Auraxium Shotguns

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  1. Iridar51

    So, does the brawler really has underbarrel shotgun? What about other auraxium shotguns?
    As I understand, auraxium shotguns are supposed to all have the same attachments: 1x Red Dot, Smart Choke (Worse hipfire spread, tighter ADS spread), Extended mags.

    However, if we look at the stat pictures from the game:
    We can see that Brawler has 6 rounds in a mag, while other shotguns have 8. I assume, this is the effect of the extended mags? Does the Brawler trade extended mags for underbarrel shotgun, but otherwise identical to other auraxium shotguns and has smart choke as well?

    Also, 1.5 / 2 hip fire CoFs are norm for shotguns, shouldn't the smart choke make them worse?

    Can anyone who owns these weapons shed some light?
  2. Kulantan

    Yeah, the Brawler trades extended mags for the underbarrel but is otherwise the same.

    The smart choke effects the pellet spread not the COF. Plus I'm not sure how it would display on the stats sheet.
  3. Rovertoo

    Are these live? AWESOME! I can't wait to have my Shotgun with a Shotgun catchment with my Shotgun secondary!\


    (but are they live?)
  4. Kulantan

    Yeah its live. You just need 5 shotgun auraxiums.
  5. Rovertoo

    Nice. Onward to Auraxiums!

    It will take a while though.
  6. Phyr

    Why the hell does VS have lower velocity?
  7. SeanFree

    There's no drop on the pellets.

    No I'm not kidding.
  8. Kanil

    I'd forgotten these things have smart chokes. It doesn't seem to imply it anywhere.

    A quick VR test shows the default shotgun kills at 20 meters in around 9-10 shots. The Auraxium (Brawler, specifically) kills in around 6 shots, the Baron in about 4. So I'd say it's probably better at ADS, but not Baron good. 'course, the default one gets +4 from it's extended mags, whereas these just get +2, and the NC gets +meme.
  9. Phyr

    Cuz bullet drop matters :rolleyes:
  10. SeanFree

    I didn't say it made sense :p
  11. Leftconsin

    It is just in case you wanted to shoot at someone outside 130m. And pray.

    Honestly, you'd probably have a better chance at killing someone with a conc grenade at that range.