Aussie wants to go to Connery (US West)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FinnMcKewl, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. FinnMcKewl

    I recently came back to PS after a year or so (took awhile to get a PC upgrade) with all sorts of enthusiasm to catch up with my old buds from Briggs server (used to run with Megacake and BREF).

    After lonewolfing it for a week to get back into it I realized ... I was in SolTech and noone spoke English :(

    This made running with squads completely impossible.

    I have tried just following the zerg around but I couldn't be a part of the tactical deployments or maneuvers. This really has taken the heart out of the game for me.

    Now I know I missed the window transferring to Connery so I sent through a support ticket to request it. They have told me:

    They also said:

    So here's me expressing my desire for character transfers to return so I can play again with full enjoyment.

  2. Johannes Kaiser

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. Them saying the devs communicate over the forums is at the very best a gross overstatement. They post patch notes here, but that it is. They don't read jack, neither threads nor DMs.
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  3. Twin Suns

    Customer support isn't even DBG, it's some outsourced, out of touch third party company contracted by DBG.

    Directing you to the forums is a polite way of telling you to go $&@! yourself. Pure poppycock!

    You're best option is just to make a new character on US West. I'd prefer running with my people as a BR 1, rather than be a lonely BR 100 any day. But hey, that's just me.

    Good Luck with whatever you do.


    P.s. Aussies are kewl as he//!
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  4. seancolbert01

    i got the exact same message, it is such a freaking joke!
  5. OpolE

    I can post anything I want about Planetside 1 emulator here even those years ago I was told I'd be banned.


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