Atvs and Harasser

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Shadowtrail, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Shadowtrail

    Can we fix this cancer already? I'm tired of people spamming these and just ruining tank gameplay. Why even bother with tanks with these two being spammed.
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  2. adamts01

    They're too tanky for sure. It's nothing less than incompetence that they haven't had their health reduced this long after CAI. I want to give Daybreak more credit, but this is just ridiculous.
  3. CMDante

    Once again; it's a side-effect of the CAI update not being well thought-out. They tried to re-balance vehicle combat and TTK, but flash and harassers were already about as squishy as a vehicle could reasonably be without just exploding every time they hit a pothole.

    The result being everything else getting worse and those two benefiting from the suffering because they were the floor. It'll come around, just probably not soon.
  4. Icehole1999

    Flashes and Harassers are not squishy. At all. Nor were they pre CAI. The things you can do with them, such as roadkill unlimited amounts of people and MAXs without taking any damage is garbage game development.

    But it's ok because Wrel uses the flash. If anything I see their work only getting worse. Maybe Wraith Harassers are in our future? I wouldn't be surprised with as full on as the monetizing effort is going.
  5. Halkesh

    Do you think reverse the CAI update on the TTK will make things better ?

    Even if I'm not that good at english myself and shouldn't do this kind of thing : he used preterit, not present.
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  6. Icehole1999

    I don't know what you meant there.
  7. Halkesh

    CMDante was speaking about harasser/flash before CAI update. As far as i've understand, you reacted to what he said as he was speaking about harasser/flash after the CAI, which isn't the case.
    I just tried to point out things.
  8. DemonicTreerat

    Count me in the camp of these two vehicles needing a dose of the nerf bat. And my favorite pre-BFR cert in PS1 after combat engineering was a very beloved Thresher that ran many an LLU so its not as if I have an axe against vehicles.

    Flashes and Harassers are "light" vehicles - little to no armor, not much empty space to absorb a blast, and the crew packed into the cockpit like sardines. So treat them as such. Since dropping their health doesn't seem tolerable, instead allow a certain amount of damage done to pass through to the crew. In other words - while the Harasser or Flash might survive taking 3 near-misses from a 150mm HEAT round, the crew inside would be an entirely different story. That way maybe we'll see these vehicles used as intended - to hit and run, not as cheap tanks and lawn mowers...
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  9. RockPlanetSide2

    AP tank rounds should just CRUSH ATVs and Harrasers, that is part of the problem. an ATV should take 1, and a Harraser should take 3 .... 2 should make it 99% dead... and at least have to drive off.

    It is just ****ing stupid that a lightning cant beat a harasser.

    The Harasser is just an overpowered turn right now that kids just use to pad their KDR.
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  10. fuzzbuzzputty

    Instead of removing collision damage from the Flash and reducing it for the harasser they add an implant that encourages you to get road kills with them. So moronic.
    Getting road kills with a wraith Flash is one of lamest play styles possible and now DBG actively encourages it.
  11. Killuminati C

    I'll admit that flashes are annoying playing as infantry but aside from that not sure what everyone's going on about. If you're talking about several harassers then you got beat by numbers. If you can't 1v1 a harasser in a tank then I'm sorry but you need to play to your strengths more. I take out harassers regularly as a lightning without a problem.
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  12. Humoreske

    Current ATV is a really bad joke. Cloak + Weapon was OP for a long time, but it was further buffed. You should make it selectable.