know I am sober and don't have a pc to game on...a doubly sad state for me. As soon as i get another job i get my 27" iMac. Catch ya laters:)
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  18. Blackinvictus

    Hurry up son, time's a wastin'!!
  19. AussieVengeance

    Still here, rocking squads and platoons every evening and generally having a great time. We've been running open [AUNC] platoons most nights this past week, feel free to join an open AUNC platoon, get a feel for how we operate and ask for an invite if you think you'll fit in with us.
  20. Blackinvictus

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