Auraxiumed Flash Shotgun!

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  1. TheBillOf3D

    I bought that stupid thing thinking the gunner would be able to protect my tank and I could put it in worse situations near infantry. The problem is the gunners hate it and exit right as they would be useful. Although I manned one and did ok.
  2. SgtBreastroker

    Wow really?
  3. Ronin Oni

    Auraxium flash shotgun?

    jeebus you're a masochist... though Wraith does certainly make it functional (fury is just obviously better in every way :p )

    Kobalt and Basilisk are both pretty terribad too for that matter. I'd say they're even worse actually though the Bassy can be used to harass armor for lulz
  4. Pikachu

    *Tick tick tick tick tick tick* "Wtf is is shooting me so annoyingly? A freaking flash 200m away?! What kind of moron does that, I'm gonna blow him with 1 shell. This game has some weird players" :D
  5. Cougarbrit

    That flash is me. I have quite a few tank kills with my Flash, in battles people see me as a pretty low priority target compared to bigger vehicles.

    Well, it would be me if I didn't have to deal with ****** internet for the next month or so.
  6. Mustarde

    Grats on the auraxium! Pretty rare accomplishment, I haven't seen anyone else post it up. You've inspired me to start working on them for the other flash weapons, probably after the fury nerf. Lets see how masochistic you are... wanna race? Kobalt/Basalisk gogo! You have an advantage as I do not have the shotgun yet so I have to aurax that first, then do the others.
  7. Lepalose

    Yeah, seriously - its not the go to weapon if you want a ton of kills. But there is a lot of excitement (and death) when you play with the shotgun flash. You have to move quick and get up close, and then try and get away. I'll post some highlights later of my runs.

    Thanks man. I will be going for Gold on those two... not sure about aurax on Kobalt, and most definitely not when it comes to the Basalisk. I guess I have my limits :)
  8. Lepalose

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  9. Lepalose

    Check the videos above and I think you will see that the kills per minute will actually on the flash are quite high. Of course there is also a lot of death & running to terminals, so 19 hours of "on flash time" is actually probably more like 24 hours of dedication to the flash operations.
  10. Clanqaz

    Congrats man, keep up the fantastic work. I'm now going to try and follow in your footsteps. Now all we need is for someone to find the usefulness of fire suppression.
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  11. HerpTheDerp

  12. Lepalose

    Because it was sort of fun to use one of the least utilized weapons in the game, drive into the face of the enemy, and then get the satisfying "thud" of hitting all the pellets on target.
  13. IamDH

    Even worse than the beamer?
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  14. ManualReplica

    Very nice, must have taken a world of patience to do.
  15. Pikachu

    A few days ago was first time ever I saw someone with renegade shotgun.
  16. Lepalose

    Its actually surprisingly fun, but frustrating at the same time.

    You die a lot since you have to get close.

    But you speed around the terrain (which I have fun driving the little thing) and then you can absolutely destroy some guys. I enjoy trying to take out lone MAXes or groups of enemies that buildup. I mean, the fury is better at both of these things, but there is something special about getting up in their face to do it that is very satisfying.
  17. Van Dax

  18. VSDerp

    *cough bullshyt cough* jp lol grats man