Auraxium the Phoniex Launcher

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  1. Klypto

    How the **** do you do this?

    I spent 4 hours yesterday getting only 100 "kills", 50 of which were just driving around with my sunderer and blowing up base turrets at empty bases.

    This is almost worse than pumpkin hunting.
  2. FLHuk

    You must be very bored to even have considered it?! ;)
  3. Pikachu

    You don't kill with phoenix. Well I have ~1900 kills with it. It just kills a lot less than any other rocket launcher.
  4. Taemien

    There's a few that have done it.. but I have no clue how.

    My guess is to find large fights, find fleeing burning vehicles and finish them off. Maybe even target infantry who have been shot and ducked behind something. I think the latter is where the majority of my paltry kills with the thing have come from.

    Not a useless weapon.. but yeah damn hard to auraxium.
  5. AssaultPig

    one word: engineers

    I am the scourge of engineers and their ******* AV turrets

    none are safe

    seriously though it took a long time to get it finished up; I've had it basically since release (just missed the initial OHKO infantry farmspree) and only got the auraxium finished up a couple months ago
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  6. task_master

    phoenix + wraith + fury flash
    heavy should be using c4, rocket pouch

    attack all ground vehicles, maxes, infantry except very healthy or armored sundies

    phoenix will be taking the majority of tank kills and some maxes, not much else
  7. Badname82

    It's easy. You had to buy it when it first came out and use it before it got nerfed three days later.

    My brother got the aux on the Phoenix in like 1-day when it used to one-shot infantry.

    If you mean now? Sorry, can't help ya.

    PS: Stop trying to friend me. I want to have zero friends in my list and you keep ruining that Klypto.
  8. Liewec123

    like the video above shows, turret engis are your ultimate dream, even AI turrets, hit the turret and get the engy kill :)

    my favourite Phoenix moment was getting an infantry double kill XD

    also the ultimate phoenix tip, bind a key to HUD toggle! turning off the hud lets you see soooo much more of your screen. :)
  9. Pikachu

    Notice how none of the targets is trying to avoid the missile, because it doesn't render.
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  10. Klypto

    I think this was the main problem back then.
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  11. Demigan

    I shoot people behind turrets or use it to hit MAX's who refuse to budge while standing on airpads for example. Alternatively I shoot snipers with it.

    You might want to try out firing at places where Zerg meets Zerg. I haven't done it a lot myself, but if you pick the right place you can hit anyone who hides behind cover, with any luck you hit people who were hiding for their shield to go up, and you can kill them.
  12. TerminalT6

    If it helps, I'll make an active effort not to shoot down Phoenix rockets when you're on the battlefield.
  13. HadesR

    Having 3968 kills with it i can agree that the above are the sweetest targets ...

    Engi turret busting

    Outside of that hit everything ... From Sundies to Infantry ... All infantry including MAX's are two shot skills and with it's guided aspect you can get many a " fish in a barrel " moment as people hide behind cover ...
  14. Mefi

    IIRC there were at least 3 problems:
    1. The visible projectile sometimes would fly into the sky instead following the real projectile.
    2. When it wasn't bugged, there was like 15m distance between visible projectile on your screen and HA's screen. Clientside, pls.
    3. SPAM. It was simply abundant.
  15. \m/SLAYER\m/

    it took a lot of time, but when you see engi with turret ... phoenix = turret buster:D
    best way is shooting from spawn room at Quartz Ridge
  16. Demigan

    I've looked at it, there's 2, maybe 3 players that could have seen it coming. 1 was a BR1 that probably didn't know better, 1 was a Prowler that took his chance and killed him, 1 was a Scythe that was shooting at someone else, tunnel visioning. So I don't think what you say is true.
    Oh, there's one more, but he is trying to get away. One problem that might have caused him to get hit is that the Phoenix missile is already hitting you when you still think it's a few yards away due to Latency.
  17. Pikachu

    1. I remember that every time I saw someone fire it, it would fly forward 20m at a small angle upwards then disappear. The enemies kept acting as if they didn't see it coming when I shot them. Coming back to the same spot over and over again and standing still. Engineers still do it.
  18. Badname82

    Ah good times, the old broken Phoenix missile.

    It's still hillariously good against ESFs trying to lolpod. It won't kill one at full health outright, but leave it burning and so close to death the pilot only has time to go "Oh ****!" and then explode in fire.
  19. AssaultPig

    I once camped out on the bridge between alloys and the crown where an engineer had happened to drop an ammo pack and murdered about 50 engineers who were turreting away from the west crown cliffs and landing pads

    it was amazing
  20. Klypto

    Doesn't really matter if what you think he says is true because it happened.

    Missile render failed 100% of the time when the phoenix was launched, nobody could see where it was going, it just went straight up into the air on everyone else's screen.
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