Auraxium Shotguns Are Lackluster

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  1. IvanCGray

    Honestly, aren't these things supposed to be rewards that are worth using over the other options, or that at least offer a different playstyle? Aren't Aurax weapons supposed to get faction flavor?

    As it stands right now, you have The Brawler, The Havoc, and the Chaos which are basically just the default shotguns with a slightly tighter spread, and an Underbarrel Shotgun, Ex Mags, and Ex Mags respectively. Passable, but not really advantageous except for The Brawler which still suffers from having a small mag.

    -I'd propose making the Havoc automatic, (Maybe even slightly faster than the default auto.) with a mag size of -at least- 12, if not more, giving it an advanced laser sight, and calling it good. Add a longer reload if necessary for balancing reasons.
    -Give the Chaos .25 less spread than it has already, an Advanced Forward Grip without the equip penalty -and- Advanced Laser Sight.
    -The Brawler is in a fairly good spot already, it just needs Extended Mags on the top shottie, and -maybe- a quicker switch to UBS.
    -Give ALL Auraxium shotguns access to slug rounds.

    There you go; faction flavored and well-worth using over the other options. The Havoc gets to lay down plenty of dakka, the VS get an accurate shotgun able to send slugs or buck downrange effectively, and the NC get spike damage and versatility.
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  2. pnkdth

    They're not supposed to be upgrades, which is what you're suggesting here.
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  3. IvanCGray

    With the changes mentioned in regards to the NC6A GODSAW, the situation already in place with the Betelgeuse, and the Carbine Auraxiums' brawling capability, some of these are definitely bordering on being upgrades. If that trend is to continue, then the shotguns need some adjusting.
  4. BlueSkies

    lol.. you thought the aurax weapons were supposed to be an upgrade. Most of them are actually downgrades, not even sidegrades.
  5. IvanCGray

    And why should we settle for downgrades? This is nothing to lol about, if they're giving weapons as trophies they need to at least be decent.
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  6. sustainedfire

    It's just a skin, that you win Through excessive gameplay.

    It's a prestige item, and should remain mostly as such.
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  7. BlueSkies

    well on the one hand you can look at it as the devs trolling the players... like hey, you just killed over 5000 guys, have a shiny turd!

    or on the other hand it is designed to allow you to troll other players... like hey, not only did I just kill you, but I did it with this shiny turd!

    The only ones that are actually kind of interesting are the VS ones... and thats just because at least its a new mechanic to play with.
  8. IvanCGray

    Except it isn't just a skin, sustained. We don't get a weapon-class specific Auraxium camo, we get a different weapon, with different stats. It just so happens, that about a third of these weapons are good, and the rest suck. The ones that suck could use some help.
  9. I play by many names

    Shotguns should have never even been added to the game. How can you make something better that already OHK or has otherwise ****** fast TTK with little to no aiming. You can't without it being broken and cheesy, which shotguns already are.
  10. IvanCGray

    Some people like shotguns. This is a war game, in which you use what works to kill your enemies. C'est la vie.
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  11. Iridar51

    Aren't directive shotguns supposed to be better when ADSed? I'd say that's a different playstyle.
  12. Reclaimer77

    Yeah I don't get this "LOL THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO SUCK" mentality I'm reading here.

    Suspect it's from jealous casuals who don't have Directive weapons of their own.
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  13. Iridar51

    Agreed. I'm just glad TR won the lottery on TRAC-Shot, though all directive carbines are pretty good. Though Eclipse could use more rounds from what I hear from its users.
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  14. Reclaimer77

    The Eclipse is useless. It's the worst gun I've ever used in this game.

    A carbine that can't kill heavies is pretty much useless in Planetside. And the damage drop off combined with horrible mag size (or HEAT size, whatever) doesn't make it worth using over the Pulsar C at any other range.
  15. Joseph L.

  16. sustainedfire

    Who said they are supposed to "suck"?

    I think generally, most players do not want the persons who have played the game for thousands of hours to have an gun that is strictly an upgrade and that is unobtainable if you have a life.

    You've played for hundreds or thousands of hours, you should be better through experience, and not because you have a weapon that is superior to whats available to everyone else. Ever consider that to keep the game from shutting down, it needs to have players constantly coming to the game and hopefully staying? A really great way to push new players out of the game is to give people who have played for years a prestige weapon that is superior to the starter gear or anything that someone new could purchase to compete.

    That said, I have a few of the TR prestige guns, and have not used them outside of a bit of play testing- and they were not great performers. And the nonsense bright red undulating skin is very unappealing visually.
  17. Carlos1879

    Wait one of the directive shotguns is a shotgun with another shotgun attached to it? Did I read that right.
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  18. BlueSkies

    Its not that they should be downgrades, just not surprising.
  19. Joseph L.


    I think the point is Directive weapons should be at least as good as the best weapon of its type. Or they should be "customizable" in some way to fit the best to its owner. Not an upgrade, but a gun you want to play with. They are hard to earn, right?, Well, lets make them worth the effort.

    Not better, but not worse.

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  20. Fatal_Finn

    Sorry for a bit offtopic but I'm just wondering why do speciel battle rifles have grip and compensator... No reason to have a grip on semi-auto rifle and flash hider would be more useful than compensator.