Attn: Connery Server Players who live on the west coast

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  1. Arclegger Level Designer

    As you know the Ultimate Empire Showdown is on the 25th of January from 4-7pm at

    The BookBindery
    8870 Washington Blvd.
    Culver City, CA 90232

    This is an open event so please show up and shout your loyalty to your empire loud and proud (Unless you are TR or VS then the event is the following weekend in the LA River).

    Space is limited so it is first come first serve. Plus you might get to meet the almighty Matt Higby oooohhhh ahhhhhh

    If not, then please be sure to tune in on the stream as always :)

    Edit: I just realized my title is wrong, it should be "Anybody who lives within reasonable distance to the event." Not Connery specific.
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  2. Wren

    If I drive down to Culver City, how am I going to fight for the Vanu that day?

    NC bias! Ignorance!
  3. Deezy

    I'll FedEx some guac.
  4. PharmD

    Mr. Arclegger,

    I just want to thank you for designing some of the very few defensible bases in this game, namely: the crown and bio-labs.

    Much appreciated!
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  5. Uben Qui

    I thought it was fitting. Connery event, Connery players are the ones you want to attend. Why would you want people from other servers to show up for a Connery server event? It has nothing to do with them. It wouldn't make much sense.
  6. PharmD

    It would if they want to see Higby!
  7. DukeFlash

    Will the Higgs boson also be there?
  8. Cleaver

  9. Tricky

    *plays Connery, doesn't live anywhere near* Feels bad, man.

    So like? Whats the goal of all this ArcLeggy? For those of us not at the event want makes the 25th different than any other night on Connery? (Which is typically play ring around the crown, ghost cap Amerish and wait for the 666 to take it back then do it again, Esamir is a place?)

    I'm not saying my Outfit and Alliance won't be there, we will. Just seeing if we're missing a goal or something.
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  10. Spookydodger

    Ok, I don't get it. I live close to that, so is it better to log onto my faction on Connery and play, or should I go down to that place and shout? Or can I take my laptop down there and play AND shout?
  11. Skallagrim818

    The event hours are kind of horrible for people with regular work hours :(
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  12. RykerStruvian

    One of the most funny things I've read. This sums up Connery 100% hahaha.

    As others have mentioned, the event hours do not really bode well for a lot of people.
  13. HappyZaps

  14. An Hero

    I will be there to handcuff myself to the machine until you fix the reaver.
  15. Shamit

    Oh god, I am going to have to drive through LA to get there...
  16. Areski

    So why would we want to go to the event instead of playing in the event on Connery?
  17. HappyZaps

    Pass. I used to commute from Aliso Viejo to Culver City at a special period in time when the 405 was under construction. I'm pretty sure I would rather eat a bowl of broken glass than drive in LA again.

    I used to do a special drive on the 405 as well from Irvine to Long Beach every day. That freeway is hell.