Auraxium Grenades, Or Proximity Mines?

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  1. Foxirus

    Okay, I need to auraxium one of these weapons to gain my C4 Arx.

    So far my kills are as follows:

    Proximity Mines: 700 Kills remaining.
    Grenades: 1100 Kills remaining.

    You may thinking "Well its obvious, Just go to finish up the proxies..." But think about the fact that anyone who is moving at all, Paying attention, or wearing even one level in flak armor has complete immunity to Proxies.

    I have played a looooong time, Up until now, I never really had a use for grenades. I viewed the entire system as flawed and a waste of resources. Why use grenades on something when it gives them 3 full seconds to run away from it? Or the fact it rolls 20 yards before it actually explodes (Though I could probably just use sticky grenades).

    Which one would you auraxium if you were in my situation?

    Don't bother trying to say "Oh! Just do both. Go grenade bandoleer and equip your engie with proxies". Tried that, Its expensive as **** on the nanites to run a dual setup like that.
  2. Jubikus

    Proxy mines are a bit tryicky compared to something like a claymore a claymore can be put in less places and triggers and detonates in only one direction however its more lethal and theres several places where you can stick it to make up for its flaws. With proxy mines if you want to get kills and not just injure targets you might want to consider double stacking them. Personally i suck with grenades so i cant really give any advice there.
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  3. Plastikfrosch

    i got my mines by "accident" while playing Infil and engy a lot and i droped them over a timespan of a year or so and then i got the aurax medal for them without really working on it. but for my nades i equipped the grenade bandolier on engy, light and infil and spammed them for 2 weeks or so to get the medal.
    I would say its a lot easier to get the nade kills in a relative short time span while the prox mines need a lot more effort, patience and/or suicidal attacks (running into hostile groups dropping your mines).
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  4. Moridin6

    run into a crowd of enemy while cloaked, uncloak, toss mines, emp
    knife any who live
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  5. Pelainis117

    Proxy mines are 2 much visible and if you hit enemy most of time it's just a little splash damage becouse you can't set them properly (2 big and visible). Claymores are way easyer mode becouse they are low visible and can be set in best position and do big damage not only splash damage. NC variant is between how bad Vanu and how Good TR mines are. I don't know how to fix Proxy mines for vanu probably change look of them maybe smaller variant. Damage increase wouldn't help vanu Proxy mines becouse they are 2 big and it's really easy to see them.
  6. Pelainis117

    And about frag granades. They got nerfed and damage decreased way 2 much so it's hard to get kills with it but that was fine becouse people were spamming frag nades like crazy. Also conclussion/emp/Flash/sticky granades were buffed so people more use different granades than frag. Easy solution for frag granades would be: buff splash damage on frag granade (what would make easyer to kill multiple targets with 1 nade) and make frag granade cost to 150 nanites (price can be corrected). That would make easyer to kill with frag granades and the price would be big enough to not let people spam them.
  7. Demigan

    I would go for proxy mines, you are more likely to get a kill that way. Grenades are useful for controlling zergs but even if you throw one in the middle of a cluster**** you run a chance that it won't get kills anyway.

    Do some tower defenses, place proxy mines everywhere where a stairs or ramp starts going horizontally, mines are very hard to see until you are on top of them that way. Place two if you want to guarantee a kill.
  8. haldolium

    Depends really on what you play.

    If you already see grenades as pointless just stick with mines. Both involve some luck and mines might take a while longer and are highly dependent on where and what you're playing, while grenades are just tossed around eventually killing someone.
  9. Armcross

    I'm a veteran noob. My first and so far only auraxum is claymore
  10. sustainedfire

    I have seen a vanu stalker inf wait near the vehicle spawn of a zerged base, and after the base flips, while all the mass people are waiting to spawn vehicles they uncloak and throw proxies in the crowd.

    It's effective for a few kills at a time.

    Grenades used to be easy to Auraxium when towers were camp fests.

    It's still easy to get nadr multi kills, though your best bet is running bandolier and making it rain nades on point when a zerg is pushing the cap.

    There you go, auraxium made easy.
  11. Savadrin

    Very much untrue. Proxies are the third highest kill on my VS, and I only played that for less than 2 months before I moved to TR.

    1 and 2 are Blackhand and Lumine. But proxies are great, you just need to be creative with using them. Just laying them around isn't helpful, you need to bait people into running over them.
  12. Taemien

    Step 1: Find a large concentration of Enemy Spawn Room Warriors.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit.

    As a bonus, run the Recursion Stat Tracker with the soundpack of your choice for giggles.
  13. Savadrin

  14. Taemien

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  15. Savadrin

    I almost feel terrible smiling every time I see that icon, but then I don't.
  16. Liewec123

    i think grenades can be done really fast if you have grenade belt and a zerg stalemate at a chokepoint :)

    proxies can be fast too if you play a suicide infil, nano armor cloaking+proxy mines, rush in and throw em down :D
    (works best when you're getting zerged at a base with the A point in the tower)