Audio Dampening + Reverb With Back Turned To The Source

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Nighda Venesis, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. Nighda Venesis

    Recently this issue has popped up when it used to be fine. Basically, the audio sources I'm not facing are much quieter with some kind of reverb, some becoming basically inaudible, and this includes impact sounds coming from these directions (like when I get shot in the back). The same applies to my character's voice lines.

    I recorded some footage, and listened to it with the same audio setup, no settings changed, and it sounds just how it should in the footage from what I can tell, even my character's voice lines, but for some reason it persists in game, so something is happening between the game and my headphones that's causing my experience to deteriorate.

    When testing the voice lines in sanctuary, I could only very quietly hear my character's voice lines through the reverb around me, so this may be what is happening with the rest as well.

    This is unlike the bug where after several hours of play, some sounds will stop playing. From what I can tell this is an edge case bug since other people don't seem to be suffering from this selective hearing loss.
  2. OneShadowWarrior

    Oh the sound, audio issues, I’ve been ranting about for eternity, glad someone else see’s it?

    The best part is when you get shot or hit and there is no sound at all, or it comes after you die, great stuff, not!
  3. Nighda Venesis

    Currently my setup is a Creative SoundBlaster X7 leading into a KOSS & massdrop ESP/95X from my AsRock X470 Taichi's I/O. I tried updating the Creative Drivers, which didn't help with the issue unfortunately.
  4. OneShadowWarrior

    I don’t think your setup is the issue. This has been an ongoing bug when Daybreak moved PS2 from DX9 to DX11.

    They never fixed the audio drivers.
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  5. Nighda Venesis

    I tried switching from one to another USB port on my MB I/O just in case, and nothing. Same with Case I/O.

    That would make sense to me. Least I can do is just make sure nothing's messed up on my end, but as far as my experience goes PS2 is currently the only game that's broken like this and it makes it very hard to play without progressively losing my sanity.
  6. Nighda Venesis

    So it turns out PS2 isn't the only game I have suffering from this issue after all. I just finished playing some TitanFall 2 and I have the exact same issue, only there is no reverb in the game at all so I become even more deaf to all that is behind me than in PS2.

    I'll keep updating this thread so that anyone with a similar issue can see how this ended up not being solved and eventually being solved.
  7. Nighda Venesis

    After attempting to fix the issue by cleanly reinstalling realtek drivers, nothing having changed, then trying other versions and no realtek drivers at all, and still nothing (all this after being confused about not having sound at all since each installation changed my default speaker device in windows smh), I opted to try circumventing my SoundBlaster X7 with a splitter cable to directly connect to my motherboard's rear I/O, and this setup allowed everything to work, which indicates that the source of the issue is something surrounding the SBX7, which is quite unfortunate.

    I've put it out of commission for now. At last I can play without being fifty percent deaf now.