Auraxiuming weapon and retiring it....

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    so here the thing i got a dillema about this, i remembered when i was using the blitz when i got it, it was a fun time with that baby until auraxium came in..., after i auraxium the beauty i suddenly have some urge to stop using it and switch to something else especialy the shadow (semi auto scout) at this point, but then i tried the blitz again and it doesnt felt like it was before for some reason,the thing is i dont want this to happen to my shadow as well can someone give me some help around this i since kinda felt rewarded and at the same time missing something after auraxiuming a weapon like auraxium medal is a death certificate for a gun the way i see it.

    pls help me explain what happend to me since this thing kinda bother me and im currently trying to auraxium the shadow
  2. a-koo-chee-moya

    Maybe your just bored with the weapon. On second thought though, why are you even asking this question? We forumers aren't psychologists, so I doubt we will be able to get concrete answers for you.
  3. Mekeji

    It is a case of you no longer having a goal with that weapon. On your way to auraxium you subconsciously think about how you are getting closer and closer. Then once you reach it you no longer have a goal.

    The first medals on your way to auraxium are all positive reinforcement as they pop on the screen and give you certs. Like little chunks of cheese in a maze. Then the auraxium is a big brick of cheese at the very end and once you get there and eat it you no longer have any positive reinforcement to work towards so you don't feel compelled to continue using it.

    In fact you feel like it is a waste of your time because those kills you are getting with that weapon would put other weapons closer to auraxium and give you another brick of cheese.

    I took an ap psychology class in highschool so I am basically a psychologist.
    *disclaimer I am not a psychologist and shouldn't be trusted
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  4. Mezinov

    You are out of practice and switching between two weapons that require different playstyles.

    Had you gone from the Blitz to a different SMG, you likely could have gone back to the Blitz without issue; they would have very similar play styles.

    However going from the Blitz to the Shadow, you are trying to switch playstyles. SMGs require a very in-your-face methodology while the Shadow requires more distance and chosen engagements. Playing a Blitz like a Shadow will get you killed; likewise when you first took the Shadow out of the box you probably played it alittle like your Blitz and died for it.

    In short; if you don't want this to happen you need to practice with the other playstyles/weapons and not just play one style/weapon uninterrupted.

    I disagree with this, from my own experience. I accidentally used my Gauss Compact S and EM-6 for almost 1,000 kills each (almost a whole 'nother Auraxium on them) past Auraxium... simply because I enjoyed using them and it never occured to me I was close to, or past, Auraxium.
  5. Mekeji

    I was talking more along the lines of the TC. He seems to be aiming for auraxium and thus he may be suffering from a lack of motivation to play well with the weapon.
  6. Udnknome

    Seems you're motivated by achievements. Without them I suppose the basic gameplay seems pointless.

    Here's a suggestion.. Download the Recursion Stat Tracker and try some of those challenges with your Araxium weapons.
  7. ZeroErrorz

    ok about those 2 things still good with the blitz,but somehow bored and it just doesnt feel intersting anymore
    2.after i auraxiumed the blitz i got a bunch of weapon from my christmas SC gift which my self couldnt and havent count so basicly i tried everything and learned it the hard way on every single one of them,question since gd-7f is almost the same as blitz why do i doesnt feel the same sensation beetwen the 2 using the blitz is like using a dead meat
    another question do this apply to cert grind as well ?,i mean when i buy a weapon with cert after grinding them i kinda love them more and use them a bit more than SC buyed weapon,which make me feel SC as a half-dead meat as well
  8. ZeroErrorz

    i tried once and problaly later, first time i tried it the registration didnt work well,it kinda stuck on the same screen no matter what
  9. Mezinov

    I get it, and it could well be the carrot at the end of the stick is no longer fresh for that weapon.

    I know that when I started playing though, I launched PS2 on day one with the noble goal "I am going to Auraxium all the weapons!". Then I kind of forgot about it until last month or so. Ended up using the same weapons on all my classes because they just felt so good (Gauss Compact S, EM-6, Gauss Rifle S).

    Now however I am forcing myself to pay attention to it and go down the list; and it is good fun on its own. It is nice having a little side objective to check up on at my death screen, instead of just worrying myself about points and maintaining momentum.

    That said I have also decided to go through and do them by type, because I nearly killed myself going from the Gauss Saw to the Jackhammer and then to the Warden. The shifts in playstyles were just getting me slaughtered and making me more a detriment to my team than an asset in the field.

    So, now, we are doing shotguns. Then I will probably do SMGs, then Carbines, then the rest of the LMGs, then Assault Rifles, then Scout Rifles and finally Sniper Rifles. Along the way I will do the pistols as needed (already got the ol' Rebel to gold), and Rocket Launchers (not a clue how to get this done efficiently. Working on Pheonix AE right now. Maybe the server merge will up the number of manned engineer turrets.).
  10. Corporate Thug

    Perhaps it's the damage output of the blitz? It does get annoying when I use a high damage gun then switch to a lower damage one. Like seeing all those hit markers on an enemy and him still running around gets annoying when I use a SMG. I felt the same way after using the GD7F on my LA then trying my Blitz SMG infiltrator after months of not playing as NC. It just felt underpowered though it was the second weapon I ever auraxiamed and the gun I have the most kills with on my main NC character.

    Edit: I also forgot that I had a suppressor equipped since I was no longer familiar with my load outs. After I took off the suppressor it felt better but still lacking.
  11. ZeroErrorz

    its not,i still kill with the blitz and its problably one of my best weapon of choice but i just felt its dead for me,i can use any weapon u throw at me (except duster) since i tried every single one of them my self and learned how to shift my playstyle quickly when swithching class and weapon
  12. Corporate Thug

    Well yeah. I still can have nice streaks and everything with the blitz, but it feels off. For me it was the damage. The low damage output makes it feel like an eternity when I'm engaging a bunch of guys. Like they just won't die cause I'm more used to higher damage weapons. It doesn't throw me off a bunch but enough to make me wonder if I'm firing real (video game) bullets at them.
  13. Jbrain

    This is known as carrot/stick psychology. You have essentially caught and eaten your carrot so now you are missing the chase. I suggest working on a new objective.. For instance use your blitz, try to get 3 kills before you die.. then make it 4 and so on.. youd be supprised how well this makes you play.. I personally am major suicidal gamer in I try ridiculous odds but when it works its a good feeling.. Like holding A point in a base and I got 5 kills in a row as people were rushing in from two sides... and I never used 1 explosive.. just headshots. But more often I just eat dirt.. But I enjoy putting those personal missions on myself so I make my own carrots.. so that's my advice op.. make your own carrots..
  14. Ronin Oni

    no no... shhhhhh

    @OP: Yes, we are psychologists. Some of our methods may sound crazy, and you'll wonder what standing in the meridian on a freeway naked has to do with satisfaction in planetside 2... but you must trust us. We're professionals :cool: