Auraxiumed Flash Shotgun!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Lepalose, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Lepalose

    Just wondering, besides myself has anyone managed to take the S12 Renegade shotgun for the flash to Auraxium medal? Could I, by chance, be the first?


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  2. SgtBreastroker

    Something seems strange that it only took you 19 hours.
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  3. Ocfos

    That'd translate to roughly 0,97 kills per minute if my math isn't off.
    Considering how fragile a flash is and the travel time in the game, that sounds very hard to pull off.
  4. Camycamera

    allot can happen in 19 hours...
  5. repairtool6


    Have only like 200 kills with that gun.
    Most manly thing you can put on flash, no doubt.

    You my sir, are a true rider
    Keep your shades on =)
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  6. Lepalose

    Well I would say I spent a lot of time either dying or getting kills quickly on it.

    You would be right, 1166 Kills / (19 hours * 60 min/hour = 1140 minutes) gives a rate of 1.02 kills per minute with it. I didn't think it would be so high, but the math is there.

    Thanks man!
  7. ghnurbles


    What Flash loadout do you usually run for that?
  8. Morti

    Nice work.

    Glad to see something other than fury being used.

    Personally never died to this gun/vehicle combo.
  9. eufie

    You're a bastard for pulling this sort of thing to the oblivious NC at Coramed 2 nights ago. Gave me giggles to see someone use it. Nice farming, I suppose.
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  10. Lepalose

    For the majority, it was:

    Wraith | Stealth | Combat Chassis
    Combat Chassis is great, definitely more controllable and allows you to stop and back up pretty well. Especially useful when going in/through building areas

    For the last while, and probably how I will do it in the future:

    Wraith | Nano-repair | Racer Chassis
    Racer chassis is actually very good for the shotgun. As you have to get in close, the acceleration and top speed help you get away from the inevitable fire on your position. Slides out a lot more though, which can actually be used to be your benefit in some situations. Nano-repair definitely important too; allows you to keep your Flash up when it otherwise would be abandoned, thus wasting resources.
  11. Wintermaulz

    Brothers, let us have a moment of silence, for our brother using the worst weapon in the game
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  12. Kevorkian

    Way to boost.

    All joking aside, you're quite the masochist.
  13. Cougarbrit

    Congrats on Auraxiuming one of the most worthless guns in the game, next challenge is the C85 Enforcer Modified.
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  14. Lepalose

    lol - yeah, that would be extremely bad. I wonder who has the most kills with that weapon so far.
  15. Lepalose

    I actually have all of that saved on a stream. Definitely a good farm. I got 94 kills on it that night.
  16. Reaper018

    SgtBreastroker: Before the merge on Connery I was scrapping for an overall 2.0 K/D. Since the merger my nightly is usually about 7.0 to 11.0. If you'd like some tips on how to play, hop on over to our teamspeak and I'd be glad to help you out.
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  17. eufie

    Once I dump enough certs on the Wraith, I'll work on the Renegade as well. Gratz again.
  18. ghnurbles

    Gave it a whirl for an hour. The incredibly limited cone of aim combined with the atrocious handling of the Flash make it a lot more of a pain to use than it should be. The weapon itself is pretty strong, and is incredibly satisfying to use if you can keep said drawbacks from getting in your way. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a moderate challenge and a LOT of fun.
  19. Weirdkitten

    Enforcer modified wont be so bad if you do it on a harasser. It kills OK doing hit and runs. On a tank it would require a lot of reckless driving and dying with the slowest, least agile vehicle in the game.
  20. Pikachu

    The C85 will be a lot easier since the crew is protected and gunner can rotate any angle.